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Standing up, he is a nobody who cannot get a job. The match is open to the public to come and observe, and anyone owning a Great Pyrenees is urged to bring their dog and join in the fun. There will be no admission charge. The strikingly majestic mountain dogs, even today, guard sheep from wolves, coyotes and other animals high on the mountain slopes. Government and other livestock guarding programs. Trophies will range from stained glass plaques to leather items.

Other attractions will include a weight pulling demonstration given by the Alaskan Malamute Club of Greater Detroit. The fun begins at 2 p. Simmons, who is the only Michigander and the only representative of an intermediate district on the panel, was nominated for the honor by Congressman William D Ford of the 15th Congressional District, a member of the House Committee on Labor and Education.

The charge to the panel directs the 15 members to analyze the trends, as well as the problems that affect the support of schools and to make recommendations for improving the efficiency and equity of both state and federal systems for raising school revenues The panel also is directed to in- vestigate means for equalizing the support for schools between states, within a state and even within local school districts.

Thank you. But though the battle is won, the war isn't. I will need your continuous support for City Council in November when it really counts. Join naturalist Fred Wooley for a close look at a unique riverside trail, which features several trees un- common in Michigan.

Participants should meet in the parking lot of the Sycamore Bend Picnic Area. Vehicle entry permits are required. For additional in- formation contact the nature center at Oak- wood Metropark at Flat Rock. Extra local calls you make are only 5. This is about the lowest-cost phone service in the country. If you think Two-Party Budget Service might be what you need, just call your Michigan Bell Business Office and talk to a service representative about it.

Go ahead, add a little color to your lifestyle. With Martin-Senour there are thousands of ways to do and redo every room in your home. And now is an ideal time to decorate while Martin-Senour top-quality Lifestyle Paints are on sale.

Most in struments involve the plucking, rubbing, banging, or blowing on a surface causing it to shake and make a sound. So, we pluck guitar strings or rub one string against another with a violin. We bang on a tight sur- face for drums or blow on a reed in wind instruments.

We let air reverberate around the insides of brass in struments. So, sound depends on vibrations. Even talking vibrations are created.

Place your fingers on someone's throat as they talk. Your fingers will hear the music of their words. Wayne, Romulus, that offer big and beautiful sounds, instrumental realism, tonal variety and special effects. You owe it to yourself if you are In the market for an organ to see us first. Watch for our occasional specials. Master Charge and Visa honored.

Wayne Rd. Call our insurance expert and find how much your dental plan will cover. Rocklin, D. Mulholland's presents Denish Horvath is education coordinator for the placement unit of Northville Residential Training Center.

She discusses with these area groups the fundamental rights of the retarded, which are no different than the rights of anyone else. And one of those rights is to live in the community, in the least restrictive environment the person can handle. With court orders being handed out to reduce the population of such institutions as the Northville Center and the Plymouth Center for Human Development, the effort to place retarded persons in community homes is increasing.

This program will cover many of the legends and myths, as wdl as the facts about various sky phenomenon seen Airing the September right sky. In case of inclement weather, a slide show on astronomy will be presented. Advance registration is required as are whicle entry permits. Fbr information and registration contact the nature center at Ken- sington Metropark at 6B Milford. After a talk she gave the ministerial association, the members went to their congregations for funds to buy her an educational film.

The check was turned over to Ms. Horvath recently by The Rev. C You can't enjoy coins or jewelry if they're sitting in o safe deposit box. Watch your money grow in a savings account. Paper Money Before Chomt, Wofthri. Mony suffer regularly from this depressing symptom. The neck ond upper portion of the spine can be considered one of the prime suspects in many cases of recurrent headaches. The Doctor of Chiropractic's experience has taught him that headaches that persist over long periods of time, occuring and disappearing only to occur again when least expected, are related to traceable causes.

One such cause Is abnormal positioning or an abnormal mobility of one or several vertebrae spinal segments in the upper neck.

The Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to offer specialized care in the effective treatment or recurrent headaches. Treotment has often proven effective in giving the patient relief from the pain and discomfort of the recurrent headache. Primary changes in Congressman Ford s bill are aimed at providing more financial assistance for the growing number of adults pursuing higher education and at making it easier for young people to obtain and pay back college loans.

They will then have only one payment each month, and this can be based on their incomes — the payments rising as their incomes rise. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend. The responsibility of giving the consumer information about medication lies with the physician, pharmacist and the consumer, according to Miss Fishman. The possible reactions from taking more than one medication at a time, the methods of taking medications, and the unsuspected hazards in non- prescription medications are other topics that Miss Fishman will speak about.

Prior to joining the Oakwood staff, Miss Fishman was an assistant professor of clinical pharmacy for four years at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy She holds a bachelor s degree in pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin. Following lengthy, and sometimes emotional testimony from Rock- wood city officials and responses from state corrections department officials, the committee, known as RC2, gave a unanimous negative review to the proposed Rockwood prison project.

Although the committee has no enforcement powers, it was created to review proposed controversial projects in the region and pass its comments along to appropriate federal and state authorities. In this case, the negative com- ments will be sent to the Michigan Qivironmental Review Board in Lansing for consideration.

The board will make its recom- mendation to Gov. William Milliken, who will make the final decision. In the region, the state presently is considering Rockwood, two prisons in Detroit and one already planned for Northville. About 10 new and existing prisons may eventually be located in southeast Michigan, state officials said. Luella R. Burke, a program analyst with the Michigan Depart- ment of Corrections, told the committee that under the new regional prison system, the state is attempting to locate prisoners near their homes and families.

Currently, 80 percent of the population in Michigan prisons comes from southeast Michigan. We have patiently followed the development of our master plan, and now just when industrial growth is moving downriver towards Rockwood, the state is moving in to snatch the very land — the only land left — that would give us a healthy, viable community. Just to hire one additional police officer, he said, would cause the city to raise taxes by two mills. Mc- Cartney at the meeting introduced a motion to use SEMCOG as a regional pool of local elected officials which would serve as a vehicle for developing corrections policy for the region.

