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Now the Plaintiff can hurl simple truths far and wide at the defendants done the Internet highway. He will not stop telling the world the truth because the defendant, William Matthews feels embarrassed and justifiably hated and despised by many others.

The Plaintiff is proud of his work legally published in another country so that the crooks in his home Province of Newfoundland can no longer keep their dirty secrets to themselves. Plaintiff was denied legal aid in this matter by the government lawyer, John Duggan for no stated reason that the Plaintiff can find within the Legal Aid Act. However the Plaintiff is well aware that he will never receive any assistance from law enforcement or the judicial system because of the cover up the sexual abuse of his family when he was a child by T.

The Plaintiff further states that when his friend Amos heard that the Province was unwilling to offer legal to him or even look at the supporting evidence from Amos they knew for certain all government employees in Newfoundland were acting against the Plaintiff under orders from the Premier Danny Williams. The Plaintiff further states that Amos also went one step further to make certain their suspicion of the malice of Danny Williams was true.

The Plaintiff had served it upon his office on September 9th and the receipt is signed by one of his assistants. The aforesaid material also included a copy of a police surveillance tape numbered recorded in the USA of the mob. It letter certainly warranted a valid answer for someone in law enforcement. People employed in the Public Service of law enforcement only act ethically and do their job if it politically correct to do so in order to keep their job.

It truly is just that simple and everybody knows it. The plaintiff and his friend merely went to great lengths to prove it after the Justice Systems of two countries had practiced many crimes against each of them.

The true facts of this matter are stated as best the Plaintiff could in his answer to William Matthews now a defendant in this Counterclaim. For the sake of brevity for the court, the benefit of the Plaintiff and the Public Trust, the Plaintiff, Byron prays the court to review his answer filed at the same time as this counterclaim in a timely fashion as per the rules of this court.

The Plaintiff is now prepared to reveal all that he knows to be true about wrongful actions within the offshore oil exploration industry and to be a supporting witness to the allegations of much Public Corruption within Canada and the United States of America USA recently exposed by Amos.

The Plaintiff truly believes that is the reason he was served the malicious claim against him by William Matthews at this time and compelled to answer it on by January 21st, is because of the actions of actions of Amos in the USA and his court ordered appearance in Dorchester District Court in Boston Massachusetts on the very same day.

All of the above named defendants are involved in a cross border conspiracy to cover-up many crimes. The Plaintiff further states that he and his friend are well aware that their knowledge and evidence of many crimes are a very serious and legitimate threat to the false integrity of many persons employed to protect the Public Interests of the people around the world.

They have no doubt whatsoever that their lives are in great danger. History has proven many decent men acting as they have died for much less. However history has also proven that if good men do nothing evil will prevail. The Plaintiff and his friend have no choice but to proceed in their efforts to expose Public Corruption because it is not in their nature to quit. They also recognize the fact that as fathers they owe to their children what their forefathers fought so hard in so many wars to secure for them, Freedom within a Just Democracy.

The Plaintiff further states that the sincere actions of he and his friend to make what they know of many crimes become common knowledge has the entire corrupt Justice Systems of Canada and the USA greatly concerned. If the two friends do prevail in revealing the truth to all it will be to the detriment of many malevolent Global Corporations, Bankers, Politicians, lawyers and the most importantly the Catholic Church.

There has been much ado in recent times about the affiliations within such societies as Skull and Bones and the involvement Presidents and Senators who attempt to appear to be on the opposite side of the political fence. Politicians come and every four years or so. However it is the puppet master that pulls the strings who always remains behind the scene that is the one who is truly obscene. The Plaintiff therefore claims: a.

J-2; d. J-4 as amended. The Defendant by Counterclaim, Patterson and Palmer had acted hastily and maliciously in an "ex parte" fashion in order to protect its own interests in this matter and later was compelled to amend the first Interlocutory Application it had composed in order to correct errors and cover up the justifiable existence of the other Defendant by Counterclaim.

The past managing partner of the Seventh Defendant by counterclaim, Stephen J. Our Application also now seeks to refer this proceeding to case management in order to address the service and scheduling of any future Applications that may be brought in advance of a Trial.

The enclosed Affidavit has not been filed with the Court but I will seek leave to do so on Wednesday. As weather prevented these documents from being served yesterday, we will not oppose a request for a postponement to allow you further time to prepare your position.

Signed by S, J. Amos a willing Joiner in this matter pursuant to Rule 7 Statement of purpose in filing:To maintain an Order restricting publication, to strike portions of the Statement of Defence, strike the Counterclaim in its entirety and refer this proceeding to case management. May, of the City of St. THAT Mr. Matthews originally retained Mr. Edward Roberts, Q. In that publication, the allegation was made that Mr.

Matthews had had sex with a girl who had been prostituted by her mother. That girl was alleged to have been Mr.

