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Next would be anything like windows or light fixtures recently repaired on the exterior of the car. WAG: Water is getting into the rear door and running into the footwell from the drain holes at the bottom of the door. OP has not specifically answered our question as to whether the ac condensation drain tube is plugged or not. It rained several days ago - but the water keeps filling back up tho I have soaked it up 4 times now. Ever resolved?? I have exact same issue - but never used AC.

It rained several days ago tho. But after two days of soaking up water no rain during those days it continues to be sopping wet. If it leaked during rain, you likely have a window seal gone bad or a rust through hole around the window frame. Or possibly a plugged sunroof drain. BTW, rainwater that gets inside, takes a long time to dry out. If the car hits a dog or a cat in a dream this can indicate challenging times ahead.

Most people dream of driving their own car, alternatively being a passenger in their own vehicle, which is a common dream. By driving your own car this indicates you have to be ready any challenges that come along.

These challenged might not be the ones that you want but with foresight and logic, you can overcome anything. To drive your own car in a dream signifies a mission will be accomplished. I believe that it is now the time to enjoy yourself and indulging your successes. On a positive note, you are going in the right direction and in the right way to see yourself behind the wheel of your own vehicle.

This dream indicates that you are rather self-reliant and hold a good sense of independence. Often, people dream of driving the car erratically, into a ditch or alternatively you can see that the car rears onto the other side of the road. So, if your driving is dangerous in any way then this dream is linked to a readiness to communicate and exchange ideas with others particularly in a relationship. It is also important to try to leave the past behind.

I believe that if you dream of crashing your car then this suggests that there is going to be a situation that will seem out of control you will be able to grasp the problem and succeed!

We are always losing stuff in waking life. Yes, I do! So have you lost your wallet or purse recently? In daily life we often lose many different types of things every week, we find them then forget we lost them. What is it mean to dream of losing your car?

This is connected to your own inner motivation in life. This is a dream where you need to provoke change. Perhaps you are thinking about your mental state and also the courage that you need to move forward then this dream is a wake-up call in that you need to be more honest about your needs or desires in life. When you lose your car in a dream try to consider your challenges and stand up for yourself and your life. If you are unable to find your car in the dream then it can indicate you are going through life blinded to the truth.

Sometimes this dream can occur many times during a year. Once, I dreamed that my car was submerged in water, to lose your car in water, mud, sand or sinking in the soil during the dream can suggest that you need to stop deceiving yourselves as you know inside the right answers.

In my dreams, when I have dreamed of losing the car or a car being lost at sea this can indicate the need to look for a way forward in life. Try to turn a situation to a positive outcome! If you are losing your car keys in a dream then I honestly believe that this is just a metaphor of losing something in life.

Now, losing your car keys is probably one of the most common dreams - especially based on the volume of people trying to search for the meaning! That you need to be honest and truthful to yourself - that is my advice to you. I feel this dream often occurs when you are overworked or you are in a relationship whereby you are not focused on the challenges in life.

The car battery can be featured in many different ways in a dream, and ultimately this dream is about questions or problems or tasks that stimulate your mind. If you have a recurring dream where your car battery dies, or you try to restart your car battery it can indicate that you are feeling drained in life. My advice is to think about your own situation at work. Now, if the car will not start in the dream then this can suggest a fundamental change in life. In dreams that people have sent to me regarding the car battery, I always reply to the fact there is a danger that you are going to burn yourself out in the near future.

The car battery can also extend to our social arrangements at work. Try not to deceive others and be honest if you do not want to attend a social engagement. The battery is connected to how we're feeling inside, overworked and underpaid are keywords that come to my mind when interpreting dreams that are connected to car batteries. Maybe you are seeing yourself racing a car, or you are seeing a number of cars racing against another, or you could see the Grand Prix or an official car racing match.

But what does it mean in your dream? Car racing is connected to our hopes and fears in life. The good news is that you can navigate through life successfully. To see speeding cars can indicate success in love, work or financial matters. To be the driver behind a racing car indicate your aspirations in life, if you are speeding along a racing track in a dream this can indicate that you have ideas and expectations and you are going to live up to them.