The schools are a few of the packs in the Detroit Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, that will be holding the special program to provide boys in the third, fourth and fifth grades with the opportunity to join Cub Scouting. Stephen Elementary School. Proposal guarantee in the amount of five percent 5 per- cent of the bid will be required.

October 31, Bid Proposals will be publicly opened and read at that time on the following City Owned Properties: 1. Lot 44 Gold Label Estates 2. Lot Grand Park Sub. Lot 21 dearborn Crest Manor Sub. Lot 50 Bl. Lot 25 Bl. Lot 9 Bl 10 Junction Subdivision Lot Ecorse City Community Sub. Lot Supervisors Romulus Plat No. Proposals shall be submitted on forms furnished by the City, which may be obtained at the Office of the City Clerk, Wayne Rd.

The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals and to waive technicalities Proposal guarantee in the amount of five percent 5 percent of the bid will be required. Leonard J. Special consideration is given to handicapped veterans; more em- phasis is placed on updating teachers in the use of technology and telecommunications; more at- tention is given to research facilities; and large universities could receive more aid and en- Vi.

It in- corporates the recommendations and best thinking of the higher education community as well as many members of the House. Virtually all responded with a wide range of ideas. In the past four months, the Postsecondary Education Sub- committee has held 33 hearings with witnesses, both in Washington and throughout the nation. Kennedy, who spoke on behalf of the direct parent-loan program.

Congressman Ford said he ex- pects the legislation to come before the House of Representatives for action sometime next month. In FY r. Bid proposals will be publicly opened and read at that time on the following City Owned Properties: 1.

Lot , , Grand Park Subdivision Lot , , Ecorse City Community Sub, Lot , , Ecorse City Community Sub.

Lot 8 Wayne Ecorse Blvd. Lot 43, 44 Bl 28 Junction Subdivision Lot 22, 23 Bl 22 Junction Subdivision Lot 41, Proposal guarantee in the amount of five percent 5 percent of the bid will be required Leonard J. September 19, H Page A-7 What's for lunch? Students in the Van Buren Public Schools next week will be served such entrees as burritos or com dogs, roast pork and gravy and Italian spaghetti with meat sauce. In the family-style program at West Willow, Savage, Quirk, Tyler and Elwell Elementary schools the menu Monday will be burritos or com dogs, green beans, com with diced red and green pepper, peaches, pears, chilly things and milk, while on tap for Tuesday is a lineup of ravioli, broccoli cuts, tossed salads with Italian dressing, white or wheat bread and butter, fruit gelatin, applesauce, cobbler and milk.

Next Wednesday the cafeterias will be serving barbequed beef on buns, french fries, mixed vegetable, tossed salads with Italian dressing, peaches, applesauce, cake and milk.

In the remaining elementary schools the menu Monday will be chicken fry on buns, chopped lettuce with dressing, french fries, fruit, chilly things and milk, followed by a menu of soup and crackers, tacos, fruit gelatin, cookies and milk on Tuesday. Next Thursday students will be dning on juice, pizza, vegetable, salad or cole slaw, pudding and milk, with a lineup of juice, oven- billed cheese sandwiches, tator rounds, fruit gelatin, cobbler and milk topping off the week.

In the junior and senior high schools the menu Monday will be cheeseburgers on buns or turkey sabd and ham salad club sand- wiches, corn, french fries, fruit gelatin, peaches, milk or a cold dink. Next Wednesday students will be dning on meat loaf with gravy, potatoes, fruit, bread and butter and milk, while next Thursday the cafeterias will be serving hot dogs, cinnamon apples, vegetable and milk.

Topping off the week will be a menu of fishwich, vegetable, fruit and milk. In the junior and senior high schools the menu Monday will be chicken, tator tots, beets, bread and butter and m.

Tuesday will be picnic day with a menu of turkey or ham salad sand- wiches, potato salad, fruitsides or apples and milk, while next Wed- nesday students will be dining on hamburgers on buns, french fries, fruit cocktail and milk. On the Island of Oaho at one of the finest hotels Enjoy superb tranquility Hawaiian style, you'll be remembering this island for years and years.

One the Island of Hawaii Sponsored by Associated Newspapers, Inc. Town Hallers will convene on Oct. Inkster 4B Up to 10 persons per table will be assigned cn receipt on a first come-first served basis.

Requests to be seated with friends can be filled, if all are submitted together. Newborns included a baby girl, born. Area deaths Helen M. Gabrys, 69, of Romulus, died Sept. Bennett, 59, of Belleville, died Sept. Funeral Home, Belleville. Fred B. Opificius, 83, of Romulus, died Sept. Wayne Bonnell, 58, of New Boston, died Sept.

Russell J. Van Buhler, 83, of Belleville, died Sept. Vernon W. Lough, 87, of Belleville, died Sept. Max J. Romej, 63, of Belleville, died Sept.

Best seller. Buy US. Savings Bonds. Competitive rates, overtime, benefits. Expanding facilities Day 8. Saginaw Bay area, good fishing and hunting, good price. Wayne area, 2 bedroom contemporary. The season will include syndicated columnist Sydney Harris cn March 12 and Marshall Shearer, doctor of psychiatry, and Marquerite Sheare, doctor of sexual disfunction, on Oct. Name and Address Reason 1. Rubfert Jackson, Burtrig, Belle, Wishes variance of front footage requirement, to build home on Burtirig next to Burtrig.

Alford, Elwell. Belle Wishes to build barn to keep animals in, in residential district east of lot 8 on Elwell Road. John J May, Jr. Wishes to destroy old storage shed and replace with 26 X 50 storage building at above address. Robert E. Pawlowski, Spencer Belle.

Wishes variance on front footage of lot 28E80B on Spencer to build house, lot 60 foot wide ordinance calls for 80 feet. Lillie Burger, Sheldon, Belle. Wishes renewal of permission to have home business at above address. Addressing envelopes.