THAT upon being retained, Mr. Edward Roberts wrote a letter to Mr. That letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "1" to my Affidavit. THAT subsequent to Mr. Prior, Mr. Roberts received a 1 May e-mail from Mr. That e-mail is attached as Exhibit "2".

Roberts receipt of the e-mail, Mr. Prior swore an Affidavit acknowledging that what had been said in that publication was false. That Affidavit is attached as Exhibit "3" to my Affidavit. Following Mr. Matthews advised that he was satisfied not to pursue the matter any further and our firm closed our file. Matthews following his gaining knowledge that a web site, made a series of allegations against him relating to my having sex with a girl of approximately 12 years old through to an approximate age of 15 years old.

It also accused him of being a father of one of her children and accused him of having raped that girl. Upon checking the web site I saw that Byron Prior, the Defendant, had been identified as the author of the material on the site. Matthews instructed me to write Mr. Prior, to remind him of the fact that the allegations had been admitted to being false through a 16 May Affidavit to advise him of Mr. A copy of my letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "4" to this Affidavit.

Amos has continued to send me e-mail since his 5 November e-mail. Including his 6 November e-mail, I have received a total of 15 e-mails as of 23 January All do not address Mr. I attach as Exhibit "7" a portion of a 12 January e-mail that Mr.

Amos sent to me but originally came to my attention through Ms. Lois Skanes whose firm had received a copy. This e-mail followed the service of the Statement of Claim on 11 January on Mr. I also attach as Exhibit "8" a copy of a 19 January e-mail from Mr. I requested a copy of this letter from Government House after asking Mr.

Roberts if he had received any correspondence from Mr. Amos during his previous representation of Mr. He advised me that he received a letter since becoming Lieutenant Governor, portions of which involved his representation of Mr. Amos received on Sunday, 23 January My commission expires on December 31, Any unauthorized distribution, copying or disclosure is prohibited.

Neither communication over the Internet nor disclosure to anyone other than the intended recipient constitutes waiver of privilege.

If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify us and delete it from your computer system and records. Internet communications are subject to data corruption and other errors. Unless we expressly agree, our messages will not be encrypted or otherwise protected.

By submitting any individual's personal information to us, you agree to our collection, use and disclosure of such personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

Our policy, along with other information about Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales, can be found at www. To: kelly. P parl. K parl. Well at least you can say hey to Byron Prior for me. He is the Newfy standing in front of the old house on the hill in Upper Canada whom you and your friends have been ignoring all year. I know what I sent you in emails and I have a record of my calls to your office which were witnessed as well. Why not do the right thing Ken for the benefit of all Canadains that you claim to love?

I know I have been forced to put you over a barrell so to speak. Hell you ignored my concerns for two god damned years. Please prove to me the lawyer within you understands the meaning of the words honourable and integrity. There is still time for you to pull off a win in the liberal leadership race your god knows your party needs a leader with ethics. All you have to do Ken, is mention my name on the record in Parlaiment before you receive hard copy of what the crooks Andy Scott, Dion, Bob Rae and Ignatieff got.

Just ask the aptly named Newfy lawyer Rob Moore who the hell David Raymond Amos is and let the cards fall where they may. I will handle the argument against all the lawyers under Vic Teows' direction. You deal with the politicians. What say you Mr. To: aleblanc. What say you oh ye snotty dudes at Mount A? The crooks cannot employ the Justice Department lawyers to defend their actions against me after the 3rd. Methinks I must have crossed paths with every lawyer in the Maritimes including your University's by now.

I doubt that many lawyers will want to enter the circus with the clowns Chucky Leblanc and Tom Young and argue the court jester in me on the public record in front of a jury of my peers EH?

M parl. C parl. History often repeats itself. N'est Pas? However what do I know? I am just another dumb defeatist Maritimer as Stevey Boy Harper loved to say about us. Furthermore the liberals can never deny that the only provincial liberal mandate in the Maritimes is getting a little nervous about my ethical actions and they have yet to even sit in the house.

In my humble opinion little lord Bernie Baby was wise to duck out the back door before the shit hit the fan. I think Mulroney advised him to do so so that he can save the remants of theNeo conservative party once Harper and MacKay go down in flames this year.

What say you all ye not so honourable souls? Do ya dare to call me a liar and put it in writing? Keir2 gnb. Murphy gnb. Richard gnb. Foran gnb. Chiasson gnb. Blinn rcmp-grc. I will eat your hat Chucky Leblanc Tell me Chucky if you dare to take a guess on the record. Who do you think is the Speaker of the Old Maison?

I just called Danny Boy your buddy the ex cop who guards the Old Maison you used to be allowed to haunt and he said he would love to talk to me but he was too busy to even disclose what I believe must be true and that is the Speaker is still the ghost of ol Tanker.

Love and Kisses Dave P. How's that for nice Frenchy? And my arse is skinny too EH Mikey Baby? Methinks the sneaky lawyer in you was just making a faint hearted effort to cover your skinny butt after deliberately ignoring my concerns about crime for three long years.