In order to decode this dream further, we need to turn to the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud. What did he think about the car accident in dreams? The first thing I will say is that this dream psychologist practiced in the s. His beliefs might be somewhat outdated because in the modern world we are so much more focused on our cars, yes Freud did believe that a car featured in a dream can indicate some maneuvers of our unconscious mind.

He also believed that our dreams are usually associated with events that happen in our daily life, for example, it could be that you have seen a car accident on the television thus, this has ultimately resulted in your dream.

According to Carl Jung another dream psychologist from the s to see a car accident in a dream is connected to a traumatic experience and anxiety in waking life. The anxiety or nightmares that you received during the dream state is a result of a worry that you have. This dream is generally connected to the fact that the accident signifies a pent-up feeling of anxiety. I have covered this above but if you dream that you are hit by a car while walking along the street or running away in a dream - then the meaning needs to be analyzed from a spiritual context.

This dream is connected to potential danger or loss of control. Why are you feeling a loss of control? Try to meditate on the answers. The traditional dream meaning of an accident is a warning in life. This is from a spiritual context. The dreams are associated with hidden aggression in life. If we turn The psychological view of a car accident can suggest your hidden behavior possible problems in life. Dream psychologists have written that cars in accidents are connected to how we view our life.

A car garage in your dream indicates that you need to repair something in your waking life. The car garage itself as a metaphor for something that needs to be fixed or mended. If you are in a broken down car and you see a car garage or rescue truck in a dream, this can indicate that other people are going to have to support you through a difficult situation in life. A broken down car represents that there is an issue in waking life that has been problematic from the start.

There are many ways of renting a car can occur in a dream. But what if you have not rented a car in real life, what does your dream mean then?

This could possibly be a difficult time at work or in a relationship that is close to your heart. I have had many dreams of renting cars, each time I have attributed the meaning to feeling somewhat out of control in life, as renting a car is normally a temporary measure the good news is that it indicates that the problem is likely to be temporary. Seeing a fast car can suggest that things are going crazy! It basically means that fate is at work! There are going to be some quick decisions and the focus for you is on a brighter tomorrow.

Additionally, this dream can also symbolize that things are going to move in waking life at an accelerated rate. Decisions reached quicker than lightning! If the car was going fast and you are unable to slow down the car it can suggest a lack of control.

If a car crash is featured in a dream this can be rather worrying, especially if while sleeping you are in a lucid dream state and the crash seems real. I have mentioned before that driving a car is all about moving in the right direction in life. Therefore, if you crash the car in a dream this can indicate that there are going to be some changes or worries in the near future.

Try not to focus on achieving too much at the moment. There is a very small chance that you need to be more careful when driving your car. It is very highly unlikely you are going to go outside and have a car crash after having this dream. However, I will say that you need to be somewhat vigilant on the roads if you did dream of a car crash and it appeared vivid.

Car headlights in a dream are associated with disillusionment in life. The headlights can represent that you need to be more honest with yourself.

You are trying to see the right way forward but things seem to be rather uncertain. If the car headlights will not work during your dream this can indicate that you will form an objective view - but there will be limitations. To not be able to see where you are going in a car during the dream can indicate that you shall focus on moving forward in life.

You have a problem which is possibly quite awkward or difficult to resolve. If the bulb goes in the headlights during the dream then this can suggest that you are trying to move towards success. If you find yourself in darkness during the dream then this can imply that you are feeling a defensive opposition, most notably connected to work. Firstly the good news! You could have seen a traffic collision, crash or cars in a salvage yard. So, to see cars piled high indicates that something is not going to go to plan.

So, what does a black car dream mean? Dreams of a black car are focused on our own subconscious mind. Basically, your mind is trying to focus on a particularly difficult situation in waking life. The color black has been associated with hiding thoughts in spiritual terms, therefore this indicates you could encounter a situation will end up being rather difficult.

