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Download Circus Of Spiders - The Marble Man - Later, Phoenix (Vinyl, LP)
Label: K&F Records - K&F 009 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Pop Rock, Folk

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Appraised by: Grant Zahajko. Appraisal Hiroshima Artifacts, ca. Appraised by: Peter Planes. Appraisal Penobscot Carved Root Club, ca. The only significant items the show licensed were comic books and a Milton Bradley board game of the Fargo North, Decoder character. Licensing rights were also granted to Mattel Electronics for two educational-based video games for the Intellivision console in In addition, the PBS stations and statewide networks that aired the show often complained of the Children's Television Workshop "soaking up so much money in public television", said veteran television producer Samuel Gibbon, who worked on the show.

By that time, Sesame Street was a cash fountain for the Workshop. The show was almost supporting itself by then with all the productions, books, records, and games.

There was no way, it was felt, that they could reduce the number of original shows of Sesame Street. But the thought was that if we produce two final seasons of The Electric Company that were designed to be repeated, that would give the show four more years of life.

The final episode of The Electric Company featured a short musical and dance number featuring the final cast members with the exception of Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, and Lee Chamberlin, who did not take part in this episode including the then-current members of the Short Circus. The lyrics of the song summed up the closure of the series:. We're glad you came to call.

We really had a ball. The show is done; we hate to run; we're sorry, but that's all. The earlier shows did not resurface until February 2, , when the Noggin network, which was partly owned by Sesame Workshop at the time, rebroadcast the show as a result of its co-ownership of the network.

A two-hour feature-length compilation special, which was aired on TV Land , re-introduced the series to a new generation. Noggin ran 65 select episodes until , when they were pulled from the program lineup because Sesame Workshop sold its half of the network to Viacom , which already owned the other half.

The shows were cut subtly to fit Noggin's shorter running time and free up time for various interstitial segments produced for the network. These deletions included the episode numbers, the Scanimate word animations, the segments of up to 15 seconds, and the teasers of the next episodes in seasons 2—6.

During the same period as the Noggin rebroadcasts, numerous fans of the program produced QuickTime and MP3 clips from the Noggin rebroadcasts, old over-the-air recordings, and, in some cases, from master recordings.

These were hosted online at various places and received heavy attention from the blogosphere e. The series was not seen since it was pulled from Noggin's schedule until Sesame Workshop, under license to Shout! Factory and Sony BMG Music Entertainment , released a DVD boxed set on February 7, , called The Best of the Electric Company that included 20 uncut episodes [ citation needed ] from throughout the show's run, including the first and last episodes, plus outtakes and introductions and commentary by Rita Moreno and June Angela.

Due to the overwhelming—and somewhat unexpected—popularity of the initial DVD release, a second boxed set was released on November 14, The Best of the Electric Company: Volume 2. This second volume contained 20 episodes from seasons one through five plus a minute documentary on the effects of in-school viewings of The Electric Company from However, the original content of nine episodes presented in this set were altered.

In some cases, material that was originally broadcast in a particular episode was removed completely while material from other episodes was included. For example, 60A originally contained the Spider-Man episode "Spidey Meets the Prankster" and used a scene from that sketch as the opening teaser, which was removed completely due to Marvel Entertainment licensing after the opening credits, leaving only the episode number.

Also removed following the Letterman sketch in this episode was the clip of the Short Circus singing "Stop! Coyote cartoon due to Warner Bros. These altered episodes also contain special effects used to segue from one sketch to another that were not used in the show's original run. Nuff said. Shirtless Spidey - Amazing Spider-Man 69 In this strangely sexy episode of Web Tales, Spidey goes shirtless to fight the Kingpin in order to get back the mysterious ancient tablet.

We also get a lot of fat shaming of the Kingpin. Be sure to tune in! Protest on Campus - Amazing Spider-Man 68 In this controversy free episode of Web Tales, The Kingpin decides to steal an old tablet while a student protest is going on. Will he succeed? Is the Kingpin fat or just really strong? And finally, will Logan ever move to Canada? In this very special episode of Web Tales, tiny Spidey battles a giant Mysterio, who we wonder is he still Zach Gallifinakis Mysterio or shredded Mysterio?

Also did Mysterio cause MJ to get a perm? All this and the first appearance of Randy Robertson. Booyaka Booyaka - Amazing Spider-Man 66 Mysterio's is out from jail, and he wants revenge! Find out what he has in mind for the web slinger in this must listen to episode of Web Tales!!!

Prison Break! Spidey is stuck in prison. But while Captain Stacy and Foggy Nelson discuss the ethics and legal ramifications of unmasking Spider-Man, a prison break happens! And old web head has to decide is he going to try and escape with the non Fancy Dan's clothing shop wearing convicts, or do the right thing and save Captain Stacy.

In another special episode of Web Tales, Spidey battles the Vulture in a grudge match. But more importantly, this issue contains one of the most frightening things ever MJ gets a perm! It has to be seen to be believed! In today's episode, the original Vulture Adrian Toomes turns out to not be dead after all and he's out for revenge against his usurper Blackie Drago. What follows is possibly our best or worst episode ever, you the listeners decide! In this weeks episode we get introduced to the most dastardly villain of all, the evil advertiser Montgomery G Bliss.

How far will he go to get the Inhuman Meduse to be a part of his ad campaign for Heavenly Hair Spray? Is Spidey going to be treated like a whipping boy again?

Also in this episode, Norman Osborn seems to be tripping on acid and just how old is Captain Stacy? I could talk about what happens this episode, but it's really about Ice Cream and Steve showing up to a strip club. A must listen!!!