Don Bastedo. Huron River Drive, Belle. Wishes to start business in residential zone Susterka Bldg. Huron River Dr. All persons having any interest in or wishing to make comments regarding any of the above subjects should attend this meeting, or submit the comments, in writing to the secretary of the Board of Zoning Appeals before P.

Pledge of Allegiance. Absent: None. Nays; Domen, Craven and Maton. Donald Hill of Chatsworth asked the Board if they ere aware of the petition signed by the residents of the Quirk Subdivision jgarding the terrible condition of the roads in this Subdivision. I Clerk Craven addressed Mr. Hill stating that she had received a copy of the petition and had forwarded copies of it to the Wayne County Road Com- lission and Commissioner Bill Joyner.

These are County Roads and the ilution to the problem lies with the County. Supervisor Cullin stated that the Township would ask Wayne County to take care of this problem as they have asked many times in the past but she could not answer for the County and at this time would have to wait and see what the response to the petition would be.

Harman of Haggerty Road asked the Board to reconsider the decision of the Board of Appeals directing him to remove hogs from his property. Harman stated that his deed states farming. Supervisor Cullin explained to Mr. Harman that his property is zoned Residential and if the Board of Appeals has rejected his pleas the only recourse he has is to petition the Circuit Court. The Township Board cannot overule the Board of Appeals decision. Trustee Welty stated that he is a member of the Board of Appeals and Mr.

Harmon does not have just one hog on his property, he has 55 of them on 4. Neighbors were complaining that the hogs were running loose and these neighbors came to the Board of Appeals meeting to voice those com- plaints. Harman complained that the people who were at the meeting were not close neighbors and those neighbors that were close were not notified of the meeting.

Supervisor Cullin said she could check on who was notified of the meeting for Mr. Harman but no other action could be taken on this problem by this Board. Supervisor Cullin deferred comments on the Denton Road Rezoning until that item is reached on the Agenda. Hearing no other citizen wishing to speak the audience portion of the meeting was closed.

Motion York, support Craven to accept the resignation of Darvl Robson from the Planning Commission at the end of his term as Chairman and send him a letter of gratitude for his services. Motion Domen. He is requesting a franchise to operate this system in Van Buren Township. The franchise would grant them the right to use streets, alleys and right of ways to provide this service to the com- munity. Raines explained the services that could be provided by a system capable of 2 way transmission, such as, burglar alarm, fire alarm and medical alert systems.

Superviosr Cullin asked how far in the future would it be for the 2 way services to become available. Raines indicated that it would be approximately 3 to 4 years. Supervisor Cullin thanked Mr. Raines for his presentation and indicated to him that the Board would be reviewing his company and other Cable T. Gerk Craven stated that phone calls have been received by her office in- dicating an interest in cable T.

Motion Maton. Nays: None. Motion Maton, support Welty to deny the re-zoning request of Mr. Motion Domen, support Craven to deny re-zoning of 3. Gtizen in audience asked Supervisor if there was any way to make this denial permanent as the property owners in this area are faced with this request for re-zoning periodically. Supervisor Cullin stated that it was not possible. Any Property owner has a right to request re-zoning before the Planning Commission.

The Attorney was directed to research the amount of time that must elapse before a denied request can be brought up again. Discussion was held regarding the level of water in Belleville Lake. Ayres, Lewis, Norris and May recommend that a normal water surface elevation of From November 1 to April 15th the level should be lowered inches, to lessen ice damage to shoreline structures. Trustee Domen asked Mr.

Christie if the Dam Project could be completed more efficiently and quickly if the Lake Level would be lowered. Christie replied that for the Project, he would like to see the Lake lowered 12 feet Opinions were voiced both pro and con regarding lowering the Lake level the 12 feet that the Engineering Frim suggested to expedite the Dam Project Supervisor Cullin asked Mr.

Christie to give the Board a scheule of when he would think it best to lower the lake and how long it would be necessary to keep it down so they could take action on this matter at the next Board Meeting, being sure to allow enough ime to notify the public of any such action so everyone will know when and for how long the Lake will be lowered Motion Hall, support Welty to table any action on the Lake Level.

CARRIED Auditor Ronald Traskos made a presentation to the Board regarding an ordinance to establish a Budget Stabilization Fund This fund would be for any surplus monies at the end of a Budget year that could be put aside to cover future deficits that may occur due to unforseen occurances. Motion Domen, support Welty to increase the Sewer Disposal charge from 75 percent of the total water bill to 81 percent to cover the cost increase for this service to the Township by the Downriver Sanitary Sewer District.

The 6 percent increase is a cost recovery and any administrative overhead will be absorbed by the Township, as explained by the Auditor and the Engineer. Final figures on the cost of this project are not complete at this time but the division of cost would be that General Motors would pay one half of the cost and the remaining one hald would be split by Van Buren Township and the City of Romulus.

Motion Craven, support Maton to direct the Auditor and the Water Depart- ment Head to set a procedure to determine a surcharge to be placed on any bill received from Wayne County plus a 10 percent administrative fee for the Non-Residential Pollution Surveillance Program and return a recom- mendation to the Board.

Engineer Levine reported on this meeting with Commissioner Youngblood regarding rear yard drain maintenance. At present because of this problem of responsibility for the drains the Wayne County Road Commission will not sign the necessary papers for the com- pletion of the Terra Del Lago Subdivision Supervisor Cullin stated that the Township has no business in the drain business, we have no authority for it and no money for it. The Township does not do inspections or approval of drain, this is done by the Wayne County Road Commission.

The responsibility should be in the hands of those that inspect and approve If the Township at this time should take this respon- sibility, even on a partial basis, the result coudd be total responsibility which could result in financial disaster. No one can estimate what costs over a long period of time would be for these drains.