I do remember our converstiononthe phone in the fall of Don't you? To give a little devil his due you were far nicer than Chucky's kinsman Abey Baby Leblanc was justbeforehe was compelled to kiss Tanker's fat nasty arse. What about the Hard Copy of my material I addressed to you and the McGinley character that I delivered in hand to your office at Queen St despite the fact Bussieres wanted to have me arrested for his own malicious reasons?

Why didn't you give that stuff to the RCMP immediately? Remember it was just before polling day on January 23rd? I stuck my hand out to all the local liberals then.

Did I not? Never forget I take pictures just like Chucky Leblanc does. Only I don't spread them around tis all. I strongly doubt Eldon Hunter and his lawyer pal McGinley will ever forget our little spit and chew at the cornboil on Grand Lake while we were both running in the last election. I took pictures that day too in case the next Speaker of the House has a poor memory.

His buddy Hunter has a copy of my letter to you in his hand that sad day in August of after my kids kissed their Proud Papa goodbye for another long lonely winter. Collins and all your other pal's in Moncton know I plan to run against him. The only question now is when will the writ be dropped and whetheror not Collins will debate mein public.

If Shawn Graham had two clues between his ears he would be talking to the Lt. Gov right now. It is well past chinese dentist time and theCBC News has said nothing about any byelection yet. Hmmm maybe Shawn Graham is truly that dumb.

EH Trenchcoat? David Amos Dear Mr. Sincerely, Honourable Michael B. DUBE rcmp-grc. Amos, Thank you for your follow up e-mail to me today. I was on days off over the holidays and returned to work this evening. Rest assured I was not ignoring or procrastinating to respond to your concerns. As your attachment sent today refers from Premier Graham, our position is clear on your dead calf issue: Our forensic labs do not process testing on animals in cases such as yours, they are referred to the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown who can provide these services.

If you do not choose to utilize their expertise in this instance, then that is your decision and nothing more can be done. These issues do not fall into the purvue of Detachment policing in Petitcodiac, NB. It was indeed an interesting and informative conversation we had on December 23rd, and I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.

Sincerely, Warren McBeath, Cpl. Thank you for your message to the Privy Council Office. We will reply to you as soon as possible. POGO blog - blogging on corruption, blogging for solutions. Do you believe your not being invited back is a sort of punishment? Clearly, I made myself unpopular in certain quarters of the department. Really, the issue is that the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee never scheduled a vote on my confirmation, so I never got on to the Floor of the Senate.

At the end of , the President gave me a recess appointment, which is a very extraordinary thing. I would be IG now if at any time during or , Senator Collins had scheduled a confirmation for me. There are so many. We were able to confirm that ABC News was able to smuggle depleted — not weapons-grade — uranium into the United States. Even though Customs and border protection had inspected those containers, the Department missed it on two occasions.

What is your main concern for Homeland Security right now? My main concern is that there has been a mindset at the senior level that has ignored problems or excused them. Are we more our less vulnerable to a terrorist attack now?

Are you concerned for other public servants who may be discouraged from speaking forthrightly about inefficiencies and problems? And so we need to remove the temptation for Secretaries to use it. Such provisions are inconsistent with the notion of an independent Inspector General.

Any advice for your fellow public servants? Well, just do your job and let the political chips fall where they may. Amos wrote: RE: Please remove my email address from your e-mails - they are filling up my inbox. We should all be so lucky. I have inserted a little proof to prove what I say is true. Read it and weep Beancounter and look for your handiwork elsewhere, Methinks I will send you only one more email but trust that it is a dilly.

Opps I spoke to slow I am too late it is already gone. I am running for Parliament again because of what I know about securities fraud etc. Paul Martin and his cohorts are trying hard to shut me up. If you wish to see what I just sent to the CBC etc. It has a tiff files attached. Yahoo swears there will be no virus in it. I am the Darkhorse running against Andy Scott.

If you read the text of the emial you should notice how and when i addressed Income trusts with CARP. I will blog this answer in Pogo if he blocks it. You have no idea as to why Braaton is nervous do ya Deputy Dog.

I will be damned if I will tell you in this blog but look for the same email Braaton does not want to get. And I think they kind of like froze him off in the style of like Han Solo.

Magnum P. Ninjago: The Upply Strike Back! The Duchess: Episode 1. DuckTales: The Phantom and the Sorceress! How Didn't This Get Made?

Hank asks her "If you do die, can I cut open your belly and tauntaun you? Earth to Ned: Alien vs. Three Things Must Die! TV Episode Title reference.

Rebirth of the Force Short Title is referenced. Movie is discussed. Motormouth: Episode 4. AFI's Years Bring Back Nostalgia Critic: We're Back! The People vs. Nostalgia Critic: Old vs. Symmetric story weaving. Han Solo's fate is 2. I am your father is 1. Vader is 3. Rebel Alliance is 1. Darth Vader is 3. IG is 4. Luke's Added Scream is 7. Tamuera Morrison as Boba Fett is 4. Showing the Full Wampa gets a dishonorable mention.

