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Here we come 5. Which way? The Ten-Chi festival, one of also celebrates the triumph of good over evil. We are tossed of the region celebrated tion. The demon father wreaks havoc on up in the back of the tractor like grains of over three days, would Mustang by creating a water shortage which, wheat.

At times we noticed one of the rear in this extremely arid land, is the most pre- wheels hanging out over the edge of the road begin the next day. Dorje Jono but the driver carried on unperturbed. The eventually defeats the demon and banishes ride to Chungkar took us a good five hours. Ten-Chi is a celebration After lunch and a short rest, I carried on to earlier, we were given a room and became and reaffirmation of this myth.

Throughout Syangboche and then to Samar, which was happy residents of the entire property. With the festival the events and story of the myth the stop for the night. The next morning I our bags unpacked and our cycles stored are re-enacted. The festival is timed to co- started early having made up my mind to away, we felt a little empty. This was our sixth day on the road and we soon season.

The whole town through the rocky hills. I walked along the en our plans of visiting the local monasteries, seemed to be abuzz with excitement and riverbed of the Kali Gandaki river. The river going around the city and enjoying Lo Man- activity.

We visited the Jhampa monastery, the eatery, drinking hot soup and listening to cross it, the water reached up to my thighs. A three hour journey got astery in Tibet which still exists in Ghangtse ing tourists to the remotest parts of Nepal. The sheer size of the monastery Tsering and Sonam, two brave women perience had started 13 days ago.

Samir and itself is an attraction. The Ten-Chi festival, one of the food will always stay with us! These simple, Kathmandu. Nepal, showcasing Nepalese hospitality, We will always hold this trip close to our Ten—Chi is a derivative of the Tibetan word bravery and culture to each traveller. Our lives each had a peace. However, most people seemed to call We stayed in Lo Manthang for four nights part of Mustang in it. We had lived life the the festival Tiji, probably because it is easier and soon it was time to say goodbye.

Due to Mustang way and are sure that we would be to pronounce. It is a ritual centred on the my injured knee, I opted for a tractor ride back again. Ten—Chi myth of chasing the demons and along with my cycle from Lo Manthang to.

C r at e r L a k e N at ion a l Pa r k Few places on earth command overwhelming awe from observers, and Crater Lake National Park, in south central Oregon, is certainly one of them. Aerial view of Crater Lake 2. Wizard Island. Few places on earth command of energy that made the and car travel follows a one-way overwhelming awe from observ- Mt. Helens pyrotechnics clockwise pattern around the ers, and Crater Lake National look minor. Before the eruption, lake. In winter, Crater Lake of- Park, in south central Oregon, is the mountain was a 12,foot fers excellent cross-country ski- certainly one of them.

As ing and snowshoeing. Hiking the eruption progressed, ex- and camping along with fishing Overpowering yet sublimely hausting materials from within for trout and salmon in the lake beautiful, Crater Lake National the ground, the land around are some of the favorite pastimes.

It is wondrous to think of in summertime glory. Early sea- of healthy outdoor exploration. Even most This blue gem of the Cascades released, and mudflows caused. With a product of na- U. The lake is magical, National Park, you can drive up States. National Park has cent forested slopes. Even in a re- summer. Stories of the deep al Park is host to a diverse array water: ft forget ourselves blue lake can never prepare visi- of activities.

Mazama erupted in a burst climbs and the wind. All bike. Pine Pollen Swirling on Crater Lake 2. Vidae Falls along the East Rim Drive 3. Creek in the summer time 4.

West Rim Drive in mid-June. However, from October to June, the park turns into a snow cov- ered wilderness, receiving an 1 average of inches of snow annually. A wide variety of trails and unplowed roads provide winter enthusiasts with access to breathtaking views, open slopes, and dense forests, mak- ing Crater Lake ideal for both day trippers and backcountry campers who are prepared to face the challenges of winter.

By early spring it is typical to have 10 to 15 feet of snow on the 3. While snowfall is com- mon in the Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake is one of the snowi- est areas in the entire Northwest. Even in the long, harsh winter months, Crater Lake National Park can still provide the hearty visitor with a phenomenal out- door experience. While Crater Lake is considered the primary scenic wonder at Crater Lake National Park, management of all the natural resources of the park is given equal weight.

As such, Crater Lake understood by future visitors. SUMMER of soil, ecosystems are dynamic National Park manages its eco- The months of July through mid- parts of the whole which func- September are generally mild systems for the sustainability of Crater Lake National Park is with little precipitation. Due to the tion according to their inputs all resources which are found an environment with boundar- elevation of the park 6, ft.

For example, if in the park. Objectives of the ies imposed only by man. Its Park Headquarters and 7, ft. In turn, fish suffer from the loss scientific research, conserving staff at the park is responsible of a significant food source. In natural resources, promoting for overseeing that these con- WINTER From October through June, weather the end, it is not only the fish- understanding of the geologi- nections remain unimpaired conditions dictate preparing for ermen, who will ache for their cal and biological processes for time immemorial, so that extreme winter conditions.

Blizzards, catch of yesteryear, but the bear, found within the park and how generations to come may enjoy high winds, extreme cold, and low eagle, and other fish-catching the public may access these re- this special place. So intricately is the lives of each tion, and preserving the cultural. Manandhar handles Tribhuwan International Airport TIA , the airport operation, provision of air navigation only international airport in Nepal.

Manandhar in his office in TIA after going through a rigorous security checking in the airport lobby. He gave us some of his valuable time to give us a clear picture of his job, working of TIA and the two proposed air routes of Nepal. Here are some of the excerpts from our conversation: How does working amidst high security Civil Avia- where air traffic control service is provided to tion Authority of Nepal feel like?

Laughs TIA, as we all know, is the main hub of business and life in the country and has What has been done for the improvement of air proudly catered to various domestic and in- route and air space in Nepal? We are really concerned Development of air route structure in a way about the well being of our passengers so their to maximize the utilization of the Nepalese safety and security is of top most priority.

This airspace is one of the main concerns under is my second time in the office as GM so I am National Policy. According to the policy for pretty used to the hectic work schedule.

What is it all the ICAO and related nations is underway to about? In- by about 22 NM Nautical Miles. If this route is established, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal it would be a greatest achievement in the his- What has been done to improve the condition? Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and duced to ft which will allow more aircrafts Thailand to utilize the same airspace. Belgium, Ireland, Croatia. Can you explain what it layan 2 Route is only NM via Impha capi- actually means?

Now, since Airspace means the portion of the atmosphere 6 NM can be covered by an ordinary aircraft controlled by a particular country on top of its in one minute, and the proposed route is less territory and territorial waters or, in the context than the present one by NM, we can save 17 of Nepal portion of the atmosphere over its minutes of flight time.

This may seem insignifi- political boundary. Controlled airspace exists cant, but considering that an aircraft uses up to. In concurrence of China, I firmly believe that a new international air- air space, has declined the proposal of the this Trans Himalayan route can be extend- port is necessary for maximum utilization of Himalayan 2 Route. However, there is a pos- ed up to Seoul as a direct and shortest route Nepalese airspace, and to overcome all the sibility for flexible use of air space between from Delhi and Kathmandu.