In this episode of Web Tales, Spidey has to duke it out with the Kingpin once and again. But Peter has to fight an old man with a cane. Which battle will have more long lasting damage to his life? Listen and find out! Who is the Brainwasher?

In this very special episode of Web Tales they all are , Mary Jane gets a job as a gogo dancer, Peter is trying see Aunt May who is once again in the hospital. But more importantly, who is this new villain, The Brainwasher, who is operating in the shadows to control New York's elites? Listen on and find out!!! Spencer Smythe is still angry that Spider-Man got the best of his machines, so he's back with an upgraded version.

Can Spider-Man escape another robot with an iPad showing Jonah's gloating face the whole time? Also will Spidey ever get his memories back? Worse still, Spidey still has no memory of who he is. Listen on for an amnesia ridden episode of Web Tales!!!

This may be wackiest episode of Web Tales yet. Another legendary character, Captain George Stacy, makes their first appearance it's just a board meeting though. But in the main story of this issue, Spider-Man has no memory of who he is, so he just helps out Doctor Octopus. What ensues is Spidey constantly fighting the urge to punch Ock in the face, Jonah finally able to say he was right and Gwen realizing maybe she does have a thing for Peter.

Doc Ock Wins! It's over! Doc Ock has finally defeated his arch enemy Spider-Man! Find out how during this socially distanced episode of Web Tales! Peter's biggest nightmare has come true : Doctor Octopus has moved in with Aunt May! He's the boarder in their house and Peter can't do anything about it! Find out what the Doctor is really up! Plus Jameson needs some pictures, pictures of Spider-Man!

Flash is Back Now that everyone is stuck inside, why not listen to some old web tales! This week, Flash is back from Nam, really fast apparently. Professor Warren is being a creeper and Doc Ock just really needs that science machine. Another week in the wonderful world of Spidey!

In part 3 of the Kingpin's intro story, Spidey and Jonah have to escape potential drowning in a Batman level trap. We also see something we never thought we would : Alpha Ned Leeds!

The Kingpin is nobody's fool! That's right folks, everyone's favorite right hand man to Jonah, Robbie Robertson, makes his first appearance this issue! But wait there's more! The Kingpin smashes a miniature city and we get the bargain Enforcers! All this and another edition of "What Color is Peter's Jacket"! Another must listen episode of the Web Tales podcast!!!

Spider-Man No More! We've made it all the way to issue 50 folks!! And this is a big one! First up we've got Spider-Man no more. Basically Peter is tired of all the crap life as Spider-Man brings him, so he decides he's done! Yeah, because that always works out well for him. Next we have the introduction of a major new villain.

We won't spoil who it is, but if you're a true Spidey fan you already know. Thank you everyone who listened. We've still got a long way to go and look forward to continuing the journey with all of you! Double Trouble - Amazing Spider-Man 49 What's more dangerous then the new Vulture?

How about Kraven and the new Vulture. In this episode, Spidey has to battle both foes, as well as fool his Aunt May into thinking he's sick and getting ready to pose for Spider Quarterly SQ. After getting injured in an undisclosed accident, the original Vulture is near death and decides to pass his legacy on to a new Vulture, Blackie Drago. What chance does Spidey have against a younger and more powerful Vulture!. On top of that there is a snowstorm in New York City and Peter has a head cold, he's totally screwed!!!

Kraven Wants his Money!! In this episode of Web Tales, Kraven is released from prison and has his eyes set on revenge. But not against our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, he wants his payday he feels that the Green Goblin owes him. But double G is "dead", so he's going after the next closest person: Norman Osborn. Listen how Kraven uses his boob laser to stop Spidey and prove once and for all that no one messes with Kraven the Hunter!!! We've made it to episode 50!!

Thank you to all who have listened along the way. Now enough of the sappy stuff! In this episode, The Avengers decide to give Spider-Man a shot at joining them.

What happens next is Spidey pulling an Eric Foreman and screwing everything up. This is basically a comedy issue!! Everyone's favorite yellow padded super-villain, The Shocker, makes his first appearance and battles Spidey during some bank robbery because of course a villain robs a bank.

Also this issue, Peter contemplates moving out with Harry and will Patch discovery Spider-Man's true identity? Listen to find out!! Will Spider-Man join the Teamsters? Yes, Spidey receives an invite to join a Union. Should he? He'd get better health benefits, better hours and more vacation time. It's an important one panel choice. Oh yeah and he fights the Lizard as well Enjoy the show!!!

The Lizard Returns! After sniffing some of that Rhino gas from last issue, Dr. Curt Connors turns into The Lizard once again. His plan is still to rule the world with his reptile and only one man can stop him Spidey, duh! Take a listen to this episode of Web Tales to also find out what's going on with Aunt May, how Mary Jane is making Gwen jealous and find out what Peter really thinks of Betty now. Is The Rhino Mexican? The Rhino escapes from a very insecure hospital prison and heads on a rampage to kick Spidey's butt!

How will Peter get out of his dinner Mary Jane in order to stop the rampaging Rhinoceros? Listen to find out!!! You will also get a cameo appearance from one of Spidey's legendary allies. And also find out just how "generous" Mr. Jameson can be! For the final Web Tales episode of , we got a real big episode!

John Jameson gets powers from his magic space spores and becomes John Cena Jameson. The white color of the Marble Spider is very current and trendy. The White Spider Marble is very relaxing and harmonious in appearance. Spider marble slab is exported to European and Arabic countries in the form of polished tiles and Slabs regularly. White Spider marble has a white background and colorful veins such as pink, black, and gold.


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