De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode 8. Luke's Lips is 7. Tipsy AT-AT is 3. Millennium Asteroid is 2. Han Bound and Unbound is 1. La noche de Trope Talks! Plinkett compares the proton pack to the lightsaber. Stuntman Wirework is 3. Shooting at Darth Vader is 7. There's Something About Movies: Episode 1.

Escaping the Wampa Cave is 9. Fighting Darth Vader Illusion on Dagobah is 8. Dueling Vader in Cloud City is 4. Clips are played. WatchMojo: Top 10 Father vs. Darth Vader is 1. Darth Vader is 2. He wears a Samurai inspired helmet and talks in a deep, menacing voice. He even says "I am your father" in his speech to his gang. And Splinter is like Yoda.

An elderly and wise mentor. Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! Also spoofs the asteroid chase scene. MADtv: Episode 5. Choksondik is similar to Luke being trained by Yoda. Hibbert plays Darth Vader and says: "I am your father". The Chubbchubbs! I am your father" scene is spoofed. Santa vs. Darth Vader fight from this movie. Also, the planet on which Adoy lives is named Bogad, which is almost, but not quite Dagobah backwards.

Venture's father, in Rusty's dream, says "there is another" - and Rusty asks him why he's speaking like Yoda. Join me and we can Muchachada nui: Episode 1. Occidental College Retrieved on 9 June The University of Chicago Law School. Archived from the original on Who's Who in America, ISBN Obama , , pp. Retrieved on 6 June Archived from the original on 9 February Lizza, Ryan Corr, John Problems and promise in the inner city".

Illinois Issues 14 8—9 : 40— After Alinsky: community organizing in Illinois. Tayler, Letta; Herbert, Keith Retrieved on 15 June Kantor, Jodi Kodama, Marie C Mundy, Liza Heilemann, John New York 40 37 : 32—7, —3. Mendell , pp. Ybarra, Michael J Matchan, Linda Drummond, Tammerlin Evans, Gaynelle Obama", Black Issues in Higher Education, p. Retrieved on 15 November Pugh, Allison J. Associated Press Retrieved on 26 October Illinois Blue Book, , Millennium ed..

OCLC Reynolds, Gretchen January Chicago 42 1 : 53— Anderson, Veronica September 27—October 3 Crain's Chicago Business 16 39 : University of Chicago Law School. Miller, Joe Holan, Angie Drobnic Pallasch, Abdon M Public Allies.

Retrieved on 14 January Illinois Blue Book — Springfield: Illinois Secretary of State. State Sen. Retrieved on 20 April Helman, Scott See also: Pearson, Rick; Ray Long Archived from the original on 16 February Retrieved on 1 June Long, Ray; Allison, Melissa Illinois State Senate Democrats House Results - Illinois".

Federal Election Commission. See also: Wolffe, Richard; Daren Briscoe Retrieved on 20 September Haynes, V. Dion Pearson, Rick See also: Jackson, John S August Showtime: Some are on the rise; others have long been fixtures in the firmament.

A galaxy of bright Democratic lights", Newsweek, pp. Samuel, Terence How a most unlikely politician became a darling of the Democrats", U. Lizza, Ryan. Davey, Monica Leibovich, Mark Milligan, Susan Seelye, Katharine Q. Broder, David S. Bing, Jonathan; McClintock, Pamela Slevin, Peter Senate Historical Office. Congressional Black Caucus.

See also: Zeleny, Jeff Retrieved on 25 June See also: Curry, Tom The Washington Post. The Washington Post Company. Time Inc.. The New York Times. The New York Times Company. White House Senate, th Congress, 1st Session Retrieved on 27 April Richard Lugar U.

Senate Office Tom Coburn U. Forbes Magazine. Law on Congo". International Rescue Committee Weixel, Nathaniel Kasak Senate Office August Kit Bond U. See also: Dine, Philip Louis Post-Dispatch. Barack Obama U. Archived from the original on 10 October Moracha, Vincent; Mangoa Mosota Archived from the original on 7 October TV Retrieved on 14 April See also: Falcone, Michael A teen idol is a celebrity with a large teenage fan-base.

Teen idols are generally young but not necessarily teenaged. Often teen idols are actors or singers, but some sports figures also have an appeal to teenagers. The idol's popularity may be limited to teens, or may extend to all age groups. Many teen idols are targeted for adults for nostalgia purposes. There were teen idols before there were teen magazines, but idols have always been a permanent feature in magazines such as Seventeen, 16 magazine, Tiger Beat and Right On!

Today's teen idols have spawned an entire industry of gossip magazines, television shows, YouTube, and whole television channels such as E!. Many American teen idols achieve "cross-over" success internationally; however, this list is not limited to American artists alone with some people such as German popstar Bill Kaulitz of the pop-rock band Tokio Hotel.

