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Download Mo Money - Mob Figaz - C-Bos Mob Figaz (Cassette, Album)
Label: West Coast Mafia Records - 61501-4,Git Paid Entertainment - 61501-4 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta

Rick James, made a Thizz, but Mac Dre liked weed too, a lot — the whole career out of getting high. His first Though Wayne is perhaps known for his sticky green, not the brown weed, of course. It has even been how those hyphy dudes convinced them- celebrity smoker. Did you know Marijuana that most substances clas- sified by the DEA as harm- Approximate Origination Date: ful narcotics were at one Its known uses date back to 7, time used to treat every- B.

In Morphine, Codeine, the U. The prescription drug Sativex, an extract of cannabis administered Medical Uses: as a sublingual spray, has been ap- - Pain reliever and anesthetic. In ad- proved in Canada for the treatment dition to pain relief, codeine is also use alongside other medicines of used to suppress cough.

Sources: www. In the early s, much more. MDMA was used to during times of shortage in Virginia injecting. Government - Racism was used to turn people standard of pain relief for casualties their endurance during combat. Newspapers in of war. It proved Negroes to look at white people in Illegalization in U.

The im- its potency. Coca wine received formance, however, there is twice. In , Congress banned sumers in as patent medicine; Other Interesting Info: the production of heroin. In , one of the original ingredients was In Dallas, where alcohol was pro- Illegalization in U. The Federal Government outlawed cocaine. Today, Coca-Cola still uses hibited at the Southern Methodist In , Cannabis began to be pro- the use of heroin for all purposes.

MDMA as a substitute, paying by U. Louisiana , and New York passed in which replaced the the casual user for up to five days, were first to outlaw the drug. Harrison Narcotics Act as the pri- up to three weeks for chronic users. Illegalization in U.

In , the Nixon-appointed Sha- mary drug law in the United States. That was my first placement. So, I his head somehow. We went over there and were He started off behind the board, the booth and lays it down. But after [records like that].

We kept going in [the studio] I did to that track we did that night? I started focusing different as fuck. I love that record. I think to begin with. The first two names are familiar by now. But the latter, J-Money? Who the hell is…? First name, last name! His buzz has grown Going solo has proved to be the right move.

And they see a whole movement going on. Having seen the game from behind the scenes, Money decided he Words by Randy Roper was better suited to be on the mic. The team, began making a name for himself as a MC. So that made it easier to push my single. He got out of his seat and started bouncing around shaking everybody It Out.

Photo by Ms Rivercity. The group DGB consists of two rap- pers and one singer. Early on the group drew comparisons to Pretty Ricky, prompting Atlantic Records executive Mike Caren to ask what it was that was different about them. We are a totally different group.

Baydilla recalls. But they still wanted my brother, so they rapper. My friend noticing when I went to different places people Photo by Littleton Miller. Out Da Cutt recording rapping has always been a way of life.

Writing nied. P-Nut has many goals beyond rapping. Shit, I already went from trapping putting Alaska on the map in a way no one has because I can get away from all that negative to rapping, so now I want to go from rapping to ever done or heard of before. Cofey also has a unique concept project titled Throw Away Muzik, a digital mixtape in which one track is released via the internet every week for eight weeks.

Johnson, who is most known for scoring the Beef series on BET. Jak Frost is heating up Alaska. Keeping with the gold rush theme, the group released a second album titled The Prospect, which solidified their buzz in the scene.

In , Jak put out a solo project alongside his group efforts, and he also has his sophomore album on deck for As CEO of Cold Blooded Musiq, Jak works closely with his cousin Baydilla, who promotes parties and provides plenty of local per- formance opportunities. He and his crew have opened for artists like Young Buck, Young Dro, Lil Scrappy and several others, which in turn opened many doors for him outside of the city.

As the owner of OG Entertainment, Biggbody is experienced in all facets of being an artist. As an engineer, he runs a suc- cessful studio in Anchorage, AK. Running a studio and a label has allowed Biggbody the chance to work with many individuals and he wants the rest of the nation to know his state has something to offer. A few days before his birthday celebration began, he was shot twice in his back.

