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It has a major influence all along the Mediterranean coast of France, and often causes sudden storms in the Mediterranean between Corsica and the Balearic Islands. The name mistral comes from the Languedoc dialect of the Occitan and means "masterly". The mistral is usually accompanied by clear, fresh weather, and it plays an important role in creating the climate of Provence. The mistral usually blows in winter or spring, though it occurs in all seasons. It sometimes lasts only one or two days, frequently lasts several days, and sometimes lasts more than a week.

The mistral takes place each time there is an anticyclone , or area of high pressure, in the Bay of Biscay , and an area of low pressure around the Gulf of Genoa.

When this happens, the flow of air between the high and low pressure areas draws in a current of cold air from the north which accelerates through the lower elevations between the foothills of the Alps and the Cevennes. The conditions for a mistral are even more favorable when a cold rainy front has crossed France from the northwest to the southeast as far as the Mediterranean. This cold, dry wind usually causes a period of cloudless skies and luminous sunshine, which gives the mistral its reputation for making the sky especially clear.

There is also, however, the mistral noir, which brings clouds and rain. The mistral noir occurs when the Azores High is extended and draws in unusually moist air from the northwest. The mistral is very strong at the summit of Mont Ventoux , meters in elevation, though the plain below is very wide.

Other contributing factors to the strength of the mistral are the accumulation of masses of cold air, whose volume is greater, pouring down the mountains and valleys to the lower elevations.

This is similar to a foehn wind, but unlike a foehn wind the descent in altitude does not significantly warm the mistral. The causes and characteristics of the mistral are very similar to those of the Tramontane , another wind of the French Mediterranean region. Frequently, the mistral will affect only one part of the region. In the Languedoc area, where the tramontane is the strongest wind, the mistral and the tramontane blow together onto the Gulf of Lion and the northwest of the western Mediterranean, and can be felt to the east of the Balearic Islands , in Sardinia , and sometimes as far as the coast of Africa.

The good weather is confined to the coast of the Mediterranean, while it can rain in the interior. This type of mistral usually blows for no more than one to three days.

The mistral originating from the northeast has a very different character; it is felt only in the west of Provence and as far as Montpellier, with the wind coming from either a northerly or north-northeasterly direction.

In the winter this is by far the coldest form of the mistral. After that first encounter with Mistral team, I had a pleasure attending several events they organized like Viber team presentation, meetups and even took my nephew Joel who is 9 to a Game night. He plans on working for Mistral when he grows up! It definitely feels like going home every time I work with or visit Mistral!

I recently had an opportunity to meet these young people, and they truly inspired me with their amazing energy, which is crucial to an artist like myself. Being one of the frontrunners in the elimination of single-use plastic in their offices while providing a helping hand to small businesses to survive the hard times, and at the same time managing to repeatedly expand its team, Mistral actively demonstrates the value of sustainable development in practice.

This is why Mistral matters! I believe that strong-willed people with high awareness of the community around them, like Mistral team, are the ones who change our society for the better. The pride they take in their work, and the major respect they have for each other is rare to see nowadays.

I would dive into any project with them without thinking twice. To be completely honest, I was almost crying like a little girl at one of their events when I realized that bonds inside Mistral resemble the strongest family bonds.

Such an inspiration! Game night virtual. Meetup virtual. Workshop virtual. Break the Week virtual. Open Session virtual. Watch and Learn virtual. See all events. We have 2 in-house psychotherapists. They often organize workshops about time management, stress management, public speaking, and mental health in general.

We are happy to have them back! This is one of the greatest indicators of how loyal the team is. Ever heard of a Technical Vacation? For many years now, Mistral encourages all team members to take an entire week or more as a break from their project, and to spend it researching and learning a new skill or technology instead.

We have 3 brands. Maestral , Mistral and Gigi School of Coding. Maestral is the parent company devoted entirely to business development, whereas Mistral is the product development center, and GSOC a talent hub.

Besides unlimited hot beverages, Mistral has its own little pharmaceutical corner at your service. Gigi School of Coding is our advanced, in-house mentorship program that started in It lasts up to 4 months, 8 hours a day, has 4 full time dedicated mentors, and a rich curriculum that encompasses the latest tech trends. On average, people from entire region apply to each cycle. During spring and summertime, we often have company BBQ gatherings up there!

If you get a legitimate praise from a colleague or a client, it will get broadcasted on a dedicated in-house channel called Star Track for everyone to see. To reject the flares ejected from the rear of the targeted aircraft, proportional navigation using a gyro as a reference is adopted for Mistral, instead of the pursuit method in earlier IR-guided MANPADS.

On the launcher, the missile runs up the gyro in 2 seconds, and total reaction time is 5 seconds. A close-in weapon system based on Mistral is a six-missile version called Sadral , with a stabilized rapid-reload launcher that is fully automated. Image produced by both directors appear on the screen in the operator console below deck, and the missiles are locked onto the target before being launched.

A two-missile unit installed on ships is called Simbad , and a newly launched four-missile version is called Tetral. An evolution of the Simbad is now proposed: Simbad RC. Both Tetral and Simbad RC are remote controlled from the ship's deck while the original Simbad is manually operated with a simple optical sight.

On 26 September DCNS at the company's Le Mourillon plant announced plans to design and build a submarine canister-based air defence weapon based on the Mistral.

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  1. Examples of mistral in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web: Noun In the decades that followed, her staccato footfall was as integral to Arles as the sound of the mistral, the rattling .
  2. Since , Mistral has crafted exceptional quality soaps and beauty products. Our exquisite fragrances and superior formulations celebrate the body while nourishing and soothing the skin. With the lush landscape of Provence as our laboratory, we invite you to experience the transformative power of Mistral.
  3. MISTRAL BRAND HERITAGE Mistral’s success story starts in , when, due to its passion for water and wind, the originally Swiss brand develops an innovative concept: surfboards with a sail.
  4. Located in Boston's stylish South End, Mistral showcases uncomplicated French cuisine, highlighted with the season's finest ingredients. Inspired by the wind that sweeps through the south of France, our decor is reminiscent of Provence, with hand picked pottery and arched windows that evoke warmth and sophistication. The Columbus Hospitality Group.
  5. MISTRAL INTERNATIONAL Mistral’s success story starts in , when, due to its passion for water and wind, the originally Swiss brand develops an innovative concept: surfboards with a sail. A new surfing dimension is born and proves to be an international hit. Mistral sets the tone in the development of windsurfing boards.
  6. Mistral is the restaurant we keep coming back to. Food, service, atmosphere, it’s absolutely superb!” Neil U. Every bite of each course was divine, flavorful and perfectly cooked. I live to eat, this meal definitely made me feel alive.”.
  7. Mistral Restaurant Princeton NJ – Savor and share chef Scott Anderson and Ben Nerenhausen’s inventive, culturally influenced cuisine with a superlative emphasis on fresh, local ingredients and inviting flavors. Welcome To Mistral Restaurant In Princeton NJ Gather with friends, family or your special someone for an intimate culinary experience.
  8. Crafted according to a time-honored French tradition. Made with natural and organic ingredients and original perfumes from Grasse, France, these triple-milled bar soaps are long-lasting, luxurious and exquisitely fragrant.

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