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Nurse at the desk flagged Shawn Hoover. But today, I ran him again, and he was flagged. O'Brien's family is also from Indio, where the money got flagged. NSA just red- flagged a live feed going out on the Internet. Richmond flagged him after some bar fight. I wouldn't mind those fifty bows bragged of. The filter algorithm flagged a call that happened a few minutes ago.

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You are so lazy. I don't want to see you anymore on a football pitch. Between the age of 10 and 18, Akcelrod was banned from playing football due to his lack of ability. The youngster only ever played in his garden but still never gave up the dream of playing professional football - mainly as he wanted to prove his dismissive father wrong.

One day at school, an idea struck - Akcelrod created a fake website which claimed he was a professional player playing for PSG's reserves. He would copy and paste match reports from the L'Equipe newspaper and took out the name of the star striker - such as Nicolas Anelka - and replaced it with his own.

The information wasn't a complete lie - Acklerod was playing for PSG - but for the club's fifth team in the bottom tier of French amateur football - a level which he himself describes as 'the worst in France'. The year-old claimed: 'You can be Cristiano Ronaldo in the fifth team and nobody watches you.

Nobody watched me at PSG because it was just for "kick and run" players. At this point, Ackelrod had been cut off by his affluent family for choosing football over a proper education and career. As part of the facade, Akcelrod even went to the effort of sneaking onto the PSG pitch one day to take 'official' photos of him in full PSG kit. His website and CV were then sent to some of the biggest clubs in England. Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal turned him down, but second-tier side Swindon Town gave him a shot in the summer of Everybody laughed.

The Frenchman wasn't selected for a second day of the trial but still turned up at the County Ground for the other players' practice match in front of the fans.

Irrespective of his talent, Akcelrod's persistence was noted and manager Andy King gave him a second chance by giving him 20 minutes in a practice game. Bournemouth's financial problems in the early s meant the amateur Frenchman trained with them for one week in their pre-season campaign - Akcelrod even scored for the Cherries in a friendly.

Bullet Tooth Tony : You silly fuck. Doug the Head : He's a liability. Alex Denovitz : He'll find you Moses and the burning bush, if you pay him to. Alex Denovitz : He got shot six times, had the bullets molded into gold. Charlie : I shoot you, you go down! Susi Denovitz : He's got two in his teeth that Dad did for him. So he loves Dad. Charlie : Why don't you fucking die! Susi Denovitz : He's the best chance you got of finding Franky. Avi : Six times? Doug the Head : In one sitting. Bullet Tooth Tony : You're in trouble now!

Mullet : Do me a favor, Ton! Bullet Tooth Tony : I will do you a favor, Mullet. I'll not get out of this car and bash the living fuck out of you in front of all your girlfriends. Mullet : Got to make it worth my while, mate.

Jesus, Tony, you know that Bullet Tooth Tony : Comfortable, Mullet? It seems sadly ironic that it's that tie that's got you into this pickle. Now you just take all the time you want. Mullet : What the fuck are you doing, Ton? Bullet Tooth Tony : I'm driving down the street with your head stuck in my window.

What do you think I'm doing, you pen-ass? Mullet : Slow down, Ton. Mullet : Slow down, Ton! Slow down, Tony! Bullet Tooth Tony : I don't think I'll slow down. I think I'll speed up. You can play some music if you like. Bullet Tooth Tony : Oh, I love this track.

Mullet : I think Bullet Tooth Tony : Yes, Mullet? Mullet : I think it's two black guys, in a pawn shop on Smith street. Bullet Tooth Tony : You better not be telling me porky pies. Mullet : I'm fucking telling you, it's two black guys who work off a pawn shop in fucking Smith Street! Avi : That's very effective, Tony. It's not too subtle, but effective. Avi : Are we taking him with us?

Avi : Tony, there is a man I'd like you to find. Bullet Tooth Tony : Well, that depends on all the elements in the equation. How many are there? Avi : Forty thousand.

Bullet Tooth Tony : Where was he last seen? Doug the Head : At a bookie's. Bullet Tooth Tony : A bookie's Cousin Avi : Who's Bullet Tooth


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  1. to blag one's way into a club → colarse de gorra en una discoteca Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. , © HarperCollins Publishers , , , , , , Want to thank TFD for its existence?
  2. Frequently used in Britain and some other English speaking countries, to mean: 1. Trickery to obtain something vital or dear to someone, especially information. 2.
  3. The word 'blagged' is typically thought to imply using a false identity. Times, Sunday Times () The insecure singer still thinks she has slightly blagged her incredible pop success. The Sun ().
  4. verb blags, blagging or blagged (tr) to obtain by wheedling or cadging she blagged free tickets from her mate to snatch (wages, someone's handbag, etc); steal to rob (esp a bank or post office).
  5. To have dispossessed someone of something (Britain, informal) Past tense for to obtain confidential information by impersonation or other deception Past tense for to obtain (something) for free, particularly by guile or persuasion Past tense for to receive, especially in return for effort.
  6. Definition of blagged in the dictionary. Meaning of blagged. What does blagged mean? Information and translations of blagged in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on .
  7. To convince by rhetoric; to gain acceptance or approval through persuasive banter or conversation; trickery; keenly persuasive; to scrounge by means of conversation.
  8. We blagged a security van. Napadliśmy na samochód ochroniarzy. But, you know, I met a group of lads that blagged a caravan for free, it was an absolute wreck.
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