Motion Hall, support Weltv to have the Township Attorney research our legal position regarding drains and the possibility of changing the policy, that the Drain Commission has at this time. Engineer Levine will return to the Drain Commissioner and research other methods for the solution of this problem, such as direct contact for the ex- cess monies between the Drain Commission and the individual property owners. Gerk Craven announced that the Lemontree Condominiums have requested to erect Sea Walls and if the Board has no objections a hold harmless agreement will be entered into with them for this purpose.

Trustee Welty of Trustee Domen. Motion Domen, support Craven to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at P. Respectfully submitted, Doreen Craven. The roster of players reads like a miniature United Nations, with participants from every country, from Peru to Poland, and from every field of circus endeavor, from concessionaire to bareback rider. Franz Beckenbauer. There everyone relaxes by playing soccer. Then, with dedicated effort, he urged young people, through his media interviews, to investigate the game, and then challenge the circus team the next year.

His strategy worked like a charm, and now. The team practices on days off and whenever there is time between shows. In the arena and on the playing field, they are living proof that The Greatest Show on Earth is the home of champions. It is a controversial drama that examines, in often pathetically comic relationships, the deterioration of the American family. Three generations of a midwestern farm family have the strangest reunion in all of con- temporary drama.

The play will be presented at the Attic Theatre from Oct. Ron Martell will direct the production. After the Dec. From Jan. From Stuart Gordon, Wm. For further information and a season brochure, call the Attic at , or visit the box office at E. Lafayette, open from p. TTiis 16th yearly exhibition is in- ternationally recognized and features displays from famous museums, universities and private collections from the United States and Canada.

The mineral, fossil, gem and jewelry exhibits are from worldwide locations. In addition, working demonstrations will feature masters at work polishing rubies and sp- phires, gem faceting, Petosky stone polishing and gem tumbling to name a few. On Oct. Schools in the Detroit metropolitan area are invited to attend the show by pre-registering their classes for a 2-hour block of time on this day. Admission is by pre-registration only.

Open 7 Days Per Week W. Includes soup, egg roll, dinner roll, tea or coffee ond choice of dessert. Sunday Noon to 10 p. Each teacher who registers to bring her or his class for the school tours day receives a packet of materials relating to earth sciences.

The packet is composed of pamphlets, charts and articles, many from the Michigan Depart- ment of Natural Resources. These give information on geology, rocks, minerals, fossils and other topics. Deadline for reservations is Sept.

For the general public admission to the show is from 6 to 10 p. Discover a delicious steak, baked potato or french fries and Texas toast. Mon Thurs. Sunday 11 a. Taking care of nice people.

Michigan Office hours in Belleville Monday through Friday a m to4 30pm Phone or for Belleville Romulus area area Central office hours Monday through Friday 8 0u AM to 5 OOP M Phone Classified advertising calls at and circulation calls at during central office business hours Subscription rates by mail second class postage paid at Belleville.

Mich Sli per year In Wayne County. Mich Associated Newspapers Inc retains ownership of loc. Wayne Eagle. Canton Eagle. How long must the U. But for whatever reason, Moscow was selected, and for whatever reason, the Russians again lived up to their reputation, and decided they could not allow several books to be displayed at the fair, lest they corrupt the country. Perhaps the purveyors of the written word simply wanted to make a point. The point being that despite its protestations to be countrary, Moscow and Russian officials still fear the dissemination of unlimited dialogue.

If the booksellers wanted to make a point, they did. At the cost of unrestricted dialogue between the authors of the world, the book fair once again showed the world what the real Russian philosophy looks like.

And they failed to even attract substantial support in opposition to the treatment they received at the hands of the Russians. Labor Day A good idea by any other name Last week, while perusing the editorial pages of one of our metro dailies, I came across a piece on summer, tourists, and Labor Day. The writer of that opinion, apparently an outdoor type, objected to the briefness of that period sandwiched between spring and autumn, called summer.

It was his opinion that summer is artificially short due to correctable considerations, and those corrections should be undertaken quickly. For many reasons, not the least of which is the Michigan tourist business, it was suggested that Labor Day be moved back in the month of September to the third Monday rather than the first.

By doing so, the writer concluded that summer would be ex- tended another three weeks, businesses would have another three weeks for spreading employee vacations, the tourist business would gain an additional three weeks of revenue, and that all too short period in Michigan called summer, would hang around just a little longer. We think this is a good idea whose time has come. What do you think? Why not drop us a line and give us your opinion. Sign those letters! In addition, we will publish almost any letter on any subject provided that it is within the bounds of good taste and is true.

Unfortunately, many writers chose to continue sending unsigned letters. We, as a matter of policy, will not run an unsigned letter unless the writer provides us with his name and a reason for wishing his name omitted from his comments. While we encourage your comments as a means of iden- tifying solutions to local problems, we cannot run your letter unless you provide us with a signed original typewritten or by hand Editor's log Dear Senator Levin: The following column was first published on March 15 of this year.

Because of that delay, this column is reprinted 4o provide the basis for his reply which is printed below. Dear Senator: Congratulation on your election to the U. I have never written to you before, but I have addressed many of my comments and concerns to other elected officials who have gone before.

Either they never received my letters, or their franking budget had been exceeded if that is possible , and they were unable to reply. Now, perhaps I should explain that I do not consider myself a chronic complainer.

I do on occasion assume a rather rigid position on some subjects of importance, but, by-and-large, I am fair beyond reasonable expectations. Like most Americans, I only reluctantly make the decision to write my elected representative.

But to the point. At a time when most Americans are in the process of again tightening their belts to deal with the latest assault on their pocketbooks by both inflation and Washington spending, an article appeared in one of the Metro papers. That article chronicled the efforts of your colleagues in the pursuit of bolstering the morale ot the American people in the rface of bad economic news. To make it all run, you have on staff plumbers, painters, electricians, air-conditioning repairmen, computer technicians, typewriter repairmen, By DENNIS FASSETT Managing Editor engineers, sheet metal workers, elevator repairmen, cooks, dishwashers, garage at- tendants, librarians and police.