In terms of limitations and restrictions faced by TIA. Nepal intends to draw the country by targeting to bring millions ed up to Delhi, which will ultimately ben- the attention of operating airlines as well as of tourists, for which a second international efit more than a dozen airlines operating IATA to continue support for the promulga- airport project is a must.

Kathmandu, Delhi and several other desti- Thank you so much for your time. Anything nations in the Middle East. Nepal needs to set up a new full-fledged Can you describe the Trans-Himalayan route?

If With a strong projected gross domestic Kathmandu, which is the only international the new international airport project cannot product growth rate and rising per capita airport, has still got a long way to meet ex- be materialized, commercial operations of income in China and India and unprec- pansion and technological requirements small aircrafts including helicopters should edented air traffic growth in the recent years inclusive of safety standards.

The approach be shifted away from TIA for safety reasons. From Lhasa, this route is which seem to have discouraged a great Kathmandu Flight Information Region so further extended to Beijing and Shanghai as many international flights in Nepal. See- as to keep Nepal within the scope of Inter- B Nepal has proposed this route to be ing the trend in growth of passengers, there national Civil Aviation. Otherwise Nepal extended to Delhi and beyond as follows: could be at least 3 million passengers by the will be isolated from the broad spectrum of i.

Beijing-Chengdu-Lhasa-Kathmandu- year , so the existing capacity of TIA will international air transport activities i. TIA Delhi or not be sufficient to accommodate the grow- will have to operate just as the substation of Beijing-Lanzhou-Lhasa-Kathmandu- ing number of air passengers in Nepal. All Delhi and Bangkok. For this, concerted ef- Delhi these technological factors are suggestive of forts from politicians as well as support from ii. Shanghai-Chengdu-Lhasa- the fact that TIA is currently unable to cater the grass root level are very essential.

Nadia Neupokoeva Photos by: Valeriy Garkaln. Saturated with Buddhist culture, these valleys uphold religious values and help preserve the lost way of life. Tsum valley is inhabited by Tsumbas, an indigenous community. Together with the majestic back drops of the famous Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and Buddha Himal, this serene valley carries a history of ancient Himalayan Tsum Valley is situated in the northern Gorkha district of Nepal, civilization styles, culture, art, tradition, religion, customs and thinking.

The valley is beautiful with small and or even relatives. Kaanis are also called gateway very decorative stone-built settlements, cultivated fields, chortens placed before the entry of any village Places like Tsum and crystal clear streams, massive forests and towering snowy which travelers are supposed to walk through.

Walking along the old Nepal — Tibet cara- Mani walls are long walls made of mani stones villages have a long van path leads you to Mu Gompa, which was established i. Close to Mu Gompa is the pose of these mani walls is to ask gods for the Buddhist religion oldest monastery in the valley — Dephyudonma Gumba, wellbeing of travelers.

The landscape is dotted with mani walls, chortens and to the glaciers and snow peaks, there are a few The ancient remains are kaanis gateway chortens. Chortens are Buddhist reli- circular routes.

The best thing, after observation also clearly visible and gious monuments, also known as stupas, which are dis- of Upper Tsum from Chhokangparo up to Mu can be seen by everyone. Two routes are especially. For the avid trekker ley with life size statues of Avalokitesh- Gompa and another one around Ganesh Himal and even for those who might not be as famil- wara, Guru Padmasambhava, Tara and Circuit. The first one starts from Dephyudonma iar to high altitude treks, the Tsum valley is Buddha Amitabha.

The interiors of this Gumba. This trial takes days and ranges in al- truly a delight. The trial is the same depicting Buddhism. Tara, an avatar of one that locals use to go to Tibet. During this time necessary food supplies for monks. The highest the nuns are invited into the villages for pass here is Ngula Dhojhyag m.

The area Upper Tsum Valley is a separate world where ceremonies. The people here never slaughter animals, not Piren pigeon Phu cave - also known even as a sacrifice to the gods as is custom- as Milarepa cave- located in the village The second trail is the one to Ganesh Himal ary in many parts of the world.

Every single of Burji, is one of the most sacred caves Base Camp m from Dumje. In the past family sends a child to the local monastery to in Tsum Valley.

The great Buddhist Yogi this trail was used only by monks and nuns. A become a monk or a nun. Footprints of the great. Chortens near Mu Gompa 2. Young monks prepare lunch inside Mu Gompa 3. Karma Lama, whom we called Ama mother , entertains guests at her home in Chhokangparo. Buddhist Yogi Chyuchin Milare- clockwise. It takes about 30 days small groups. Explain yourselves the place in order to help protect pa have been preserved here. The to complete the circuit. Tsum cave is probably the largest and rules and you shall be treated like valley might be popular for being the most popular cave in North- Buddhist religion has a keen one of their own.

In many homes, a forgotten, exotic corner of the ern Gorkha. There are two sepa- sense of beauty- a mystic sense people will not accept money for world, but people here should rate gumbas attached to the same of nature that plays an important lodging and will only charge you not be reduced to being put on rocky cave which houses the life part in leading the mind from for the food.

Feel free to pay a show. Nothing beats a properly seasoned cast iron pan — it never burns, adds flavor to the dish, is easy to clean and nothing toxic can flake off into your food. The raw ingredient that smells the best is fresh vanilla bean, just sliced open and seeded. Miriam Fisher Editor. My clogs, I would have to say.

I spend more time in them than anything else I own. They are always black and must be comfortable. I grew up in a rural city; my father is a farmer of sorts.

I always knew I wanted to see things grow, be it an herb in the garden or helping to rebuild a fence. How things would go wrong or seamlessly right, each would always teach me something new. Understanding what the guest wants. The feeling of knowing you can turn someone around to have a wonderful evening on a bad day. Teamwork, a sense of family. My sous-chef, for example, has been with me over four years. To see someone continue to get better is a wonderful feeling.

What would you tell Colonel Sanders if you met him? My first kitchen memory: I was 10 years old, coming home late from playing outside after school. You want to eat, you cook. She missed. The kitchen sound that makes me the happiest is the sound of the cork coming out of the bottle of wine that I am going to sip while I cook. Mercante is a new Italian restaurant in Fangzhuanchang Hutong. Gao Gao, a new Taiwanese hot pot restaurant from the same people who own Cornerstone, has just opened in Sanlitun Soho.

How could a tiny, backstreet restaurant win the Restaurant of the Year award ahead of more rarified establishments? Many restaurant industry professionals, from five-star hotels to hole-in-the-wall eateries, immediately recognize the elements that make Home Plate a success.

One has spent nights sleeping in the restaurant to keep an eye on the meat smoker. The other spends about 99 percent of his working or even waking hours out front, talking to customers. Adam Murray and Seth Grossman are vis-. Home Plate offers a great product, but value is equally important. But a great meal, made with heart, that costs a little over kuai for two? That kind of contest can take place elsewhere,.

This one is about the paying customer. And this year, a huge number of you like Home Plate. Incidentally, a lot of you also like Hatsune and Maison Boulud. Good product. Value for money. Hard work. Congratulations to each of those restaurants and the people who make them great.

Keep eating. Grinders launched their new brunch menu last month, complete with fouregg omelets, breakfast burritos, and a full breakfast featuring three eggs, two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two slices of French toast and home fries. Mimosas for RMB 40 make this doubly worth rolling out of bed for.