Scoe and labelmate All Day are working on their collaborative mixtape Ham Volume 1. He lived the humble. Griselda Blanco was They wrote back and forth for a year, and Charles At the screening of Cocaine Cowboys 2, the main a notorious Columbian Drug went to see her in person in Will Griselda have you assassinated?

Griselda, at Corleone as his special guest. Their relationship was based on letters, phone calls, and visits. Almost immediately, Charles has written a book along with his biogra- in many cases.

Griselda became his distributor. By the time pher—an investigative journalist. He spends his Charles got home from the visit, two card- time traveling between Los Angeles and Belize. Sitting comfortably in my living board boxes arrived at his front door by special His focus is on speaking to the youth.

He sees the danger of ness and candor. As a woman personal. His life changed drasti- cally. He was 22 or 23 years old. He men build their companies and great teacher, keeping him focused and his ego volunteered the fact that he was subpoenaed empires only to have them move in check.

He spread throughout the Bay Area and and he had to go to Florida to testify. He also ran else saw the movie. Her only complaint about her? He met that it showed her murdered son, Oswaldo, in And even though Charles assured me that he did with distributors and acted as a mouth piece for his casket. She trusted him completely.

Corleone, on the phone with me that I realized When asked if he had any regrets, Charles just how much he did love her. Charles was 10 years school and gotten his law degree. The idea of a ite son, even after all these years of not speaking older than Michael and 3 years younger than white picket fence and a country club member- with her. Michael, who grew close to Charles Oswaldo, but they were like brothers.

Griselda ship are looking real good to him now. And although Griselda has stop one or two people from going down the gone back to Columbia, or Rio, or wherever she Charles met a woman named Amber in the visit- same path he chose.

The love is apparent on both sides. Oddly, difficult for him. It was like therapy for him to it brought Griselda and Charles closer, and made get it all off his chest. Griselda was a caring, Charles realize how much Griselda loved him. And When Griselda had 18 months left of her she loved him very much and he felt the love incarceration, new murder charges were being completely.

Griselda was shook. Kennedy, Jr. But selling drugs at 16 years Charles was not with the plan. Although specula- old allowed the money to quickly replace the tion is that Charles rolled on her, he says that if legitimate dreams. In , Charles was a mid- his goal was to have her incarcerated, there were level drug dealer controlling a handful of crack crimes he knew about that would have put her houses.

After his original distributor was mur- away for life. Charles moved miles south to Fresno, CA where he soon ran out of money. Griselda was moved from California to Florida and Charles was subpoenaed to testify against Upon returning to Oakland, he returned to Griselda. In the mids, drug dealers were because he felt she had done so much for him rampant, even more so than now.

There were no and his family. It was a different era. Griselda In February of , Charles saw a television was offered a plea bargain and took it. He was amazed at who she was, her tre- In June of , Griselda was released from mendous power, and what she had built—it was prison and deported immediately back to Bogata everything he was trying to build for himself.

She Columbia. After the statute of limitations passed, was known as the Godmother of Cocaine and the directors of Cocaine Cowboys approached the fact that she was a shot caller as a female was Charles to tell his story. He saw they were at the outstanding to him. Six years later, Charles met top of their game. Cocaine Cowboys 2 has been a Panamanian lady who had worked for Griselda released into 52 countries and is available in in the past. After striking up a conversation, WalMart, Target, etc, unlike Cocaine Cowboys Charles convinced her to make the introduction which was a bit harder to find.

This was in You can only go so far. When the world goes in a When we did a Chain Reaction on your I piece recession everybody goes in a recession. Explain But we also know that you like to partake of what that means. Before you signed with Trill Ent. How do you do that? I know my body, so I know how Jacksonville to Cali.

How did that affect you at the time? To go from the East to the West? It fucked with me big when C-Loc got locked up, sher at home. In Man. Before rap we used to get on I and do our man. He did everything. When C-Loc got locked up I got I look at the diabetes as a gift and a curse. Your heart be beating hard back in the streets hard.

God gave me this to make me hustle harder. Your C-Loc and others like him seemed to be doing ok blew up. So I have to hustle harder. The highway is crazy staying in the streets? How did you get it? One day lice. Especially in Lafayette or a couple miles before the hood as far as hanging. But everybody wants to I was smoking after a show, went to the store to get Texas. Those are their hot spots. I probably had it before that. One mil- Would you say it was more nerve racking being too hot [to stay in the streets].

