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Download Interstellar Safeway - Various - A Tribute To Flexi-Pop Vol.5 (CDr)

Label: Flexi-Pop - Flexi-Pop 05 • Series: A Tribute To Flexi-Pop - Vol. 5 • Format: CDr Unofficial Release, Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: New Wave, Synth-pop

United Kingdom [2] United States [2]. The Endurance spacecraft left is based on the International Space Station right. Main article: Interstellar soundtrack. Even the elements, the fact that dust is everywhere, and they're living in this dust bowl that is just completely enveloping this area of the world.

That's almost something you expect from Tarkovsky or Malick , not a science fiction adventure movie. Main article: List of accolades received by Interstellar. Black holes in fiction Causal loop Interstellar travel List of American films of List of British films of List of films featuring drones List of films featuring space stations List of time travel works of fiction Starship Wormholes in fiction.

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Retrieved September 16, Archived from the original on April 10, News of Iceland. September 21, Archived from the original on December 4, September 9, Archived from the original on September 17, Archived from the original on April 4, Archived from the original on December 21, Someone has uploaded Day One Dark to Soundcloud if you want a listen.

So for now, watch this space, but most of all watch a great film. The various buying options at the time of writing are listed below. There are 24 tracks with two being tagged as track The box has a demo version as stated above! Hey just a heads up. After comparing the full track listing of the illumination star edition on amazon. The new bonus tracks on disc 2 are listed as: 7.

Murph 9. Hysteria Passio - Grey Over Life Plain Characters - O Bene Gesserit - White Men Cold in the Head - Corrida Humaine Land of Giants - Cannibal Dolls French Park - The Turn of the Card None Night of Flexipop.

None Night of Flexipop Vol 1 Dsor Dne - Registrato Kid Montana - Cabs Ambush Innerface - Human Factors Portion Control - Across the Fence Vice Versa - Roit Squad Psychic Youth - The Future now Eyeless in Gaza - Fixation Glamour for evening - Shut up Bene Gesserit - American Orphan Girl Die Verspannten - Komm besuch mich heut Duotronic Syn Terror - Wo is Geld?

Hymn - Hope I dream Phillippe Laurent - Exposition Partie 5 Collin Potter - Is it you, is it me? Vita Noctis - She likes me Men 2nd - The Twin mind Moral - The aerage life Ensemble Pittoresque - Urban Catastrophy World in Motion - Senseless. None Night of Flexipop Vol 2 Shoc Corridor - My Secret in the east Richard Bone - Sordide Affair Minny Pops - Time Gorrilla Aktiv - Ottos Pornos Stahlnetz - Der Seemann Bobby and Synthia - Video Violence Syntax-Error - Remember Remember The Enter - The Contract Moev - In your head Inner Landscape - I need love Basking Sharks - New Industry Seppuku - New Illusion None Night of Flexipop Vol.

It represents a sum of concentrated efforts of individuals in restoring old vinyl and tape. We centralized our efforts in collecting old new-wave bent to the synthier side of the 80's. There is also interest in the new artists whose obvious influences were to the analog and synth side of the 80's I hate trying to categorize these things It has been tried to many times before However the artists that have spent their own money to put out a record or CD and who have labored over a 4 track recorder to get their ideas across to whoever might listen.

Only to produce the best damn music This is the spirit we are trying to save Recover the lost masterpieces in the way that AMC salvages old celluloid film This Compilation represents users and archivists doing the same thing Please enjoy this work in progress and if you know any of the lost artists Please lets get them involved This is actually 2 separate songs Kyleaking being a short introductory piece of incidental music and Making Cars being the ditty This was from the first LP "Gadgettree" and a very hard to find piece of vinyl and even a CD reissue The Gadgets have 4 other albums and of course Matt Johnson and John Hyde went on and did their own things later on This track was recorded in '79 - ' A newish track from the B-side of a 12" release called "My Dance" I was there again told that this track was in fact better than the A side There again reinforcing the old B-side philosophy This track was released on the Creme Organisation label release.

Track is recorded in the same time frame. Dig those vocoders man From Bonn The members of Kitchen and the plastic spoons were two of the most influential producers on the Swedish new wave scene.