Even in the classical music field, a British-Chinese violinist Vanessa-Mae became the first "teen idol" in that category. The first known person to have been treated as a teen idol was Franz Liszt, the Hungarian pianist who, in the 's, drew such a following among young women that the term "Lisztomania" soon came to describe the phenomenon.

The kind of idolizing following Liszt drew in Europe would not be followed for several decades. Geraldine Farrar, American opera singer, had a large following of young women nicknamed "Gerry-flappers" in the early 20th century.

He was also possibly the first popular singer to have a star vehicle created for him: The Vagabond Lover. Frank Sinatra, whose early career is often linked to his appeal to bobby soxers, is also regarded as having been amongst the first teen idols. Even crooners like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra were still considered idols and rather handsome. Anka initially modelled himself on a particular generic type, the teen idol [who] carried on the process Post-war teens were able to buy relatively inexpensive phonographs — including portable models that could be carried to friends' houses — and the new rpm singles.

Rock music played on 45's became the soundtrack to the 's as people bought what they heard on the radio. The great majority of the music being marketed to 's teens was being written by adults, but 's teens were increasingly appreciating and emulating artists closer to their own age, to teen fashion, and to lyrics which addressed their own concerns. Their parents worried about their attraction to artists and DJs who were edgy and rebellious.

Faces on magazines fed fans; fans buy records, see films, watch TV and buy fashions. Marketing of the teen idol generally focuses on the image The teen idol is structured to appeal to the pre-teen and young teen female pop audience member and children in general The teen idol never appears to be autonomous and therefore never appears to be threatening as an adult; he remains, as long as he is popular, perpetually childlike and dependent.

Some marketers turned to film and TV for fresh, attractive, 'safe' faces. Tommy Sands's debut in a television film about the phenomenon, The Idol, made a teen idol out of Sands himself. Ricky Nelson, a performer of rockabilly music, also became a teen idol through his parents' television series, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Some young TV stars were being hustled into studios to make recordings; for example, ex-Mousketeer Annette Funicello became one of the first big female idols as well as the Lennon Sisters whom had cut out dolls and were always on the covers of the gossip magazines; another, Johnny Crawford of The Rifleman, had five Top hits. In , Luke Halpin made a big splash as a teen idol in the television program Flipper. Likewise, Tommy Steele, the Beatles with Beatlemania, the Rolling Stones, and the Beach Boys were teen idols, especially during the earlier part of their careers, although they quickly grew out of that status.

The Rolling Stones did it through a more rebellious image, the Beatles did it through their more developed or "grown up" music. Similarly, Neil Sedaka had two distinct eras of his career, with about a decade in between: one as a teen idol in the 's, and a later career in adult contemporary music. From the family band the Cowsills, Susan Cowsill, John Cowsill and Barry Cowsill became teen idols and were on teen magazine covers for many years.

Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis, fronted the Playboys during this era. All of the Monkees became instant teen idols in the late 's after their TV show became an overnight success, especially for Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones.

The British born member of the Monkees Davy Jones was regularly featured in all time teen idol lists. In , Yahoo Music named Jones the number one teen idol of all time, and in he was ranked second in a list compiled by Fox News. Davy Jones still to this day tends to win many number one's and the top of the list in best teen idol contests. Both Sherman and Cassidy were actors on television and chart topping musicians in the pop-rock category at the time; with David Cassidy in particular enjoying immense international fame and success.

Sherman was on hit TV shows Shindig! Musical series such as Cassidy's The Partridge Family, the animated series The Archie Show, and to a lesser extent The Brady Bunch integrated television and teen-pop music to significant success during this time frame. Musicians the Hudson Brothers were on many teen magazine covers for a number of years as teen idols. They had two shows on TV during the 's and recorded many albums.

One of the features of many teen idols is that their fans and, in some cases, the musicians themselves tend to develop a distaste for the music once they became adults, and it is not much listened to by adults, except for nostalgia: the legacy of bubblegum pop. Even modern classic hits and oldies outlets, which cover this time period, rarely play cuts from the teen idols of the era.

A notable exception is Michael Jackson of the Jackson Five, who began his career as a teen idol along with his brothers, but whose individual career eventually evolved far beyond the limitations of that description and into super-stardom. The Jackson Five were the first African-American music group to become national teen idols, appearing alongside white idols in magazines such as 16 and Tiger Beat. In the mid's there was a group of young actors called the Brat Pack; the whole group collectively and separately became teen idols.

They starred in many coming-of-age films. The film that would help invent and popularize the genre was Francis Ford Coppola's coming-of-age drama film The Outsiders , which starred C. The movie would receive critical acclaim, and would also become a box office success, and later a cult classic. They were dubbed "the two Coreys". Actor River Phoenix during his teen years became a teen idol during the later part of the s. Phoenix's work encompassed 24 films and television appearances, and his rise to fame led to his status as a "teen idol".