You out. If you piss a lot and your mouth is always dry, never get to who the real main man is, I was second When would you say you were officially out of the you might want to get looked at. You can push all you want and nothing will up any other drugs? The only full, and nothing but pebbles come out. It took me nothing to you.

And I learned make you go. I always that X takes pieces out your brain out. But I just love thought they were on some X. The potent shit is everywhere now. I was real skinny. That was bi women out there, but I do know that when you gonna find regular weed no more. I was surprises me though. Can you What is your favorite drug experience?

How did it get to tell us about your first? My favorite is when I go to Cali and I get to go to be so popular? My first experience was when I was 8 years old. My the weed store. It was cousin had me smoking. I threw up everywhere in brownies, all that.

The called Infamy at first. You could get it at the store. It the back yard. I had to stay at their house for 7 hours edibles keep you laughing all day.

It just gives just to come down before I went home. I came you a love feeling. Catching nuts. I regret it now, but I just wanted a dollar. I your personality? Man, every drug changes your personality. Weed So you read about every drug you take?

Are they still around? If so, any hard feelings? Syrup makes you angry, have you waking Yep, they all kicked the habit. They joke about it; my up mad. Every drug will have you talking different. How did you get introduced to X yourself? I was the last in the shit my whole life. Ever since I was a baby boy. I tried it and I liked it; I was I My dad used to smoke weed with coke in it. Every drug started doing it for 2 years straight and then backed me it was just weed, but I knew the smell.

Anyone who says different is off it. Once I got diabetes I backed off it even more. Maybe for a What was your worst drug experience? It tightens your kidneys and stops your bowels. This magazine your album - Deeper Than Rap - for quite a while.

It sounds profound, but feels the recession. When the young street niggas that run two or three ads what exactly does it mean? What is deeper than rap music? Ssome things are deeper than interviews. We all know what can be deeper than rap. Everything ties together.

The album is in stores now. I opened up [in my] music. Everybody who gets the album will most definitely understand Are you cutting back on your weed consumption or jewelry purchases? What it look like? Well, obviously a lot has been said in regards to the whole 50 Can you speak on how that situation affected you both personally Cent situation. At this point, where is this going? What is gonna be the and professionally? First and foremost, rest in peace Shakir.

His legacy is bigger than the proj- Victory is sweet. I gotta salute my homie and what he brought to the table as a great young executive.

No Victory for you is what? Platinum album sales? We make hits. Did you pick most of the beats for your album? What else is it about? On a typical album, about how many songs do you usually record before I just thought it was funny that it was like an internet [beef]. There were you sit down and select the ones for the album?

It was just skits and comedy. How does the selection process go? Are you listening to it over and over again yourself, or how do you narrow it down?

I just go with my vibe. Would you agree? I dunno. I spit fire. How did the John Legend connect happen for the single? I was re- Well, you did kinda initiate the situation, at least on a record. He was in Miami coming to work with The Runners. I got word like you threw the first stone. Would you agree with that? We had met previously, My name was mentioned in a blog before that. You know, when shit so I presented the concept. He sat right down and laced me.

Big deal. I disrespected him to the utmost. Did you feel like it went too far? How do you stay in that What it look like? You get the money, throw it in a bag, and keep going. You start all over and do it So is the beef done? You were with Slip-N-Slide before. Did this is affecting me. The music. You know, we talk about films I am. I tell you that in my music. I got a great team. Shout out to Def Jam Records. Do you think Miami unity is still there? Flip the mob boss? What do you mean by that? No one.

I still shoot hood videos What about within the Poe Boy camp? I do it out of the love. I walk through the flea market and damn When you see young black entrepreneurs both growing, the media never near cause a riot just to buy three beef patties. I had lunch for less than five sees that clearly. They would love to pit two young black entrepreneurs bucks. I love the luxury of still being able to do that.

I love the luxury of be- against each other. Since you used videos. We finna find out. I got a label and eight artists. What answer would email you. Of course not. What would I gain [from putting it out to the public]? So I I feel victorious already.