Rupert hine was also in a band called Quantum Jump and also did an Lp under the name Thinkman. Rupert Hine has probably made more success as a producer Producing many albums for artists in the 80's Ever since the appearance of the www.

There was also a 12" promo that accompanied the CD release. This track comes from the Limited edition promo Only copies exist and already are sold out. It is certainly one of the most bizarre tracks associated with the League; musically, it could almost be a blueprint for the New Romantic dancefloor antics of Visage who this track pre-dates , but Timothy Pearce's demented vocals are a world away from those of Steve Strange!

It's virtually impossible to imagine Philip singing this one Not Australia I was keen on their sound and looks like now they are relatively popular in the Industrial gothic circuit This track culled from a battery of tracks from an untitled demo cassette around Anemiccinema rip Track 11 - Ericka Irganon - In Your Bush This track is a mystery too me The song is definitely a Ptose track. Now is it a cover or is this the original version. This track was taken from a french cassette only compilation entitled "Sensationnel 2" which had other tracks from Absolute Body Control, Attrition, Etant Donnes, Unovidual, P etc 90 minute cassette of international musics The question is who is Ericka Irganon and is this just another pseudonym for early Ptose?

In an ion engine, electric power is used to create charged particles of the propellant, usually the gas xenon, and accelerate them to extremely high velocities. By contrast, ion engines have low force, but the top speed in principle is limited only by the electrical power available on the spacecraft and on the gas ions being accelerated.

Nuclear-electric or plasma engines, operating for long periods at low thrust and powered by fission reactors, have the potential to reach speeds much greater than chemically powered vehicles or nuclear-thermal rockets.

Such vehicles probably have the potential to power solar system exploration with reasonable trip times within the current century.

Because of their low-thrust propulsion, they would be limited to off-planet, deep-space operation. With fission, the energy output is approximately 0. For maximum velocity, the reaction mass should optimally consist of fission products, the "ash" of the primary energy source, so no extra reaction mass need be bookkept in the mass ratio. Based on work in the late s to the early s, it has been technically possible to build spaceships with nuclear pulse propulsion engines, i.

This propulsion system contains the prospect of very high specific impulse space travel's equivalent of fuel economy and high specific power. Project Orion team member Freeman Dyson proposed in an interstellar spacecraft using nuclear pulse propulsion that used pure deuterium fusion detonations with a very high fuel- burnup fraction.

In each case saving fuel for slowing down halves the maximum speed. The concept of using a magnetic sail to decelerate the spacecraft as it approaches its destination has been discussed as an alternative to using propellant, this would allow the ship to travel near the maximum theoretical velocity.

The principle of external nuclear pulse propulsion to maximize survivable power has remained common among serious concepts for interstellar flight without external power beaming and for very high-performance interplanetary flight. In the s the Nuclear Pulse Propulsion concept further was refined by Project Daedalus by use of externally triggered inertial confinement fusion , in this case producing fusion explosions via compressing fusion fuel pellets with high-powered electron beams.

Since then, lasers , ion beams , neutral particle beams and hyper-kinetic projectiles have been suggested to produce nuclear pulses for propulsion purposes. A current impediment to the development of any nuclear-explosion-powered spacecraft is the Partial Test Ban Treaty , which includes a prohibition on the detonation of any nuclear devices even non-weapon based in outer space.

This treaty would, therefore, need to be renegotiated, although a project on the scale of an interstellar mission using currently foreseeable technology would probably require international cooperation on at least the scale of the International Space Station.

Another issue to be considered, would be the g-forces imparted to a rapidly accelerated spacecraft, cargo, and passengers inside see Inertia negation.

In theory, a large number of stages could push a vehicle arbitrarily close to the speed of light. Because fusion yields about 0. However, the most easily achievable fusion reactions release a large fraction of their energy as high-energy neutrons, which are a significant source of energy loss.

Thus, although these concepts seem to offer the best nearest-term prospects for travel to the nearest stars within a long human lifetime, they still involve massive technological and engineering difficulties, which may turn out to be intractable for decades or centuries.

Although these are still far short of the requirements for interstellar travel on human timescales, the study seems to represent a reasonable benchmark towards what may be approachable within several decades, which is not impossibly beyond the current state-of-the-art. Based on the concept's 2.