Shopping and dining complex Parkview Green is also inching towards confirming an opening date, with venues expected to start opening over the next few months. Ganges should be opening soon in Shimao Department Store. We expect that to be a roaring success. Will it attract queues to rival Nanjing Impressions and Green Tea? Properly managed expectations are essential to happy eating in Beijing. This new fast-food chain, specializing in Vietnamese sandwiches, is a case in point.

As for fillings, the necessary flavors are there, but they lack the pop that makes Vietnamese subs an international hit. Other items such as spring rolls, pho and iced coffee suffer from execution issues that render them just passable. The discounts may lower your expectations just enough to give you a fighting chance at coming out happy. Grill Daily 11ampm. During the day, Switch! A takeaway cookie bag dessert option should easily elicit envy from that annoying cubicle mate who works through lunch.

At heart, though, its style is guided by expert hands that understand how to make soul-satisfying food. Lines two hours long are common at this popular Zhejiang cafe-restaurant, with queues that skew towards younger diners. The appeal lies in a crucial combination of qualities: sweet decor, reasonable prices, decent eats and seats aplenty.

Skip the overhyped barbecued pork RMB 38 and opt for fragrant stone-pot rice, doctored up with plenty of vegetables RMB Susan Sheng Also try: Bellagio. Grill also offers a range of salads, pastas and flatbread pizzas for the less carnivorously minded.

Seasoning was inconsistent at times, but the flavors were bold enough to compensate for. The Sweet Spot Daily 8am-9pm. The best of the bunch is the spit-roast chicken sandwich RMB Most of the sandwich fillings also come in panini format, and there are salad boxes ready for takeaway convenience.

Move along to the pastries, and British customers will find it hard to resist the sausage rolls RMB 30 , which just may be the only one of their kind in the city. There are also freshly baked croissants RMB 10 for the mornings. Beyond that, the selection leans towards the sweeter flavors of pain au chocolat and fruit pastries.

Hotel-run bakeries usually excel in the cake department, and The Sweet Spot will delight anyone who likes cheesecakes, tiramisu and other indulgences. I tried a slice of cheesecake, and it was very impressive.

Daily 10ampm. One of the laws of expat living is that the longer you stay in Beijing, the less need you have for Wangfujing. I try to avoid the place completely, mainly to shut out memories of the time I fell for the infamous teahouse scam. Admit it, so did you.

If you obsessively keep records of the merits and demerits of Beijing noodle houses, put Chef Hung near the top of your to-do list. A cheaper range of noodles is also available RMB , there are tempting sides like beef wrapped in crisp pancakes, and you can wash it all down with frothy milk tea RMB and cocoa RMB Chewy, overly fatty lamb made for a somewhat disappointing rogan josh RMB 48 , though the curry sauce itself was about right.

Unusually, Khajuraho offers seven combination meals RMB , each served with a set rice dish and bread. Though the prescribed pairings limit your options, the sets do offer significant savings for solo diners. Do try the traditional yak steak fried with potatoes RMB ; thick with gravy, it comes in a sizzling stone bowl, featuring chunks of toothsome meat with a layer of melt-in-yourmouth fat.

The traditional staple food of barley tsampa dumplings RMB 38 are squat, sweet and dense, and serve as a nice vessel for the accompanying curry or any leftover gravy. After filling up, sit back with a cup of yak butter tea or, less adventurously, refreshing green barley beer RMB Accept the offered white scarf, or khatag, and enjoy the haunting, tribal sounds and singing.

Lauren McCarthy Standout dishes: Traditional yak beef steak, vegetable malai kofta. First, though, their challenge will be to establish a foothold in a market dominated by heavyweights like Ganges, The Taj Pavillion and Tadka. Khajuraho is smaller and cozier than these other Indian restaurants — more living room than dining room.

The creamy dal makhani RMB 38 was pleasant, though it needed more pulses. This Tibetan restaurant offers an alternative and arguably better option. Their Yonganli branch offers an intimate dinner-and-a-show experience. The richly colored room quickly envelops you with warm, mouth-watering smells while a large prayer wheel, kept spinning by seekers of good fortune, guards the entrance.

The menu focuses on foods from the Tibetan highlands; novices can look to the staff for honest recommendations. Unique ingredients do mean some high prices. Songrong mushroom dishes start at RMB Yak dominates the meat options, with jerky RMB 45 and. If you can tear yourself away from the fishball soups and peanut assortments, you might find yourself climbing to the top of a hill, where a fabled taro rice ball vendor serves the icy, chewy treats overlooking a sea of scattered lights and a faint shoreline.

Here in Beijing, the best way to recreate that experience minus the view of the East China Sea is to go to Xianyu Xian, the Taiwanese dessert chain that serves up the taro rice balls along with other treats like red bean ice and tapioca milk tea. In fact, the lighter balls are taro-based, and the orangey balls are sweet potato-based.

Both taste much like your typical unfilled tangyuan, made with glutinous rice flour and water, with just a touch of extra softness and give. At Xianyu Xian, you have the option of getting them hot,.

Whether you like them hot or cold, you can adorn your taro rice balls with various combinations of red bean, green bean, boiled peanuts, lotus seeds, herbal grass jelly, tapioca pearls, and chunks of real taro or sweet potato. The iced versions are a tad sweeter than the hot ones, but in general — as would be expected — the desserts are not for the sweet of tooth.

So why not pick up an order or two of the glutinous globules, slip in either of those DVDs and fake a quick island getaway? Xianyu Xian. Daily 10am-9pm. To your left, a manic little girl beams at you with scrunched-up eyes. Avoid the xiefen. That grandfatherly visage has kept watch over legions of newly landed expats lacking the language skills and iron stomachs required for more adventurous food explorations.

Lee knows best — the rice dishes lack the steady consistency of the noodle soups. The broth, though, is and its all-day breakutilitarian — not up fast. Yonghe is one of par with rival Mr. Locations sortment of affordable rotate their smaller dishes dependdumplings and wontons. With their exceptional value, these shops will keep your tastebuds from languishing while you await your next paycheck. With its focus on traditional Shaanxi. The venue Home, outside in the courtyard.

It feels and smells like Beijing, and without a view onto the horizon all you can see is the blue sky above. The perfect brunch food, with a healthy covering of chilli oil and lamb fat to get things started properly. The main courses I should really mention Duck de Chine. I like that.

Something from your own restaurant? We also do our own Chinesestyle ma chilli oils. The music Beijing opera — obviously? The desserts Really? Mentioning favorite Beijing desserts is like reaching for favorite Beijing breakfasts.

You have to be really creative with your standards. Skip this and grab a barbecue lamb shank. Since , Austria has instituted some of the toughest wine laws in the world. The current buzz is for Austrian dry reds. Not many importers handle Austrian wines here. The Wine Republic leads the way in selections. Medium green color with a nose of green apple, white pepper and mineral aromas. Medium-bodied with intense fruit, medium acidity and satisfying length.

Deep garnet with an attractive nose of red cherry, plum, berry fruits and various spices. Medium-bodied with integrated medium tannins, lifting moderate acidity with good balance and attractive length. This Riesling example is deep green-gold with candied apple, honey and botrytis aromas. Lusciously sweet on the palate with high acidity, huge complexity and stunning length. There had to be one that clearly trumped all the others. One hour later, it was back to the drawing board ….