On October 31, , Phoenix collapsed and died of drug-induced cardiac arrest on the sidewalk outside the West Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room at the age of His career matured over the next two decades with more hit songs. He gained further fame as a television series actor.

In the 's, Puerto Rican boy band Menudo, caused a sensation in Latin America, nicknamed Menudomania that became compared to the Beatles' Beatlemania. Also painted with the Beatlemania brush was British pop group Duran Duran. Dubbed "the Fab Five", this group is recognized as pioneers in the then relatively new area of music video, that started with the Monkees in the 's.

Their exotic videos, such as Hungry Like the Wolf, being fixtures on cable channel MTV coupled with their exposure in teen magazines instilled them as teen idols in America and around the world though the majority of the 80's. Another British pop band Culture Club were dubbed teen idols, with Boy George's androgynous outfits that were copied by his teen fans and young adults alike.

At the end of the 's, actor Kirk Cameron became a major teen idol teenage heartthrob. Cameron was best known for his role as Mike Seaver on the television situation comedy Growing Pains from to In popular music, the late 's was the boom of teenagers dominating the music charts. Debbie Gibson became the youngest person to write, perform and produce a number-one single, "Foolish Beat", and also had many hits from her first two albums.

Tiffany, another teen icon, became a pop sensation at 15 years old thanks to an aggressive marketing strategy. She promoted her debut album in shopping malls of the US. She is also the youngest person to have a debut album hit number one and have multiple number one singles from that album "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Could've Been". Having become a household name, she had then-unknown band New Kids on the Block as an opening act for her shows. However, the sudden popularity of the New Kids caused their roles to be reversed.

The other boy band from Boston, New Edition was very popular with the teen set by the end of the 's as well. Madonna, was another example of teen idol and became a fashion icon between teenagers.

Even, professor Joseph Straubhaar in the book Communications Media in the Information Society called a teen idol by year. The manufacturing of teen idols has been marketed more aggressively and with greater sophistication since the 's. The rise of MTV in the 's and the success of the boy bands of the 's and 's has continued to fuel the phenomenon.

Besides a combination of good, clean-cut looks and a ubiquitous marketing campaign, such bands typically include a variety of personality types e. Hanson was initially marketed as such a band, but eventually outgrew this label to become a successful indie band. Female pop super star Mariah Carey, was very popular with teens in the 90's decade. After Brandy's television show Moesha went on the air, it brought her many teen fans and she was always on the cover or in the teen magazines for many years.

Brothers Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys and pop star Aaron Carter were both teen idols in their heyday, as was, to a much lesser extent, sister Leslie. Robbie Williams of boy band Take That had teen idol status as did Ricky Martin during the Latin music explosion of the late 's. Many of the major teen idols in the 's were from boy bands and musical acts. One major exception was the situation comedy Home Improvement 's Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who appeared from to , but never embraced his stardom.

Another major teen idol was Freddie Prinze, Jr. The film Titanic made Leonardo DiCaprio a teen idol; during "Leo-Mania" his face appeared on many teen magazines. These actors were often found on the covers and pages of teen magazines during the 's as teen idols as well.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was a major teen idol in the late 90's, as a result of her lead role in the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fraternal twin sisters and TV actresses Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen were major tween idols, and as they grew up they later became teen idols during the 's.

After the movie Clueless, Alicia Silverstone found herself a teen idol. The Walt Disney Company and its numerous outlets e. In the early 's, the company developed the careers of actresses and singers Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, initially targeting youth and female teen audiences.

In , Canadian singer Avril Lavigne dominated the music scene and eventually became a worldwide teen idol. Listed at number 4 on Yahoo! Ariana Grande was a popular teen actress before gaining mainstream popularity as a singer and teen idol.

I wonder if the password is for his father to recognize him by. She might have told him about his son and the password.. Is there more that meets the eye? Rania You have a valid point.

Good observation, you might have a point there. So, for his acting thumbs up!!!! Since I am not Korean, it does not matter to me what their opinion is, but I would like to understand why Otis an issue. Thank you. JKS should have born in another country rather than korea…. Nice drama so far. I liked the first two episodes and the plot looks interesting. Conspiracy , passwords ,lost fathers and sons and two people after revenge. The comedy is nice too. Liked how the male lead can act cute and funny in some scenes then , totally cool and serious in another scene then flip in to a totally flirtatious gold-digger man with no shame and then still manage to break your heart in the next scene when you discover he was doing all that for his mother that died before she gets to even see the house or ride the car.

I do not care about the rating, i am enjoying to watch this drama. Jang Keun Suk is suitable to act as Mate, i do not think are there anyone could act Mate as good as him.

For those of you who wanted JGS to get a short hair cut, he did get a hair cut in the drama. I think around episode 3 or 4 you will see the new hair style of JGS. In this drama, he exudes sex appeal for sure!!!

He will make a cute couple with IU in this drama. You really have an acting skills… I can see it in your eyes… Hope to see more cute upcoming episodes.. Do the ratings reflect the reality? This is strange because the first and second episodes are really interesting.