Since no reasonable person could conclude that you would have done all that for yourselves, if indeed our our country faced economic hard- ships, it is obvious that all of us are in good shape financially, regardless of how it looks.

But this is my problem. I have been unable, in spite of my best efforts, to live up to your example. My Vic Tanny card has expired and I cannot affort to renew it. What am I doing wrong, Senator? But, if you get a chance, would you see if you could arrange for a guest pass at your sauna and a ticket for a meal? I agree with you that a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget is un-American.

Who needs it anyway? Senator Editor: Thank you for the letter of congratulations? The letter has finally made its way to my desk from the postal service, my mail room, my assistant press secretary, my press secretary, my assistant press secretary again, my chief assistant, my personal secretary and back through all of them several times.

Why do I have to fight it in my office? I also thank you for letting me know about all the perks that U. Senators have. At the risk of sounding defensive, I want to point out that I was not here when members of the Senate voted themselves such luxuries.

But now that I am here, I just wish I could take ad- vantage of them. How many perks do you think I can take advantage of being 96th out of on the seniority list? You know your colleagues are trying to tell you something when they give you and a staff of 28, an office that would make sardines claustrophobic. And how do you think it feels to have to hand out the towels in the ex- clusive Senator locker room behind the exclusive Senate gym?

Not too exclusive. I appreciate, Mr. Fasset, all of your hardships such as your broken typewriter and expired Vic Tanny card. But please appreciate my hard- ships, too. For the same amount in Washington, I would have had a basement with three cots and hot and cold running roaches in the outhouse. And to make matters worse, when I voted against lifting the extra-income restriction on senators, my wife not only cut back my allowance — she made me sleep in the outhouse.

All kidding aside, we are working hard here in the Senate. Most senators serve on three com- mittees and about nine subcommittees — most of which are meeting during sessions on the Senate.

Consequently, a senator is constantly rushing from committee meetings to the Senate floor. Our offices get hundreds of phone calls each day and many more hundreds of pieces of mail.

We also get numerous visitors wishing to meet their senators in person. So although it would seem that welead leisurely lives, enjoying our gymnasiums and shops, the time constraints placed upon us are very real. Andrew Cuomo, a Dem- bers are on the do-not-call list, ocrat, signed legislation Mon- according to the New York De- day placing new restrictions on partment of State.

New York City was expected to get 3 to 6 al a e pay no attention to dollars of that amount, a Wall Street Journal analysis found. Upstate communities were hit much harder, with parts of Albany and Syracuse receiving more than a foot of snow,. Kaminsky said he hopes and field trips. He said the next leased data Monday showing was the baseline, and they nity Education Council in Department officials said idents receive.

The un- Despite such problems, per West Side. Currently, that spot is n-. This configuration, the new Geffen Hall plan is makeover itself. Center and million plan on Monday that the past few decades. A nota- orchestra officials said the represents a fresh start for the ble example: the Walt Disney costs for the previous proposal project. The announcement Concert Hall in Los Angeles, likely would have spiraled comes two years after officials which opened in A new nors.

Geffen, the walls and creating a new hall York venues during those Over the years, the venue, May. It also called for the breaks. Namely, plagued by sonic woes, with crit- some dramatic changes to the consultant in the planning. It is envi- is doable. HERE some shows on Broadway but not for the industry overall. In some ways, the decline. At- tendance also is down 1. Charlotte St. Martin said the. If there is a show that the- rade. The show HERE us l,. Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Dead, Seven Injured Mirlis, now 32, called Mr. The fire in a three-story resi- 12 years in prison. Greer, who founded Ye- dential building on Nostrand Av- Superior Court Judge Jon Al- shiva of New Haven, declined to enue in Flatbush was reported ander imposed the punishment speak at the sentencing, citing just before 4 a.

Eight people were taken to New Haven, whose lawyer has A jury convicted Mr. Greer in hospitals, fire officials said. One said he expects to appeal the September of four counts of risk man was pronounced dead.

The convictions. Greer, who de- of injury to a minor. Greer, who is appeal- battled the blaze. This includes orthopedic New York City is hiring con- surgeons, neurosurgeons, and rehabilitation specialists.

Our world-renowned spine specialists offer Kennedy International Airport. The blocked sewer main comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatment pushed human waste into about options.

We treat patients of all ages, from young homes in Jamaica, Queens, on Saturday, officials said. Hospital, a top 5 hospital in the nation. Tuesday, December 3, A9.

Soon the calls from family and friends dwindled, and Ms. Pembroke was alone with her grief. One afternoon, she sat at her computer in the house where her son had grown up and sent her first message to an online support group. As suicides rise in the U. New research shows just how se- vere the aftermath is—and that it is different from other kinds of loss.

People who lose a loved one to suicide are at greater risk for post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide themselves. The grief can be longer-lasting and more debili- tating. But emerging treatments offer hope. Talking about the sui- cide may also aid healing, recent research found. Growing numbers.

And counsel- ors are undergoing new training. The suicide rate in the U. Below, Jeannine Pembroke with son Jared, who died by suicide in Among people to suicide the year before his own pose to interact with the newly be- ages 10 to 24 years old, it jumped death.

About half of all American Ms. I have to be his lif. Whitaker was a Affective Disorders. I feel like they need senior in high school. It brings high- sion and suicide are, she says. Pembroke leaned on family Becky Powell was a stay-at-home and the founder of Alliance of and friends. She saw a counselor mother of three when her husband Hope, a nonprofit that provides and posted on the Alliance of Hope Mark, a money manager in Austin, m e.

People are often left with floored by the replies of virtual in What says. What should I support group meetings a couple home. People may have symptoms of sitting in a room and hearing ev- talking about how a loved one died psychiatry and the director of the things—financial loss, loss of hus- post-traumatic stress disorder.