Try to review any external factors that will affect how you succeed in life. The actual color black in spiritual terms is connected to as I have mentioned hiding thoughts but also transformation, grounding, excess energies and difficult patterns in life.

Black also indicates that there may be some sort of illusion around you at the moment. Therefore, the black car and indicate you need to look at the different energy that is surrounding you. The fact that you are dreaming of a black car can also indicate that there is people or situations that could be hindering a successful spiritual journey.

Black indicates that you need to try to move away from difficult people and find a balance of communication. Interestingly, black is associated with the body area of the feet in reflexology. Obviously, we drive with our feet and it can indicate that there is a time at the moment whereby require balance and perseverance. The best advice I can give for having a dream of a black car is that you need to seek balance.

The fact that you are driving or seeing a black car indicates that you need to focus your life and your own direction. To see a red car in your dream it can suggest there is a burning passionate objective that you wish to meet.

If we look at the color red its simplest form it has the most wavelength of any color on the spectrum. It can also indicate passion in life. To drive a red car in a dream is associated with our passion and sexual nature in life. After all, everything in life is balanced and the red car in a dream indicates that you will have confidence, power, action, and honesty in all areas of your life.

If however, the red car was out of control in your dream it can suggest that things will eventually become visible that you have not been able to see the wood through the trees for some time. If you see a red car stolen in the dream this can suggest that there are many different positive attributes in your life. It can mean that you are focusing more on the negative side of life - rather than the positive. If you see an unknown red car in a dream this is basically the fear of losing something.

Red is very much focused on the color of action, therefore spiritually this dream means a lot of things can happen in the near future. In terms of luxury cars, especially the s red Ferraris or other branded sports cars were quite popular.

Speed along the highway Honey, I want it my way But listen to her daddy's song Don't stay out too long Oo, we're just busy hiding Sitting in the back seat of my car. Looking for a ride and all about Looking for a ride in and out of town Strolling around and all about Looking for a ride in and out of The laser lights are pretty We may end up in Mexico City But listen to her daddy's song Making love is wrong Oo, we're just busy riding Sitting in the back seat of my car.

Retrieved 25 December Rolling Stone. Retrieved 30 July Retrieved 2 September Paul McCartney singles discography. Book Category. Paul McCartney.


Gators (Club Mix) - DJ Talla 2XLC* - We Are Future - Label Compilation Vol. 1 (CD), I See You - Unknown Artist - Halloween Spooky Sound Effects: Twisted Edition (CD, Album), The Girl From Ventimiglia - Saint Privat - Riviera (CD, Album), I Am A Human With AIDS/ARC - Odal - Against Humanity (Cassette), Against The Wind - Primitive (4) - The Early Years Part 1 (CDr), Not Even A Letter - Knocker Jungle - Knocker Jungle (Vinyl, LP), Blutzukker - The Complete Collection (File, MP3), Caves Of Circe - Kevin Schilder - Hexen: Beyond Heretic (CD), Keep A Knockin - Various - 70 Ounces Of Pure Gold (CD), J Majik vs. Gil Felix - Capoeira (Vinyl), Nur Dich - Rio Reiser - Balladen (CD), James Reyne - The Whiff Of Bedlam (CD, Album), Blue Sky - Bidziliba - RocQ (CD) The Breaks - The Black Keys - The Big Come Up (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  2. ‘The Back Seat Of My Car’ was a homage to the teenage dreams sung about by American acts such as The Beach Boys. McCartney’s grand production featured Brian Wilson-style vocal harmonies, and a multi-part mini-epic featuring lush instrumentation including an orchestral backing.
  3. Sitting in the back seat of my car. Yeah. And when we finished driving We can say we were late in arriving And listen to her daddy's song We believe that we can't be wrong, yeah! Oh-oh, we believe that we can't be wrong Oh-oh, we believe that we can't be wrong We can make it to Mexico City Sitting in the back seat of my car Oh, oh.
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