RMB 3. RMB RMB 9. Who really wants marshmallow in a biscuit? Every one of these was pretty dreadful, from lifeless sponge to factory-flavored cream. But there has to be a winner, and Orion Pie is the least bad of this bunch. What are the essential elements of brunch? Eggs, pasta, bakery items, protein … basically breakfast dishes at lunch. Lobster Benedict! Or caviar scrambled eggs!

How do you like them? Soft, warm and juicy! How much champagne should The selection of high quality and one consume at brunch? Why have you chosen to do it Best thing to do after a big this way? This is an upscale brunch, and we Some outdoor activities could be a want to serve the best.

But do you think comfortable at least for one. Not too sure about these two. Crain and her husband Michael, the founder of Chi Fan For Charity, have brought me to Apothecary for the Sunday fried chicken special, which for them epitomizes the best of American cuisine in Beijing.

The Northeast has clam chowder and things like that. The food plays a big part in that. For Michael, however, the ambiance at Apothecary complements the feelings he associates with the home comforts on the menu.

You could plop this down in the States. OK, so the design is maybe a bit more New York, but the overall comfort of everything is nice. What about American-style pizza? Who needs so many different kinds of ketchup? The bar has over 30 bottled beers, with the likes of La Chouffe on tap. They have horse milk liquor and a live band complete with traditional folk instruments and a throat singer.

See our review, p Blue Stream is a new live music venue just southwest of the Drum Tower. Look out for those popping up at Home Plate and the like over the coming months. Taps, which he says will be opening in early April. The new venue will feature German food, and customers will be able to pour their own beer from taps installed on tables.

Not that the crowds ever went away, but with a few exceptions I felt the area was running out of ideas. However, the last few months have been encouraging. Mai is not only offering some of the best-value cocktails in Beijing at the moment, but manager Jeff Ji is always looking for ways to improve the experience for customers. Jam is another cocktail bar worth a visit, and. Modernista is building a following with its quirky events and absinthe selection. And Mao Mao Chong is back with a fresh look and more seating to go with their standardsetting cocktails.

Keep an eye on TheBeijinger. Lantern has renovated to add a new island bar, ripping out the mezzanine level near the entrance and allowing the club to open seven nights a week. Modo has launched a new happy hour featuring eight wines from their Enomatic machines. From pm every Monday through Thursday, all sizes of pour will be half-price. The cheapest of the tasting pours will be RMB 10 during happy hour, but jump straight to a full glass for some great savings.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than in the countryside. Shunyi, home of The Green Cap, has a new cygnet on the block. The Swan With Two Necks is housed in a building that, were this a different country, would be more suited to a youth club than a pub. However, it embodies the spirit of what a pub should be. Dogs welcome. The very thin-crust pizzas RMB do the job, but there are better choices in Sanlitun. A small glass of draft Tsingtao is just RMB 5, but you can double that and upgrade to a small Carlsberg.

They save their best deal for the time when you need it most: Friday pm and Saturday nights 10pm-midnight. Unfortunately, the house stout is Guinness Surger, but I can almost forgive them that. The band here is certainly pretty great. And besides the gregarious throat-singer, the staff is a friendly bunch. Iain Shaw Also try: Jiangjinjiu. The question is whether Brussels is that bar. Iain Shaw. I started my music career as a guitar player in a punk band called Hi-Density.

I definitely think of Haan and my dog. North Korea or Burma, since these seem to be the most isolated countries in the world. Not on your nelly. Well, drinking is more fun. As is eating. Now imagine you could live in a world where some manner of genius could add drink to food. Here are nine of the best dishes that Beijing chefs have cooked up that are heavy on the liquor. Where to get drunk on food: 1. Drunken Shrimp, Fuchunjiang Restaurant 2.

I follow my heart I go with my flow I like shooting movement and anger I do not have professional equipment and I do not work as a wedding photographer so I go with my heart. I like urban stuff too but I will never say its my art. I do it a lot and I like it a lot but it will never be art for me I like shooting animals too because I love animals but again I will never say here is my art next to a pic of an animal.

What is the meaning of color for you? The meaning of color thats a weird question. Color doesnt have real meaning to me. Again I go with my flow, whenever feel like doing colored or monochromatic art.

I decide based on the moment I create the image. What artists or writers you admire? Artists I admire Federico Bebber is great. Beewee Gonzoid, I love his stuff I like lots of paintings more than just photography. Ricardo Olvera is excellent.

Hann R , Monch underground artists not so famous. I read a lot, I have many writers in mind, so the list will be too long for this interview. A true artist exhibiting vivid imagination and great skill. As she revealed, from a young age she indulged in reading illustrated books full of gravures, comics and Japanese manga, now she is proudly presenting her own, sharing with us three illustrations inspired from Faust, flavored with her unique artistic and esoteric idiom, and a comic called Passengers of a Dream, combining it with a story of magic realism.

Where am I? How I came here? I remember everything differently My vision is blurred I am falling, I am lost I go deeper and deeper I seek for a hand to hold me A light to lead me out I am dreaming this moment Life here is bad, strange, and cruel My little world is magical Full of hope and colors And dolls dancing at night when I sleep. Is it you, I mean me? Is this voyage worthy? Stay here for a little while Tell me Sweetheart you are so beautiful. We are one, you and me I am the past, you are the future A chain, two interdependent rings Stops of the same voyage In fact, Kate is an American high school girl, having attended a photography class; congratulations to her tutor, as she s already a great artist, using light, color and concept in the right proportions to create magic!

Our contact with her filled us with optimism for the future. The spirit is alive! Water, is taught by thirst. Landby the Oceans passed. Emily Dickinson. Im not just a photographer or a painter, she asserted, but a visually aware human being searching out ways to communicate the intensities of life. Yet the galvanizing protest danced by Martha Graham, Humphrey-Weidman, Tamiris and others was heartening.

Often nearly starving, they never gave up, but forged life affirming dance statements of American society in stress and strain. In this role, their dance reminded me of Indian ceremonial dances which invigorate the tribe in drought and difficulty. She also created drawings, prints, watercolors and paintings that were exhibited widely in California in the s, and in New York and Philadelphia in the s. Barbara had been offered a scholarship by Dr. Albert Barnes while at UCLA in the s and had the chance to see his art collection in Merion, Pennsylvania and photograph the entire collection.

While photographing a Sudan fertility icon and an Ivory Coast totemic mask, Barbara discovered that simply by control of lighting she could make these ritual sculptures seem either menacing or benign. This experience of dramatization of controllable meanings by light manipulation became the prelude to her psychological lighting of dance for camera compositions.

Morgans life and art were both infused with this profound sense of energy and purposefulness. Im just no newspaper reporter. Im at the mercy of the big newspapers. It wont do. Ive been prostituting myself, but now Ive had enough. Deep inside me I still am- and always will bean artist. He travelled in all European countries from to photographing and exploring; more particularly his photographs on post-war Europe established him as one of the foremost photojournalists of his time.

His desire to travel and discover the beauty of nature and humanity was initiated by what he had experienced photographing pain, poverty and despair , covering the post-war reality. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Pre-Raphaelite art became distinctive for its blend of archaic, romantic, and moralistic qualities. The brotherhood was formed in London in September of , as a group of 19th-century English painters, poets and critics who reacted against Victorian materialism and the neoclassical conventions of academic art, by producing quasi-religious works or works inspired by the pagan tradition.