You never know what will happen. Jang Geun Suk is admirable, all roles suit him. IU was very talented in her previous drama, here she continues in this way. The main characters are very pretty. It remains a good script that hooks viewers until the end, and voila! PM fighting!!! I really hope this drama will win. My first time in my whole life to admire such a great actor.. I fell inlove with his character in your beautiful and mary stayed out all night to love rain.. I like his attitude..

God will do the rest.. Im sure of it…frm canada with love! I really love this drama and hope that this drama would win. This drama has really get my attention but the Heir has already disappointed me. No hay un amor potente ni divertido como las tradicionalistas series koreanas. No hay quimica entre los protagonistas y no provoca verlo. Estoy siendo lo mas objetiva posible! I only started watching k drama last july tru my friend.. So far I love this drama.

It is funny, fresh and interesting enough. Watched 1st 2 episodes. I have faith in JKS. Always comes with good dramas. I just finished watching EP 3 without sub. More characters are revealed as well in this ep. Muy buenas las actuaciones , especialmente de Sukie, interpretar a ese personaje , hacerse odiar, no tener sentimientos, yo lo encuentro super, muy bien logrado. Great story with some good laughs, some really sad scenes, honest and true to life moral issues, perfect acting, etc.

IU not only has horrible clothes, but a stupid haircut which makes her look ordinary and on top of af that, a dumb name Bo Tong. She also acts stupid so there is no redeeming quality to this character. No hard feelings, anyway there are a lot of other K-dramas in store that might suit to your personal liking.

The actors are acting as the characters in the drama, not as themselves in the real life for sure. Botong is supposed to be average, then IU acts accordingly. What kind of a dumbass name is doko ma te. He has absolutely no acting skills and he looks like a skinny little girl with that fxxxxxx up haircut. He looks like skullitor from heman. The producer,writer and the director should never work again in the film industry.

Respect is really important thing to live well as human being in this world. Episode 3 had showed us a glimpse of the depth of this drama! Ma Te learns something very important from Jaek Hee before she break up with him! It was like a shock to me!! Electric fairy is more than she seems!!!! Interesting characters and nice plot with a touch of mystery!

Seriously though , it seems Yu Ra has planned many many things for Ma Te! It seems Hong Ran also communicates with the electric fairy?? I need subs for episode 4 right now! Now I know why Mate has a curly hair… to pair up with the wacky Electric Fairy! Curly couple hahaha! I liked how cute Ma Te was in episode 4!

But I want to know what was said so bad. Specially what Hong Ran have to say to electric fairy. She called YURA and scared her. I think she threatened her arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggg!! I need English subs!! Rania: I just finished watched the RAW ep 4. I want to understand what they were saying… it seemed really intense! This is getting more complicated. He still has 8 more women to conquer… 8 more different styles?!

NoonaEel yes! Matte will have to play 10 different people for 10 women. Dok go matte is already a character with many layers. Ilove all the 3 episodes waiting for episode 4 english sub..

I will continue to the end. Maybe I will try his earlier dramas. PM makes me excites and laugh every episode. JKS loves his hair so much but for the sake of this drama, he agreed to cut it.

This Iron lady is scary! I loved the lesson learned by Mttae! This drama has more depth than I thought. Mattae will have to change himself 10 times and in the process he will learn 10 valubale lessons.

JKS is the leading male I presume? The leading male can act alright. Mattae has many different sides and I find the leading male pretty good at showing all those layers. It is not an easy role to act since it needs an actor capable of mixing comic expressions with other real character expressions. This actor succeeded in that mostly. I am not familiar with the Korean puplic though. But this drama has a nice and intresting plot , good actors and a talented director.

It add depth on top of the comedy and conspiracy themes. I am watching Heirs , impress Ki and Pretty man now.

Impress Ki is No1 for me and Pretty man easily takes number 2 over heris because the plot is better and more intresting. The first 4 episodes of pretty man has more things happening than 10 episodes of heirs. Those three dramas are my favorite right now. No real reasons have been given 1- Jks is ugly reason …. While Jks looks are not my cup of tea too pretty for a man I find his looks fit the character. Mattae is supposed to be a cute skinny no mucles guy with a pretty face that rivals girls.

I think jks fits the role lookwise perfectly. I think just like her male counterpart she did her role justice. She made BoTong come to life like Jks made mattaecome to life.

The story has many elements going for it. In the first episode alone we got a mystery , character death and an introduction to a conspiracy and those were wraped with comedy too. In each episode we get something new. One dimentional Characters you think will appear in an episode or two get development and and more depth when you least expect like Jaek Hee.

And also like the electric fairy whovI thought she will only be that crazy flashy fortune teller. She playing on both sides. Never expected her to get that development. Mattae changing himself and gaining wisdome from the women he tries to concure is a very nice addition too. This story has moral messages on top of the plot. IU saranghae. Now that you brought the kissing scenes , I remembered Choi David. Mattae looked jealous of him. I think he will be the first to kiss Bo Tong.