An antimatter rocket would have a far higher energy density and specific impulse than any other proposed class of rocket. Speculating that production and storage of antimatter should become feasible, two further issues need to be considered. Second, heat transfer from the exhaust to the vehicle seems likely to transfer enormous wasted energy into the ship e. Even assuming shielding was provided to protect the payload and passengers on a crewed vehicle , some of the energy would inevitably heat the vehicle, and may thereby prove a limiting factor if useful accelerations are to be achieved.

Rockets deriving their power from external sources, such as a laser , could replace their internal energy source with an energy collector, potentially reducing the mass of the ship greatly and allowing much higher travel speeds.

Geoffrey A. Landis has proposed an interstellar probe , with energy supplied by an external laser from a base station powering an Ion thruster. A problem with all traditional rocket propulsion methods is that the spacecraft would need to carry its fuel with it, thus making it very massive, in accordance with the rocket equation. Several concepts attempt to escape from this problem: [34] [54].

A radio frequency RF resonant cavity thruster is a device that is claimed to be a spacecraft thruster. In , the Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory at NASA reported observing a small apparent thrust from one such test, a result not since replicated. In December , Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd described a working prototype with an alleged total thrust of about 0. The device could operate for only a few dozen seconds before the magnetron failed, due to overheating.

David Burns, the helical engine concept would use a particle accelerator to accelerate particles to near the speed of light. Since particles traveling at such speeds acquire more mass, it is believed that this mass change could create acceleration. In , Robert W. Bussard proposed the Bussard ramjet , a fusion rocket in which a huge scoop would collect the diffuse hydrogen in interstellar space, "burn" it on the fly using a proton—proton chain reaction , and expel it out of the back.

Later calculations with more accurate estimates suggest that the thrust generated would be less than the drag caused by any conceivable scoop design. The limitation is due to the fact that the reaction can only accelerate the propellant to 0.

Thus the drag of catching interstellar dust and the thrust of accelerating that same dust to 0. A light sail or magnetic sail powered by a massive laser or particle accelerator in the home star system could potentially reach even greater speeds than rocket- or pulse propulsion methods, because it would not need to carry its own reaction mass and therefore would only need to accelerate the craft's payload. Robert L. Forward proposed a means for decelerating an interstellar light sail of 30 kilometers in the destination star system without requiring a laser array to be present in that system.

In this scheme, a secondary sail of kilometers is deployed to the rear of the spacecraft, whereas the large primary sail is detached from the craft to keep moving forward on its own. Light is reflected from the large primary sail to the secondary sail, which is used to decelerate the secondary sail and the spacecraft payload. Landis of NASA 's Glen Research center also proposed a laser-powered, propulsion, sail ship that would host a diamond sail of a few nanometers thick powered with the use of solar energy.

It has also been proposed to use beamed-powered propulsion to accelerate a spacecraft, and electromagnetic propulsion to decelerate it; thus, eliminating the problem that the Bussard ramjet has with the drag produced during acceleration. A magnetic sail could also decelerate at its destination without depending on carried fuel or a driving beam in the destination system, by interacting with the plasma found in the solar wind of the destination star and the interstellar medium.

The following table lists some example concepts using beamed laser propulsion as proposed by the physicist Robert L. Forward : [64]. The following table is based on work by Heller, Hippke and Kervella. Achieving start-stop interstellar trip times of less than a human lifetime require mass-ratios of between 1, and 1,,, even for the nearer stars.

This could be achieved by multi-staged vehicles on a vast scale. Scientists and authors have postulated a number of ways by which it might be possible to surpass the speed of light, but even the most serious-minded of these are highly speculative. It is also debatable whether faster-than-light travel is physically possible, in part because of causality concerns: travel faster than light may, under certain conditions, permit travel backwards in time within the context of special relativity.

In physics, the Alcubierre drive is based on an argument, within the framework of general relativity and without the introduction of wormholes , that it is possible to modify spacetime in a way that allows a spaceship to travel with an arbitrarily large speed by a local expansion of spacetime behind the spaceship and an opposite contraction in front of it. A theoretical idea for enabling interstellar travel is by propelling a starship by creating an artificial black hole and using a parabolic reflector to reflect its Hawking radiation.