Powell, method was and then your mind potential for people to give them Social Work in New York. Powell made a few res- R. Jordan, a clinical psychologist in Pawtucket, R. In one olutions to bring a sense of rou- tine and normalcy to her life: She Families and friends may also resources to help. Recent studies have found that part of the treatment, therapists would shower every day and put receive less support.

Partici- port and found comfort in her from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Pembroke found solace in watch- body else has coped with their pants then listen to the recording. McGann, a More volunteers are joining music she loves.

The title of her treated for—anxiety and depression and filling in adult coloring books. Pembroke, a college She began responding to messages the loss division for the American potential suicide cases. Called cian Darryl Worley. Still, every few months she are at higher risk of what is known have lost loved ones to suicide.

I just want people Mr. KIM GRADY likes wheat bread, her husband prefers white and Half Loaves of Bread Are on the Rise loaves have steadily risen amid the surge of small households formed by two giant generations in the their month-old son likes in coming years, says Robb U. In addition to stores, which cater to smaller Austin, Texas. Re- wasting less. Last from shoppers. The loaves they can eat the freshest bread loaves and packages of four ham- are sold at a slight premium per possible.

The smaller loaves offer burger buns in addition to stan- slice because of the added labor of a permissible indulgence for peo- dard eight-bun bags.

Klosterman Baking Co. Fouks says. More than half of all west, first tried selling half loaves their eight full-size counterparts. Around they de- Food Markets began selling indi- U. Next year, the chain plans to lar are scrutinizing their bread these consumers often or always Demographic and cultural shifts carbohydrates and members of offer even smaller breads by ex- HY-VEE.

In a survey this trip to the store after throwing industry to develop smaller loaves preferences, Ms. Klosterman says. Now, the year- old is being positioned to break out at the Art Basel Miami Beach fair. They are devoting an entire room to the artist at their new Rubell Mu- seum, an exhibition space that opens to the public Wednesday and is shaping up to be the must- see show of fair week. When they offered Mr.

A year later, Mr. Boafo is just completing a head to auction until after he ci on. More often critiqued alongside heavyweights m e. Mickalene Thomas and Jeff Koons. After a flood wiped out their Already, the art-world elite ap- belongings, and then his father , he met Austrian artist and year, he entered one of these par- showed his work last January. Boafo was 9 years curator Sunanda Mesquita, now tially finger-painted portraits into This past summer, the Rubells en- Independent curator Paul Schim- old, he pivoted from art to play- his wife.

She wrote to galleries in a works-on-paper competition countered Mr. Boafo has ing sports. At 17, he was helping Vienna on his behalf. It gallery in Los Angeles. Within tween figuration and abstraction. Boafo, on a whim, dipped art circuit. The his fingers into brown paint and Last year, Mr. Boafo fielded an mer warehouse space in the Wyn- nent who are getting a closer look man paid for his first semester at started experimenting with a can- Instagram message from Brooklyn wood neighborhood.

Their new now. Boafo paid for the skin tones right with my fingers, owns pieces by Mr. Boafo and in- the works he created during his his paintings in her booth at the rest working as a pallbearer. A but I thought it looked loose and troduced him to the Los Angeles time there.

The following gallery Roberts Projects, which Mr. Temperature bands are highs for the day. Dallas 68 38 s 65 47 pc Wash. Tuesday, December 3, A Vallotton left correct, bour- geois Switzerland to study art in Paris at age We meet him at 20 in a scrupulously observed, meticulous self-portrait. He seems to challenge us to intuit that be- hind that coolly appraising look, the neat haircut, and the fledgling beard was a com- mitted leftist. Brilliant wood- cuts, which he began to make about —and still sustain his reputation—leave no doubt about his opinions.

Nothing is spe- Edouard Vuillard, known as and his wife, Misia. Vallotton cific, yet we suspect that all is the Nabis. They had been im- painted the couple, in bed.

Swathed in not well. We also note connections with their own carefully curled, poses against she leans casually the influence of ukiyo-e prints simplified imagery. Thanks to a cool gray interior, confront- forward, her dis- m e. So did his contem- garde. The progressive critics bathed in light at her dress- rette between her poraries.

Viewers can 30, in , Vallotton was Meier-Graefe were fans and, broad, flat planes of luminous provide their own credited with single-handedly as a regular contributor of color. Made only a year apart, scenario, starting the portraits demonstrate with a lascivious co Fo. They are notable for white reclining female nude Disquiet gues-Henriques, a wealthy lush hues, tightly cropped with flushed cheeks, gazing The Met Fifth Avenue, through young widow with three chil- geometric construction, and a from lowered lids at a vividly Jan.

The individualized, rather mascu- of the Bernheim family of art tense couples inhabiting these line black woman sitting at Ms. Wilkin is an independent n-. Vallotton seems to airless, claustrophobic rooms the end of the white-draped curator and critic. Gabrielle be- have more personality and no.

Two lamp- tion is conveyed by color, not imagery. The auction preview on December 8 is for Luxury Accessories only. Complimentary catalogs are available while supplies last. The good air. Michigan lost to Ohio football, or even make Again: the Cowboys are the good news is Philadelphia sports fans East is currently a combined State for the eighth straight time.

It is you can still, well…win the NFC Behind Philly is…the juggernaut for the worst division in football entirely fair to wonder if devoting East. The Houston Texans All I have to say about that still in the chase for the top of the ingly, not bad enough to disqualify sunk the Patriots Sunday night!

NFC East. Yes, your dog—the one them from winning the NFC East. Right Or: what do you want? Chargers takes? The only team that Gibbs, Vermeil and Parcells! The Gi- It actually has been quite bad, right now.

At ously winless Bengals, as since The best genuinely promising team in the teams. How about us l,. How lightly here, about the Pittsburgh ci on. Some- m e. These same Cowboys be- m rp. Redskins linebacker Ryan Anderson. There was no better summary of That put the 49ers in esteemed these options than after the Ravens company, alongside contenders like beat the Rams on Nov.

He ran have all been left shaking their for more yards on one play than heads, answerless after trying—and Los Angeles did in the entire game failing—to stop Jackson and the Ra- during the win.