The painters who followed the three members of the Brotherhood, being considered as equally important, are James Collinson, Thomas Woolner, W. Rossetti, an art critic and brother of Gabriell, as well as F. Stephens, also an art critic. Millais eventually left the group, but other English artists joined, including the painter and designer Edward Coley Burne- Jones, Ford Madox Brown and the poet and artist William Morris.

Lady Godiva, John Collier, 2. Hylas and the Nymphs J. Waterhouse, 3. John Everett Millais right 4. Dante Gabriel Rossetti left 5. William Holman Hunt left. The eminent English art critic John Ruskin was an ardent supporter of the movement, the influence of whom was of critical importance to the movement. I n f l u e n c e s The Pre Raphaelites hated academic influences and trivial genre scenes.

It has to be admitted that before the revolutionary movement of the Brotherhood British art was very much dominated by the Royal Academy, its first president being Joshua Reynolds. Most affluent people considered themselves admirers of the Art just because they had their portraits painted by famous painters who flattered them considerably. The Pre Raphaelites despised the fact and this was the main reason why they formed the brotherhood.

In , for the Times, John Ruskin states, They intend to return to early days in this one point only-that, so far as in them lies, they will draw either what they see, or what they suppose might have been the actual facts of the scene they desire to represent, irrespective of any conventional rules of picture-making and they have chosen their unfortunate tho not in accurate name because all artists did this before Raphaels time, and after Raphaels time did not this but thought to paint fair pictures rather than represent stern facts.

On the other hand some contemporary personalities, Charles Dickens for instance, criticized the work of the Brotherhood. More particularly he called their work , referring to Millais Christ in the House of His Parents , as odious,. Fortunately John Ruskin defended them strongly. Soon the new painters had their admirers, particularly among the increasingly affluent middle classes of the Midlands and North of England.

The brotherhood had a specific code in creation, they wanted to have genuine ideas to express and for this reason they studied nature attentively. Rossettis idiosyncratic style was full of mysterious undertones; he used colour not to describe nature realistically but to suggest mood and feeling. Hunt on the other hand used colours on a fresh study of the natural world. They sympathized with what was direct and serious in previous art and not with what was conventional, self-parading and learned.

Their main aim was to produce thoroughly perfect pictures and statues. The desire for fidelity was expressed by means of detailed observation of flora and the use of clear, bright, sharp-focus technique, reproducing their works brightly and clearly working them into a wet, white ground.

The ancient technique of fresco painting, which was slow, difficult and unconventional, gave brilliant luminosity to their colours. They also needed to find exact models for the settings and people in their pictures, thats why every painter had a specific model appearing in all his paintings, choosing models from the prettiest girls of the time. Their moral seriousness is seen in their choice of religious or other uplifting themes, as a consequence they turned to the Bible for inspiration.

Rossetti, more particularly had a passionate taste for Romantic and Medieval Literature and Hunt was influenced by what he had read in Ruskins praise of the Venetians in Modern Painters. In all its phases, Pre-Raphaelite art owed something to John Ruskin. In literature, their works may be considered a phase of the romantic movement. In looking back to the Middle Ages, the school paralleled both the Oxford movement in the Anglican church and a Gothic revival led by the English architect Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin.

In the members published a periodical called The Germ, in which some of Rossettis earliest literary work appeared. The most interesting facts were the ones that followed. The end of the fairy tale Soon after Ruskins support, in the popular imagination, the term Pre-Raphaelites started to conjure up pictures of medieval romance as a result, ironically though, a movement that began a rebellion against artificiality and sentimentality was itself identified with a kind of escapism.

Around society, interest grew in classical literature and the history of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as in the legendary medieval past of Britain itself.

Additionally, classical themes provided opportunities for artists to combine sex and art in a tasteful manner acceptable to Victorian sensibility. By , the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood had virtually disbanded with only Hunt remaining true to the Brotherhood doctrine.

The second wave of pseudomedieval Pre-Raphaelitism began in the s and survived into the 20th century. William Waterhouse is still the most prominent representative of the followers. Like the Brotherhood they reacted against their academic training and had turned to the early Italians for an alternative to the dark paint and conventional gestures and expressions of the art school. Tarot Cards origins from the Medieval Mystery trigued by the picturesque, early Tarot cards.

What do they really represent, who designed them and who put all these icons together? Observing the Tarot depictions one sees various medieval figures, such as the Pope, the Emperor, the Devil as well as religious virtues like the Temperance and other religious matters, the Judgment Day, for instance, and so on. Now lets see what the Medieval Theater was comprised of. All plays are miracle ones, or plays related to the lives of saints, their real or fictitious life, miracles and martyrdom.

The genre evolved from liturgical offices, developed during the s and s for calendar festivals. By the s the plays were in colloquial language, with non In England over the decades, groups of 25 to 50 ecclesiastical elements, as they took part no plays were organized into cycles; the timespan longer in church, but rather at public festivals. Both had active cults during Judgment. Virgin Mary is usually deus ex the history of the world from Creation to Judgmachina, for instance saving a priest who has ment Day in 32 short plays.

In France: The Acts sold his soul to the devil, a woman falsely ac- of the Apostles by Arnoul and Simon Grban; cused of murdering her own child, a pregnant speaking parts; lines of rhymed abbess etc. Typical example: St. John the Hairy. At the end of s, He seduces and murders a princess. Upon church support dropped; This kind of plays capture, he is proclaimed a saint by an infant. He confesses his crime, whereupon God and Mary appear and aid John in reviving the prin- They took place in the s and s cess, then the murderer is made a bishop.

Everyman is the most example: Jean Bodels Le Jeu de Saint Nicolas circa : The deliverance of a crusader and the conversion of a Saracen king. Bible, accordingly, is divided into many short plays, each played on its own stage. The religious nature of the plays thus changed; alterations, entertaining and enhancements were made, creating a new satire mocking physicians, soldiers, judges, monks and priests.

They are biblical dramas of dramatized scripture, developed from plays presented in Latin by churchmen at church, depicting for instance the Creation, Adam and Eve, the murder of Abel, or the Last Judgment Actually they are not a large, communal religious experience, as is the case with Greek drama, but instead many of them are merely dramatizations.

In the s, craft guilds began producing the plays in colloquial language outside the realms of the church. Usually they dramatize the conflict Priests themselves between Vice and Virtue represented by actors for a human soul, a struggle called "psychomachia" In Greek it means "war over [or The line of banishin] the soul".

The central figure is Man. They ing of the Medieval were performed by small quasi-professionDramas in England al companies in banquet halls, etc. These the ignorance, conplays are usually short, serious themes w cerning the origins ith some farce and related to medieval man's anxiety for the preparation of of the Tarot figures after In Protestant ones death, this "dying well, ars morien- countries every Medieval-Catholic-Pagan nudi in Latin it means "the art of dying".

So did the theater. In counter-reformed Catholic countries we have the TS Eliot said: "Everyman is on the one hand the same attitude, a conservative and anti-popuhuman soul in extremity, and on the other any lar behaviour of the church, as the shock of man in any dangerous position from which we the religious wars in Europe was enormous. Nevertheless, the real medieval imagery was In England they per- forgotten.

