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Download At Least Nothing Changed - The Wind-Up Robots Killed My Cat - Whiskers And Guts (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Miyagi Records - MIY006 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition Green • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Post Rock

So in these trying times, the robot could feel its way around instead. Whiskers could even detect currents like a seal, making for a powerful underwater robot. Another upside: Whiskers are a sneaky way to map your environment. You'd want to be sneakier than that. If it comes without the attitude problem, count me in. Staff Writer Twitter. Featured Video. I know that cats need whiskers. I am NOT going to cut them off. My cat stuck his face in a candle and singed a couple of his whiskers.

I just want to know if that was painful to him. Nope my cat does it allll the time, she just doesn't learn her lesson, and i'd assume if it hurt, she'd get the hint lol. It doesn't hurt them, however whiskers sensors are a very important piece of how a cat functions, so i can see how you'd be concerned, but i'm sure the singed whiskers weren't completely burned off, just a little curled on the ends, so this shouldn't even effect the way your cat acts either.

And be careful, because if he's a curious cat, he'll most likely do this every time a flame is lit like my silly girlie :. Okay first of all, she is not a horrible parent because her daughter cut off the cats whiskers. Where in an every day disciplinary ruling has anyone told their children out of the blue "We do not cut the kittys whiskers" don't play with scissors maybe, but accidents happen. Thats how children learn. The cat will be fine, its whiskers will grow back itll just be a little off balance for a while so keep a close eye on it.

When i was a little girl i cut off my moms cats whiskers because i thought they looked funny and the poor thing was running into everything for a week. Maybe the kids are equally spellbound by the cat, or maybe they've just realized they can feel less guilty about cutting out after lunch now that nana has something else to mesmerize her. I've been given this cat by the editors at Thrillist.

I'm not sure. I'm 43, which makes me a walking puff of coffin dust as far as millennials are concerned, but I'm still decades outside the target Joy for All robot cat demographic.

Also, unrestrained by the rules of a nursing home, I care and feed for an actual living cat of my own -- I have the thing that generally makes the other thing unnecessary.

Despite all that, and despite the fact that my isolation and loneliness haven't quite ripened into what they will be when my body and mind turn against me in 30 years or so, I have been charged with trying to get something beneficial out of this animal machine. I will do my best. The hand-off happens at a taqueria in Brooklyn. My editor shows up grinning, carrying my Joy for All in a shopping bag. This spares me the embarrassment of having to carry it in plain sight back to my apartment.

I get it home and study the packaging. It's supposedly ready to be loved right out of the box, but I'm just not ready to dive right in. So I remove my Joy for All, set it on the floor of my place, and do what so many people do when they get a new pet: I shoot a Facebook video.

I know he doesn't mean it. The Joy for All robot cat comes in three colors: orange tabby, creamy white, and silver. The silver, the one I've been given, has a central white patch on its face and chest, white feet, and the pinkest nose and paw pads you have ever seen.

Does it look like a real cat? Well, let's just say it inhabits a space equidistant between skilled taxidermy and a prize for knocking down milk bottles. I had worried it was going to trigger my shelter cat Maddy somehow -- either there'd be a one-way fracas involving hissing, scratching, and, ultimately, a barfed-up fake ear, or my cat would simply surrender outright and pack herself into a ball of fear under my bed.

But when decision time comes, Maddy approaches it with caution, chomps on its whiskers a bit, and ignores it from that moment on. Somewhat at a loss as to how to begin extracting joy from this contraption, I call Ted Fischer, vice president for business development at Hasbro.

He tells me that most Joy for All owners name their pets soon after getting them. I did not, and still haven't as I write this -- though to be fair, it took me more than a month to come up with the showstopper "Maddy" for my real cat. So, having shown myself incapable of even the most basic thing, I am obviously ready for next steps.

Fischer says that the Joy for All "companion pets" "toy" is avoided are essentially modified, matured upgrades of the animatronic toys the company makes for children, which means you're supposed to interact with them like they're real-deal felines, not cartoony purple plushies.