Although beyond current technological capabilities, a black hole starship offers some advantages compared to other possible methods. Getting the black hole to act as a power source and engine also requires a way to convert the Hawking radiation into energy and thrust. One potential method involves placing the hole at the focal point of a parabolic reflector attached to the ship, creating forward thrust.

A slightly easier, but less efficient method would involve simply absorbing all the gamma radiation heading towards the fore of the ship to push it onwards, and let the rest shoot out the back. If you have any request just feel free to ask!! Have a nice time in our blog!!

Hi Saltyaka, thanx for this post - been looking for it, since you first mentioned it some months ago Hi- I love your blog! Thanks a million for the Flexipop tribute comps.


Quiver - Bsd.u - Pook (Cassette, Album), Lesson One - Various - Remembering The Sixties: 1962 (CD), Publiciteitsjaren - Urbanus - Goe Poeier! (CD), Blagged, Την Καρδιάμ Δίγω Για Τεσέν - Γιώργος Δημητριάδης (3) - Τριαντάφυλλα Την Στράτας Θα Γομώνω (Vinyl, LP, Sidewalk Surfin - Jan & Dean - Dead Mans Curve (Cassette), Slok - Slok N Roll Ep (File, MP3), . Y Tú Disimulando - Various - 30 Impactos (Vinyl, LP), Too Young To Be True - Andre Previn*, David Rose & His Orchestra - Secret Songs For Young Lovers (Vi, Puzzlehouse (2) - Puzzlehouse (CD), Doctor Pressure - Various - The Best Club Anthems Classics (CD), Ahmad Jamal - Rossiter Road (CD, Album), Ridgeways Country House Tea No 1, Voice Track - Barry Gray - Stand By For Adverts (Vinyl, LP), Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra - ELOs Greatest Hits (Cassette), Conflicted - Don Trip - Help Is On The Way (File, MP3) Ahualulco - Enrico Cabiati And His Orchestra - Fantastic Mexico (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CDr release of A Tribute To Flexi-Pop Vol.5 on Discogs. Label: Flexi-Pop - Flexi-Pop 05 • Series: A Tribute To Flexi-Pop - Vol. 5 • Format: CDr Unofficial Release, Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock • /5(18).
  2. Auf Discogs können Sie sich ansehen, wer an CDr von A Tribute To Flexi-Pop Vol.5 mitgewirkt hat, Rezensionen und Titellisten lesen und auf dem Marktplatz nach der Veröffentlichung suchen/5(18).
  3. "Three new various artists bootleg recordings that contain Mark Lane tracks are currently making their way around the globe via hardcore minimal electro collectors and traders. They are titled: "A Tribute To Flexi-Pop Vol.7," "Return To Flexi-Pop Vol.3," and "New Wave Complex Vol".
  4. Interstellar. EXPIRES IN DAYS. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn. With humanity's time on Earth nearing an end, an ex-NASA pilot-turned-farmer must leave his family to lead an expedition through a wormhole and across the galaxy to find mankind's new home.
  5. Sep 08,  · VOL 5. Tracklist: 01 Fred - Reactor Lightning 02 X-Ray Pop - L'Eurosienne 03 Ian North - Sex, Lust You 04 Hilary - Goose Step, Two Step 05 The Actor - Picture 06 Gelatinos Citizens - Your Mind's Unsound 07 Sun Yama - Subterranean Homesick Blues 08 Advanced Art - No Answers, No Solution 09 Neon - Dark Age 10 Cinema 90 - In Ultra Violet.
  6. Interstellar is a epic science fiction film directed and produced by Christopher stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow, Michael Caine, and Matt in a dystopian future where humanity is struggling to survive, the film follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole near Saturn in .
  7. Interstellar currently supports the following stable coins: US Dollars (USD, WSD), UK Pound, (GBP), Euro (EUR), Nigeria Naira (NGN), Franc CFA (XAF). More stable coins will be added. Decentralized Exchange (DEX) We have built the most powerful user interface and experience for the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX). It lists all verified.
  8. Interstellar HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. - Wallpaper Abyss.
  9. Here Is the Future of Interstellar Spacecraft Since Project Daedalus in , humans have been designing craft to fly between the stars. / Off World / Antimatter / Breakthrough Starshot / .

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