Some, however, as early as the 14th formed on a wheeled century were already painting the Mystery Play platform, a pageant heroes on cards. We have the first tarot of Marwagon. A hut on top seilles, also the Visconti-Sforza tarot and latcontained sceery er the 50 card Mantegna tarot copied also by backdrop, acting space, a kind of dressing the great Albrecht Durer. The purposes may room. Pageant wagons moved through town have been educational but we do not know and stopped for performances at designat- who and in what purpose chose the specific seed places.

In France and Italy foot-wide quence of the most significant Marseilles tarot. Special effects were mechanical devices, trapdoors, flying angels, fire-breathing beasts, miraculous transformation all mainly for violently graphic martyrdom. Other, non-religious plays of the day were farces, some of them funny fairy, or folk tales.

The performers of the Mystery plays. The imagery of the Tarot is definitely based in the Middle Ages. But we must not believe that this is totally cut from the earliest European substratum. The ancient gods were pictured in saintly-like images and beautiful woodcuts, so that the icon of the Pope may enclose the image of Zeus. In the last decades we saw an enormous interest in the meanings of each card, Theosophical explanations, other explanations and so on.

Everything is helpful as long as we know how to put. Maybe, to be able to deduct and know more on the meanings of the cards, we have to return to the roots. This will be again the best practice. Further to these, Returning to the roots is one of the chief concepts of serious orders concerning the European Esoteric Traditions. A Defense of Poetry by Percy Bysshe Shelley part 1 ACCORDING TO one mode of regarding those two classes of mental action, which are called reason and imagination, the former may be considered as mind contemplating the relations borne by one thought to another, however produced, and the latter, as mind acting upon those thoughts so as to color them with its own light, and composing from them, as from elements, other thoughts, each containing within itself the principle of its own integrity.

The one is the [Greek], or the principle of synthesis, and has for its objects those forms which are common to universal nature and existence itself; the other is the [Greek], or principle of analysis, and its action regards the relations of things simply as relations; considering thoughts, not in their integral unity, but as the algebraical representations which conduct to certain general results.

Reason is the enumeration of qualities. Reason respects the differences, and imagination the similitudes of things. Reason is to imagination as the instrument to the agent, as the body to the spirit, as the shadow to the substance. Man is an instrument over which a series of external and internal impressions are driven, like the alternations of an ever-changing wind over an olian lyre, which move it by their motion to ever-changing melody.

But there is a principle within the human being, and perhaps within all sentient beings, which acts otherwise than in the lyre, and produces not melody alone, but harmony, by an internal adjustment of the sounds or motions thus excited to the impressions which excite them.

It is as if the lyre could accommodate its chords to the motions of that which strikes them, in a determined proportion of sound;. It is as if the lyre could accommodate its chords to the motions of that which strikes them, in a determined proportion of sound; even as the musician can accommodate his voice to the sound of the lyre. A child at play by itself will express its delight by its voice and motions; and every inflexion of tone and every gesture will bear exact relation to a corresponding antitype in the pleasurable impressions which awakened it; it will be the reflected image of that impression; and as the lyre trembles and sounds after the wind has died away, so the child seeks, by prolonging in its voice and motions the duration of the effect, to prolong also a consciousness of the cause.

In relation to the objects which delight a child these expressions are what poetry is to higher objects. The savage for the savage is to ages what the child is to years expresses the emotions produced in him by surrounding objects in a similar manner; and language and gesture, together with plastic or pictorial imitation, become the image of the combined effect of those objects, and of his apprehension of them.

Man in society, with all his passions and his pleasures, next becomes the object of the passions and pleasures of man; an additional class of emotions produces an augmented treasure of expressions; andlanguage, gesture, and the imitative arts, become at once the representation and the medium, the pencil and the picture, the chisel and the statute, the chord and the harmony.

The social sympathies, or those laws from which, as from its elements, society results, begin to develop themselves from the moment that two human beings coexist; the future is contained within the present, as the plant within the seed; and equality, diversity, unity, contrast, mutual dependence, become the principles alone capable of affording the motives according to which the will of a social being is determined to action, inasmuch as he is social; and constitute pleasure in sensation, virtue in sentiment, beauty in art, truth in reasoning, and love in the intercourse of kind.

Hence men, even in the infancy of society, observe a certain order in their words and actions, distinct from that of the objects and the impressions represented by them, all expression being subject to the laws of that from which it proceeds. But let us dismiss those more general considerations which might involve an inquiry into the principles of society itself, and restrict our view to the manner in which the imagination is expressed upon its forms. In the youth of the world, men dance and sing and imitate natural objects, observing in these actions, as in all others, a certain rhythm or order.

We have this kind of condi- tion linked to our emotions. Particularly in our daily life, we need to be mindful about food, drink, everything. Many people think that food and drink are for enjoying and sometimes that is true. For example when you have a party maybe you drink a couple of glasses of wine in order to enjoy yourself.

There is no prob- lem if you have the capacity to control yourself, but if you lack this capacity, then you should try to observe yourself to understand which kind of capacity you have. If you have no capacity and if it is necessary, you limit yourself.

You see, in the Sutra teaching we have many vows for control- ling our existence. For example, if you dont want to drink alcohol but cannot control yourself, you need this kind of vow. In this case, you can take a vow with your teacher or at some important place such as Bodhgaya in India, the place where Buddha Sakyamuni was enlightened. It is a very important place and if you want to do something [special], perhaps you can take a vow - From today on, I am not going to drink.

You can take this vow for- ever or perhaps only for a year. You maintain this vow easily because you have faith in the Buddha, you consider that Buddha is an enlightened being and that this place is an important place. So tomorrow when you feel like a drink, you remember that you cant drink because you took a vow; it means that you choose between Buddha or drink- ing a glass of wine.

If you are interested in Buddhadharma, then of course Buddha is much more important than a glass of wine, so you dont drink. And next day, next week, next month you have less and less desire to drink.

Maybe after a year you can con- trol yourself and if you can do that, it is not negative - you can drink, but in a limited way. Otherwise you will always have that problem.

You remember the biography of Milarepa, a very important Mahasiddha, a realized being, who always sang about his expe- riences of knowledge. Milarepa spent many years in the moun- tains only eating a few vegeta- bles. He didnt have anything else and he certainly didnt have any wine. One day, a Tibetan went to visit Milarepa on the mountain and offered him a kapala of wine and Milarepa was very happy.

He didnt say, Oh, Im a Mahasiddha, Im a practitioner living in the mountains and I cant drink alcohol, because he was not a slave of that type of conditioning. He already had that realization, that capacity. So he accepted this kapala of wine and did a Ganapuja, and after the ganapuja he drank the wine. A kapala is not so small and con- tains two or three small glasses although Tibetan wine is lighter than Western wine, so if you drink two or three glasses you feel nice but you do not get drunk.

Milarepa hadnt drunk for a long time so it was a lot of wine for him. But he didnt get really drunk. He had a very nice spiritu- al feeling and started to sing about the quality of drinking wine, instead of negating it. In the Sutra teaching, for example, people who have vows like monks and nuns, cannot drink even a drop of wine because they would break their vow. For that reason, Milarepa sung to show that it had benefit, it wasnt just negative. In his songs - in the real sense of the songs - he said that this kapala of wine increased his capacity to practice more than six months of practice.