He is an amazing actor and singer with great voice. There are many prettier boys than JKS for sure, but not everybody can act out as the multilayered character of Dokgo Mate. Mate in the original Manhwa comic is even slimmer than JKS :p. No muscles at all :. I look forward to the development of her character as well. They are cute together. They both are dorky and the way david looks and talks to botang, it gives me butterfly. Well upto now matae is more engaged with other woman than botang.

Haters are really trying hard not to accept this drama making their own delusional reasons. Pretty man fighting. I like hoe naive Ma Te is about many things! Well I was surprised that Ma Te also felt jealousy here and there. Both males are telling Bo Tong to be careful of the other and both see the other as a bad person hehehe well , If Ma Te feels anything for her for all those long 10 years they knew each other he better start to be nicer or she will go to David.

I loved the electric fairy surprise development! What on earth Hong Ran means when she told elec to get rid of Ma Te? This woman is scary. I now feel sorry for Yura. Ma Te's brother who used to be under Hong Ran control is starting to rebel too. Hong Ran will be facing many problems. I want Ma Te to meet his father before his death. The father seems pretty sick. And what is more excited to me is Ma Te ,and Bo Tong!

And IU as well she is getting better and better with her acting skills! I very happy from the choise our Boss.. Again , I love how David jelous of Ma Te already hahaha! And yes Ma Te also feel jelous without realizing himself too! Coz Bo Tong is always there for Ma Te! That MG president ki suk was quite the ladies man it seems since he even have many mistresses.

No wonder Ma Te has a way with seducing women. A good drama indeed! The cast is excellent, and JKS a really talented actor. IU is really really funny! I finish episode 4 yesterday. He change his hair style just for her. I wonder what happen in the next episode because she cannot control herself anymore.

I waiting for lesson he will learn from her. Will he solve the outdated socks problem which look so easy but very complicated to sell because it involve a large amount. We can see that Bo Tong is learning too. I hope she will be a great business woman at the end of the drama. BT gonna have a hard time seen MT with his other women. Cant wait for next epi. Dont ever care about rating…im really addicted to this drama. Bo tong character suit with everyone who love kpop..

But they brought the character into real life. Ma te change to b cute just for elec. Kyaaa finally all caught up to episode 4!! So many plots are so predictable and while of course this has parts that are super standard like all rom-coms, there are still a lot of things I am curious about that keep me watching.

BoTong is hilarious…every fangirl ever should completely identify with her. MaTe is great…I enjoy this battle between really egotistical and really insecure that he keeps flip-flopping in and out of. And his more serious moments are really poignant.

I am a sucker for a character that needs redemption. PM should have released with heirs…then there will be fair competition in Korean drama industry this year. Rating system should be stop. I hate it. Rating should be given on the basis of story. Love the story, I like how Mate know exactly what he has and how to work it. Iorn lady is too much of a nice name for her.

They should call her stone cold, she has no feelings at all. Why is she so insecure? What does these bastard kids has to claim that make her so edgy and cruel. In the end someone has to take over the company, will she be able to run it forever??? Moon Soo, is a punk! To let the stone dictate his life, although stone realized that MS is defying her and grew some balls.

Stone lady is scaried of YR, because she is the only smart one that can take her down. So stone lady used MS to get rid of his marriage, now she is using YR daughter to get her running. I am surprise that YR did not realized that stone lady would play the child card and prepare for it.

You have to think like a dragon to beat a dragon. IU, you are doing a good job with you character Bo Tang. I see you as this character , like its a part of your personality.

As we all know, the ratings means numbers that show how many people watch or listen to a particular television or radio program based on merriem-webster dictionary. So, there is no way, it could based on the story or the quality of a drama or a program itself. And the fact that the heirs is almost reach the end, makes people want to watch it remember how we, drama fans always waiting for the end?

The linestory this drama must really-really interesting if want to get high rating. So good luck…. Becuz of this they got higher rating. I never see rating first. Everyone has their own opinion. Trust me I looked around. This is great I loving being smart. This is going to be like the time I schemed the pyramid schemers during the 90's service bell curve. In which I was able to get 4 pyramid schemes to get me credit cards to give it to them underage, in which i then went and blew up the credit cards as there was no parent authorization as a 15 year old and then called them up and said the loans are void you can't make contracts with minors.

Stupid people, I love capitalizing on stupid abusive capitalists. This is going to be better than the time I create contracts as a kid via mail with no identification for CD's for a penny.

Then when they tried to enjoin me for the rest of the contract for the hundreds of CD's I recieved I sent them a letter with my California Id showing them I was a kid and i was going to report their practices of creating contracts with kids to the BBB. They let me have the CD's and sent me a note that said "smart ass".

LOL, I love stupid abusive capitalist, it makes me feel good to get the upper hand legally and properly.


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