Heaps of data and evidence even know who had the ball. But that Jackson under center. The rest of Then, there are the Ravens. They playbook and channeled the mojo of which measures the value of a given now-ridiculed notion failed to con- the league averages about 14 such run the ball more than every team the greatest rushing attacks ever. An untradi- runs a game. The expected points for a given team, tional offense centered on Jackson better at running the ball.

When op- number of yards but ultimately lines up similar to a shotgun snap, cient ball carriers. Mark Ingram and over. When oppos- running plays. A brief summary of their to go. If Joe Biden falters, the re- ceived wisdom and the Bloomberg campaign as illuminating the same dan- ger: With enough money, the arguably be a function of his political inexperience and lack of name recognition.

Not so likeliest to prove the Chris Christie of the Democratic primaries. In , Mr. Chris- Going runs, nominat- ing Michael Bloomberg to head the Dem- rich can buy elections.

If Mr. Sanders is right, Mr. He enters the race not simply as an- other rich guy but as the thrice-elected, successful tie dropped out of the race after a sixth-place finish in New Hampshire.

Marco Rubio during a debate. Just last month, dozen or so states. M November by Mr. Bloomberg set a record spoiler for one of the Demo- pitting a strong, credible mod- when he announced he would cratic candidates. Some see y condo building has an underground garage with erate against Donald Trump. But the former worth of political ads. This Biden.

Or he might use his particular unit. War- for electric cars; each owner would pay individually for the just by losing. But after many visits from engineers and The reason has to do with version of democracy wins, about Citizens United. United v. Federal Election chusetts thundered. Perhaps the frustrations of trying to equip our garage for Commission.

Instead of hail- going to be about which bil- money makes a difference. It For their part Messrs. Anyone remember Beto one advantage. Bloomberg at the an- Ted Cruz? Senate seat yet still lost to Mr. That itself make previously inaccessible left American democracy for ries confirm that the cater- Better yet, look at Donald would be a welcome, if unin- places easy to reach and offer sale to the highest bidder.

A Dec. Bernie Sanders puts it elections is misplaced. Even time when a train commute right to buy elections, and other is Tom Steyer, the modern campaign finance. Clinton, it noted, out- ence of two billionaires town Manhattan takes about as overturn Citizens United, that environmentalist who vows to raised Mr. Bloomberg are not going cash to his bid, and has already million of his own. Oval Office could lead to shell out for a Tesla Model S, to get very far in this elec- spent more than half.

Sanders, Ms. Warren some critical re-examination would have no place to plug it in. Sanders is blurring dollar question: If Democrats would do well to consider the Party dogma on Citizens the result of an extended some lines here. Their Citizens United. Sanders average for these men barely defied.

But to pull it off, breezy style makes the book a fun read. Unlike Mr. Steyer, this might his billions, Mr. Bloomberg is Write to mcgurn wsj. Many of us l,. By Emily Estelle the situation by appearing to possibility of a democracy the U. A be an unreliable ally—to the that allows the participation cials subsequently met Mr. As Messrs. Adversaries and allies Mr. Isla- The U. Every a dictator. Hundreds—maybe thou- tah Al Sisi. Putin and his fellow mainly because workers are panicked that dramatic changes sands—of Russian mercenaries send the message that democ- ences through repression.

Eu- in car-making will eliminate jobs—even as the industry joined the battle for Tripoli, racy has failed in Libya. Experience sug- Tripoli. President Vladi- gests the opposite. The violent willing to use some of its Sensor Technology Corp. By crushing peaceful arms embargo on Libya. The Moammar Gadhafi, as Western political expression and victim- U. Will it happen autocratic regime. Libya are attempts to shore up power in the years after Gad- methods and those of his back- pose sanctions on them as faltering strongmen.

The State Department suffering of innocent civilians, investment from Ford. In Helsinki, an engineering student that he, not the U. While this is an Libyan people have long conveyance, from dockless scooters to rental cars. Mark Mr. Haftar was per- Ms. Estelle is the research Some of these people have fascinating ideas. When they alliance system of like-minded pluralistic democracy, a kind his offensive on Tripoli—a Threats Project at the Ameri- visit Divergent 3D, a company near Los Angeles that prints autocrats.

These regimes are par- attacks on rival militias in away. But any scenario in which 3-D printers make cars is a stretch. Rossant and Baker themselves By Philip C. Ordway the wind chill is a proxy that ity, rain, sleet or snow—none of warmer. Confused yet? A defies common sense. Does a guy braving should be easy to understand.

Even the well-intentioned neat and simple package. How- pockets, emit streams of data that reveal travel speeds, nonsense: the wind chill.

Engineer- that the emperor has no win- ceptive simplification that only available to help travelers using any mode of transportation wind, but moving air does im- ing correlations of wind speed ter clothes. The technology to do this is available now. The big to stay warm. We radiate heat temperatures, based on how cation leads people to conflate question, Messrs. However, someone temperature. Wind blows that with lower insulation can also rology has made huge progress order is likely to creep into our lives bit by bit.

The skeptics bubble away and we feel reduce it to a number. The moisture in of heat but also a higher skin chill is hurting the cause. Because the U. So this winter, ignore the subtitle is more likely to be an extended series of incremental neither wind nor rain can erated in a model that assumes windchill formula is based on wind chill and encourage peo- improvements, most of which will not merit headlines.

Cars drop your skin below the air everyone who goes outside is heat loss measured on a per- ple to make their own com- with many autonomous features, for example, are already temperature. Ordway is Managing Mr. But physiology, wind gusts, humid- colder for a person who is ment Partners. However, as you point out, there he goes again. Mount Tariff erupted in the political mood. What I do know is that he to listen to his subordinates and Brazilian and Argentine steel election chances with steel imports from Argentina was put on trial and prosecutorial get their input, but ultimately he that dampened hope for elec- and Brazil are a national secu- ineptness tainted the process.