And that is a lot. It doesnt mean that we all have that benefit when we drink because we are not Milarepa.

But we can understand that there is that kind of possibility. So it is very important that we know that food and drink are not only to enjoy but important for maintaining our Vajra body.

The Vajra body is indispensable for practitioners. If there is no healthy Vajra body then we can- not do practice; we have to go to the hospital or we continually need the doctor. Even if we try to do our practice, we dont have enough energy and some kinds of illness also diminish our clarity so we have more of a sleepy state instead of increasing our clarity. So it is very important that we are healthy.

This is one of the first things in the relative condition. Some practitioners dont want to think much about their health but it is important that we help our condition in daily life. We must be aware and mindful of this situ- ation. Transcribed and edited by Liz Granger all these aims will be pursued with even more consistent effort. As already stated, clarity will be the essential element which will help us to go ahead in this process of change with the fewest problems.

Since questions will inevitably arise anyway, we are organizing to col- lect them and give answers as best as we can. We are thinking about a space on the new Community web site, which is being prepared in these months, as well as other means we will communicate further on.

Collaborating with the Project. On this occasion we wish to remind everybody that it is possible to actively participate in this project. People who have experience work- ing with a company, at various levels, are very much needed. Whoever wishes to participate can send an email to the Merigar office. The sec- retary will forward a form to be filled out and sent back to her, describ- ing ones Curriculum Vitae and the conditions for collaborating.

We hope that the essential points are clearer now and we send our greet- ings. The purpose was to supervise the activities of the various schools ASIA supports, to train the local counterparts, to observe the local situation and to improve the pro- gram itself. During the two months we spent in Amdo Qinghai Province we were completely plunged into the everyday life of the Tibetans. The breadth of land- scapes, the majesty of the moun- tains and the perfect harmony of the environment filled our days with a sense of bewilderment and lightness.

During our mission we visit- ed various schools - those of Dangche, Thanggan and Grazingland - where ASIAstarted its long-distance sponsorship pro- gram years ago. Placed in three different counties of Hainan Prefecture, they represent differ- ent aspects of Tibetan life. Dangche village is mainly inhabited by farmers living from the products of their land espe- cially barley and wheat in an area where three ethnic groups - Chinese, Tibetans and Muslims - live together, not without difficul- ties.

Village life is based on par- ticipation. The houses are attached one to another and the people have a concept of privacy and private property that highly differs from ours. We moved from house to house to interview the families of supported children in order to col- lect information and verify their social and economic situation.

Many times I was followed by a growing number of neighbors who wanted to play an active role in the interview: It even happened that a neighbor would answer in the place of the childs father, who was busy cultivating his piece of land. The school children always gave us a warm wel- come.

With dances and tradi- tional chants, sometimes hin- dered by English skits, the children expressed their grati- tude to ASIA. They are indeed thankful to be able to study and learn the Tibetan culture and tradition - which is not all that common place, as many of them do not even know how to speak the Tibetan lan- guage - together with a for- eign language that will let them be in touch with the out- side world.

Dangche school has become one of the areas best known and highly regarded schools, mainly for the lessons given by English speaking for- eign teachers.

Tonde county is a very poor area inhabited by Nomadic shep- herds. Located at 3, meters high, Thanggan school lays in the mountain rangeland, where the sheep, goats and yaks lead by shepherds often children and women are the only living trace for miles and miles. The children, often unclean and barefoot, dressed in clothes that are ragged and too light, always wear a smile on their rosy faces. They belong to the families of nomadic herds- men and can only meet their rela- tives once every six months, for they live too far and are too poor to afford the trip.

Here the land is wild and magnificent, almost untouched, and there is no electricity or water the local women walk for miles before reaching the wells. When traveling at night, the fire light spreading from the Nomads tents to the dark mountains is breath- taking. Even the school has no water; ten to twelve children sleep together in rooms that are not heated, sometimes covered with carpets and mats and some- times completely barren.

Like in other elementary and middle schools of Grazingland, the children wake up at AM, eat breakfast at AM and fol- low the lessons at AM; apart from two hours lunch break and one hour for dinner, they are always busy until 9 at night.

What struck us the most, is the serious commitment with which the children study: They use all their spare time for reviewing, repeating and analyz- ing the subjects in depth. The mixture of a carefree attitude and maturity, joy and seriousness, makes these children special and also embodies this faraway world where life still follows its natural and simple rhythm. Faced with the question, What would you like to do when you grow up? I replied, Why a teacher? Harmony and happi- ness emanates from the teachers who devotedly perform their work at the school.

The area surrounding Grazinglands school looks bar- ren; the advancing desert is pro- gressively taking over the range- land, rendering the landscape moonlike and unreal.

At the end of the mission we moved to Malho prefecture, where we visited Shalas school. The people here are even further from civilization and have kept an unbeliev- able innocence.

The gen- erosity and solidarity of the villages people, especially that of the schools founders, really puzzled us.

A doctor and monk have devoted their lives to the ambitious purpose of giving the children access to basic education. In a few years, the enrollment requests jumped from thirty to one hundred and eighty.

As the school lacks sleeping accommo- dation, most of the chil- dren walk for more than two hours to follow the lessons and regularly fall asleep in the class since they are so tired.

For those living too far from the vil- lage, most local families arranged a way to host five or six children each, being repaid by the chil- drens families with gifts such as sheep, butter and other products. The album ranges from a kind of archive of Tibetan folk music to a Westernized elaboration of these indigenous melodies with keyboard and guitar accompaniment. The title song, an ancient folk song of Tibet, contains a simple yet elegant theme.

It is a highly evocative phrasebeware! If you are prone to little musical obsessions, dont listen to this tune in the morning or youll be playing this phrase in your head all day. This enchanting theme carries the first three songs on the album.

Each is a different approach to the core phrase, and they range from a simple vocal to complex instrumentals. Im left with the impression that with this sim- ple tune, one could wander from central Asia to China and be welcomed.

Recording these kinds of traditional songs always entails some tension between captur- ing the raw and unpolished character of the work and a desire to filter the work through our cultural prejudice.

For example, Tsewang tells me he was very aware of this tension when the loose tempo of the traditional approach meets the metronomic tempo of trained western musicians. He seems to have struck a good balancesometimes the tempo seems to be stretching to hold everything together, but in the end all seems as it should be.

Included in the album are the songs of Merigar and Namgyalgar. They are beautiful. The Merigar song is uplifting in both melody and rhythm; it evokes the pleasure of sharing time and working together with close friends. The Namgyalgar song seems mellow but without undue sentiment. Anyone with strong connections to either of these places will surely find a welcome remembrance in these tunes.

On the whole, the album captures a rare convergence in time unique, and open. It will be a pleasure to return to for many listen- ings. Those tracks which feature Norbu Rinpoche singing or chanting are truly spe- cialso intimate, one can feel his presence, and the comfort of his familiar voice. Tsewang includes a web-site www. M: Will people from the outside be able to use the objects from the museum for exhibitions? ChNN: Yes. The objects move; even to the USA. They will be available to be rented.

M: This all sounds very exciting. ChNN: Not exciting that is a rela- tive condition. When there is earth, water, air and we put some seeds, something grows. If there is noth- ing and you put a seed in the ground, it is difficult that some- thing grows and even growing a small seed needs a lot of effort.