And she constantly rubs those whiskers on things, like they itch. I read up a bit, and it says that's just their way of declaring ownership with scent glands and such. Okay, case closed. Except it really seems like she's frustrated with the sides of her face.

And if you physically grab her whiskers and just kind of pull on them, she seems more satisfied than annoyed. Like she's happy you're pulling on them, and if you rub the base of the whiskers she seems even happier.

As a human who finds beards being itchy and wanting to shave, I am wondering about her point of view. I've read about trimming whiskers being cruel because cats want to use them for knowing how wide their bodies are etc.

But she is clearly having issues with it and I can literally tug on the whiskers and she seems more relieved than annoyed. Is there any record of overlong whiskers actually annoying a cat?

Has a cat ever seemed happier after a whisker trimming? The cat hates nail clippings too, but foregoing that meant she cut up her ear scratching it. Is there something foundational about whiskers where it is not something you should ever worry about because "they are supposed to be as long as they are due to cat science"? What do her teeth look like? It seems to me like it's a matter of her gums being irritated.

You should never cut a cat's whiskers. Doing some quick research found these pieces of information:. So whether or not the cat's whiskers are annoying the cat, it's far better than if you cut them. A potential issue like Gingivitis, as Matt said, is far more likely. If this has been going on for a little while, I would definitely recommend taking her into a veterinarian to get her teeth checked. Cats have scent glands on the sides of their face, lips, head, and chin other locations as well.

Normal cat behavior is to rub the sides of their face on objects, wall and furniture corners, and people to mark them as their territory or as something friendly or familiar. Some cats mark more than others.


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  1. The Encyclopædia Britannica acknowledges that “the functions of the whiskers (vibrissae) are only partially understood; however, it is known that, if they are cut off, the cat is temporarily incapacitated.” Scientists are designing robots equipped with sensors that mimic cat whiskers to help the robots navigate around obstacles.
  2. Cats vs. Robots -- This Is War is a delightful and entertaining read. It's the first book in a new children's book series by Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson. The story centers around two galactic empires that consist of seemingly polar opposites -- the Robots, or "Binars," obsessed with order and rules, and the Cats, for whom rules are "generally meant to be followed--but /5.
  3. Nov 03,  · The Joy for All robot cat comes in three colors: orange tabby, creamy white, and silver. The silver, the one I've been given, has a central white patch on Author: Jason Roeder.
  4. Jan 15,  · Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: Last night I found my year-old cat, Pinky-Boy in front of our space heater, and his whiskers and “eyebrows” are now severely burnt from standing that close. He’s going blind, so maybe he just didn’t realize where he was. I know the space heater seems like a safety hazard, but we [ ].
  5. Jan 13,  · The Second Part of the Explanation: Whiskers Are Nothing More Than Specialized Cat Hairs. Whiskers aren’t regular hairs, they are unique from others, not just in the way they look, but in regards to their purpose and function and .
  6. I have kept whiskers from my childhood cats Martini, a beautiful Siamese, Esty a domestic medium and Sasha, a Blue Persian. They are in a photo album next to .
  7. Apr 21,  · Is it normal for a cat to lose whiskers? I’ve noticed an increase in lost whiskers on my cat. She’s about 6 years old, indoor only and Siamese. No change in her diet or environment has taken place. BY: – Like cat fur and human hair, feline whiskers continuously grow, fall out and get replaced with new ones. This is quite normal.
  8. Your cat may sniff it then start rubbing his face on it. Your cat may also want to scent you when you change clothes or after bathing to re-scent you. I wasn't sure about your cat liking his whiskers manipulated so I just went and gently stroked one of mine's and he began purring, so I guess they like it and see it as grooming.
  9. Apr 02,  · At the bent point, the whiskers have seemed to splitt, where a tiny part is sticking normally up (this is one of the ones on the head) and the other bent to the side. If he is in pain I really want to remove the bent part, but as I said he really does bot like me touching it.

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