I also must make the command decision tion-year economic calm. In this been presiding over a massive tion to protect U. Unable other line of work. Imports from Brazil have increased by much lesser offense, which the pres- ian officers publicly grumbling about Where to begin? A Gallagher more than he had already ered in Leadership HAND to think he can use tariffs as a two-fer to help In any case, the benefit of steel tariffs for U.

The secretary of the Navy When I was in the U. Army at- ports to China. Benning, deserved to go. Steel prices have plunged The Navy is very good at promot- having a dozen Navy SEALs going amid hyperinflation and fears that the Peronists by nearly half since June amid a global ing order and discipline. Chief Gal- through the training with us.

These who won the recent election will devalue and manufacturing recession, ebbing trade flows and lagher was made part of that pro- guys were so disciplined that every walk away from their debt as they have so often. Steel earlier this year laid off workers at provided a lesson to other sailors pushups, the entire group would join tral bank has tightened capital controls and set plants in Gary, Indiana, and near Detroit due to and SEALs; the rules are the rules in.

They must have done hundreds a price floor under the peso. The threat of confinement, them. But now 1, fewer than when the tariffs were headline news, personal and family Is this really the kind of warrior its central bank has intervened to shore up the first imposed.

Employment in aluminum produc- costs of a trial, etc. President Jair Bolsonaro is trying tion is the lowest since During the first keep people within the boundaries. Give me a break. Chardon, Ohio deregulation, and pension and tax reform. The Institute for Supply Management reported. The Trump Administration exempted tracted again in November.

Praise for Mr. Now children commit quotas. Then the U. Court of International of the world and reducing protectionist fears. Komisar bullying and have less wonderful days ited discretion to double tariffs on Turkish steel time for or any reason even against friends who on the wisdom of Mr. Rogers regard- in the neighborhood unless they take ing child rearing. As a psychiatrist their anxiety pills. How much more of us l,. But the pletely agree with her on the impor- the statute grants the President great discretion strong U.

The Fed raising decent human beings. No amount of monetary easing is ever of chemicals, genes and cells. They are liked to watch. Trump, and no amount of tariffs not merely extensions of their par- voice, calm dignity and amazing eye setting the time in which to act. They need time, emo- contact are things missing from to- er rs.

As Dr. Komisar says, world. Supreme Court trust the pol- visit Mom along the way would qualify as con- This also should influence how Fred Rogers was a remarkable chil- iticians of New York City to protect the tinuous. We invited him into m rp. Second Amendment? Believe it or not, have no representations to us as to what is—is treat individuals who have not had the our home via our small, black-and- that question consumed the direct and continuous, other benefit of this enlightened parenting.

Many times he served as oral argument in the first gun Counsel for New York Rich- medications. One must practice psy- the father I never had. Second Amendment. The answer I can represent because—be- formed by the knowledge exhibited by Camden, N.

Komisar and by Mr. Then Mr. Rogers, Benjamin moved to a nonprofit life-care com- firearms outside the city. The liberals want the Bingo. As anyone who has tried to register Spock and an army of psychologists munity in Southern California, on Court to drop the case without a ruling that a gun in New York knows, the city has one of informed parents this was wrong and the recommendation of my hus- might reaffirm the right to bear arms, and to- the most restrictive ordinances in the U.

My husband died five months ago. Dearing is conceding that if the for familiar animal-based meats and ive group of friends. I have dinner no.

City of New York. New York State police arrest someone transporting a gun at a milks certainly help create gustatory almost nightly with a fun and enter- then passed a law, ostensibly to help the city rest stop in the Bronx on his way to a gun range expectations milk will be white and taining group of people. Making new friends as one Pelosi Will Always Have Paris ders a veggie burger, drinks almond ages is an empowering and enriching.

P milk or eats cashew cheese feels experience. The climate conference. United States is still in. Your Degree Worth? Kudos to Secre- Pepper Now data from the Environmental Protection Agency. Pelosi is saying that. Pelosi would than in Overall U. She could complete her project have to impeach and remove both Mr. The problem that Mrs. Pelosi and Democrats plumber, etc. A NM- record has more than likely never been played, and the vinyl will play perfectly, with no imperfections during playback.

The record should show no obvious signs of wear. A 45 RPM or EP sleeve will have no more than the most minor defects, such as any sign of slight handling. An LP cover will have no creases, folds, seam splits or other noticeable similar defects.

The same will be true of any other inserts, such as posters, lyric sleeves, etc. CD Near perfect. No obvious signs of use, it may have been played - but it has been handled very carefully. No obvious wear, it may have only the slightest of marks from handling.

Defects should be more of a cosmetic nature, not affecting the actual playback as a whole. Record surfaces may show some signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect one's listening experiences. Slight warps that do not affect the sound are "OK". Spindle marks may be present.


Der Berg Ruft (Der Bär-Groovt-Mix), Jimmy Somerville - Safe (Vinyl), Ikudouon - Various - Sunrise Choir - Japan Rap & Beat (CD), Ive Had Enough, It Dont Worry Me - Various - Nashville (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette, Album), Blacky Jones - Rainer Bertram - Blacky Jones (Vinyl), Gods Love - The Grace Thrillers - Ive Got A Love (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stolen Moments - Emborg Larsen Quintet - Heart Of The Matter (Vinyl, LP), Old Joe Clark - Smiley Bates - Fiddlers Dream (Vinyl, LP), Diva - Beyoncé - I Am. Sasha Fierce (All Media, Album), I Hope Youll Be Very Unhappy Without Me - Esther Phillips - Heres Esther. Are You Ready (Vinyl, LP,, Rocky Raccoon - The Beatles - The Beatles (Vinyl, LP, Album), Shh - Frou Frou - Details (CD, Album), Que Vamo A Come - Sonora Caracas - Regressa La Sonora Caracas.1982 (Vinyl, LP, Album) Homeless - Paul Simon - Graceland (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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