With this kind of experience we know how things should work. M: Rinpoche, can you talk about where the idea for the circular design for the structure came from?

ChNN: It came from the mind. We were looking at which kind of objects would be displayed and the most suitable structure for that, so the shape of the building should be relative to the objects we want to exhibit. There are some permanent objects as well as rotating ones. We decided we wanted a shape like conch shell.

Many years ago I had a dream. I was standing where the Gonpa of Merigar is now and then I was a lit- tle below Merigar where there is water, near a tree, and I heard some sung melodies coming from where the Stupa is now, from that direc- tion, and then I went there slowly, slowly and I saw there was a very big building shaped like a conch shell.

There was no one controlling the entrance so I went in trying to find the source of the sounds which came out sounds like Om Ah Hum. The tune was what we now use for the practice of the Purifica- tion of Six Lokas.

That was the first time I heard this melody; it is not a traditional melody. So I learned the melody. Then I went inside the conch-like structure and no one was there. It was a kind of natural sound and I was walking and walk- ing and singing and could see out- side from inside because it was all glass. When I woke up I thought, This is fantastic, I should remem- ber , so I immediately recorded these sounds.

Two weeks later I arrived for the first time in Sydney, Australia and gave a teaching and then went to Mullimbimby where I did the first retreat in Australia and taught the Purification of Six Lokas with Vajrasattva with the visualiza- tion of Om Ah Hum and I taught this melody from my dream. Later I came back and taught it in Merigar. M: Did you teach the same practice before with a different melody?

ChNN: No this was the first time I taught this practice. When we started to think about the museum Boni said to me, Maybe there are so many objects we need to be able to walk up and down and be able to see every- thing. I said, You mean some- thing like inside a conch shell? I told him my dream and he was very interested and said he would prepare a plan.

M: What material will the museum be made of? ChNN: There will be a lot of glass and windows. The other we are not sure yet. M: Rinpoche, thank you very much for your time.

To foster the school and turn it into a suitable place for all the regions children, it is necessary to build new classes, sleeping accommodations, toilets and a kitchen.

A square meter costs an average of Euro and ASIA must collect around fifty thou- sand Euro in order to complete the works. This amount would let us build a building of square meters for the students and teachers dormitories and a sec- ond building of square meters for the classes and offices.

The work will have to start by Spring, , and end before Winter approaches. Without education, the ancient Tibetan culture of the Nomads of this region, and all Tibet, is destined to face a slow but unstoppable destruction.

Only peoples donations can pre- vent this. The long-dis- tance sponsorships give to people with no other means a real opportunity to improve their living conditions and preserve their culture at the same time. You can make a contribution of only You can download the form from our web site or inquire at our office.

Ranjung Yeshe Publications, As Tsoknyi Rinpoche explains, there is no substitute for direct trans- mission from a living teacher. However, after a student receives transmission, reading texts such as this one can help to further clar- ify the view. Tsoknyi Rinpoche is one of the younger sons of the late Tulku Urgyen, a respected Dzogchen Master who was connected with the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. Rinpoche is one of younger gen- eration of tulkus, widely traveled, and familiar with the cultural peculiarities of the West.

This familiarity with the idioms of the Western mind, combined with the excellent translation by Erik Pema Kunsang and his wife Marcia, makes the teachings very accessible to American and European students of Dzogchen. The book covers a wide range of subjects, from the foundation of the path, up through the various levels of the teachings, down to practical advice on integrating with daily life. One of the most important sections is where Tsoknyi Rinpoche explains the different type of meditation that are precursors to Dzogchen.

He characterizes them as shamatha with support, and shamatha with- out support. In both of these there is a focus. In shamatha with sup- port the focus is a specific object.

In shamatha without support something is still held in mind: there is a focus on the present moment. Unsupported shamatha is to be in the nowness p. However, this is not to be con- fused with Dzogchen. He writes, From the Dzogchen point of view, shamatha itself is already a state of being distracted p.

To clarify this point he gives the example of a doorman in a hotel. Practicing shamatha, first with and then without support, is like training a doorman to be excellent. Whoever comes and goes, he is fully alert. All the details are noticed, but he neither follows the guest nor closes the door on anyone p. In com- parison, in Dzogchen one can dis- pense with the doorman because the automatic laser sensor is there which opens and closes the door automatically p.

In his teaching terminology he uses vipashayana as a synonym for Dzogchen. Shamatha is an act of meditation, so it can be lost, while vipashayanain the sense of Mahamudra or Dzogchenis not an act of meditating on some- thing, so there is no risk of it get- ting lost p.

It should be noted that he is using the term vipashyana alternatively spelled as vipassana in a particular way here, not to be confused with the way the term is used by some other teachers or traditions. Rinpoche is using it to mean being in the state of rigpa. Explaining rigpa, Rinpoche states, Rigpa is not an explosive that blows away all your con- cepts. It is much more gentle than that.

You could say it is the atmosphere that allows clinging to dissolve p. This book attempts to explain the Dzogchen teachings from many different angles, using both traditional and novel metaphors to illustrate the difficult points. It is a rewarding text to read and ponder. During Dr. Nidas visit, two courses of Mantra Healing will be organised, one at the Kamalashila Institute. He will also give introductory talks on Tibetan medicine.

Only students chosen by the teacher and the directors of the Institutewill be admitted to the course. The training program will be presented during the course. Japanese actress and model. Retired Idol Singer. Born in Saku, Nagano, March 01, Miho Nakayama. She writes and produces most of her own music, and plays the piano and other instruments. She also later collaborated with other world-renowned musicians, such as Van Dyke Parks.

She lives in Los Angeles, California. Biography Iijima was born in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki. Her original demo tape was picked up by JVC Victor in and she was signed to the record company as a singer-songwriter.

Soon afterward, she was asked to audition for the role of Lynn Minmay in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross by the label and the producers chose her to play the role. The series quickly became a mega hit and brought Iijima to stardom. It debuted at number 10 on the charts in September , and she started her career as a singer-songwriter. After releasing her first independent and first English language album, No Limit, she was nominated for the Los Angeles Music Awards' Best Pop Artist for the album and she was in the final four for the award.

In , she reprised her role as Lynn Minmay in ADV Films' English-language release of Macross,[3] which made her the second Japanese voice actor to reprise her role in an English anime dub. The title was taken from the nymph character Echo that appears in Echo and Narcissus. Mari Iijima. Sites: baustelle. Veronica, n.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Beyond The Soul" on Discogs.
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Am'Ganesha'n - Beyond The Soul at Discogs. Complete your Am'Ganesha'n collection.
  3. Jan 03,  · Beyond the Soul, an Album by Am'ganesha'n. Released in on Holy (catalog no. HOLY72CD; CD). Genres: Neoclassical Darkwave, Tribal Ambient.
  4. Mar 11,  · Explore releases from Am'Ganesha'n at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Am'Ganesha'n at the Discogs Marketplace.
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  6. Livraison gratuite dès 25 € d'achats et des milliers de CD. Tout sur Beyond the soul - Am Ganesha N, CD Album et tous les albums Musique CD, Vinyle.
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  8. Check out Am'ganesha'n on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.

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