It is what it is. To them, I live by the same oath. I have to invest artists should focus on. I think they should focus on the brand and the in and nurture my empire to make sure the seeds I plant eventually grow.

I realistic potential of the next go around. We finna rip the budget open and do it real big. I got Mass Do you feel that the whole controversy over your former job as a cor- Pike Miles straight out of Boston signed to the imprint. His presence online is incredible.

Why deny it? That dude write five songs a day. Deuce Pound and Scotty Boy. Me, I have no concern about having a job or of different thangs. You gotta make decisions that feed you. You took the pictures [of me].

Before I was even watched take a situation from the ground up. From a business aspect, watches. Who put me in a position to get that? I learned a lot from Ted you that neither. But me being a rapper. Why do I live better boss and walking down my path, I have to challenge Ted to be in that next than these niggas that just put out two albums?

I hope he accepts my challenge. You saw my [wrapped] tour bus outside, right? I just Do you feel like somebody intentionally put out that picture of you in a extended it to the Maybach Films. Thank you for the attention. But Films. Stay on your grind, stay on in the game. Fuck all that small talk. Fuck your hustle. Is anything personal with me? We could bust down money bags tomorrow.

You know that. I just know it was great. I fell in love and here we are Is the Deeper than Rap short film included with the album, or how can today. You gotta make sure you pick up the album. Everything I ever consequences. You remain loyal, there are rewards. Stay loyal, stay real, dreamed of doing, I actually did it — from writing the film, and me and Bird- keep it Rivercity Photo by Jonathan Mannion.

In his Cocaine Muzik campaign down, where did that leave you as far as your my city, they already label me as [a drug dealer]. Cocaine Muzik means [my music is] attract from police.

The ob- that they felt were valuable, as assets. They used an addiction. My contract got it out. Just like if you take a hit of crack-cocaine, sary. To Yo Gotti, freedom is a shifted over to them. Is that correct? When they gave us the option, I we had Cocaine Muzik on the wrapped Magnum dose of Cocaine Muzik to the told them I would buy my own self out of my and vans.

But, you know, what can they do if public. How is Cocaine Muzik 2 on another what they wanna do. How much does something like that cost? This is kind of random, but, what happened as a regular mixtape. So many people liked it with the Hustle and Flow sequel? Being in Mem- and the streets embraced it so big. They never did the sequel to it. All this grinding a little more country than it actually is.

I had been at TVT for so hustlers; people get plenty money down there. I think it want to be a rapper? It had to be in by things: either you hustle or you do this music. Tell me about your camp.

First it was either you hustle or you hustle, so All Star is from Nashville. Zed Zilla is like the hottest I did a deal with J Records at the end of last year.

I give a lot of scene. I come from Everybody else just sends him their music, but it would be this big? Do you have a spot there? We were just pulling up beats and the streets prepared you for the rap game? What else could be worse than that? Gotti lifestyle to living on a tour bus? Nah, where I come from, I like to have my homies Besides releasing the new mixtape, what else is around me.

When I do a show, a lot of people fly On that note, why would you name your proj- going on with you? We got them BentlEys and Benzes how the rest of his career will go from this point. Of course you lose friends. But you gain And all them Lexus on lock Sensing that his from-day-one fanbase was acquaintances. They may not I see why them bitches hot MTV-reality-show-hosting, Paul is returning to be my friend, though. As far as the groups, a lot of the people in Is that the best way that you know Land.

The biggest gang cities I know of or hear them a rap. I think it became one of biggest form? The Lounge Music. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Long story short, my computer doesn't have all the songs my old ipod had and I just got an iPhone. Not all of my songs are on the phone so I figuredI'll start somewhat from scratch. Both Lupe albums can be played straight through with no.

It hurts my head just to think about how long the list would be I can't even help you. Cabron started off with a nice list. Scarface Showbiz and A. I wanna get up on Scarface. Mob Figaz. Archived from the original on March 11, Retrieved April 23, Retrieved C-Bo Husalah Rydah J. C-Bo's Mob Figaz. Mob Trial 3. Authority control MBRG : dcfbff-8db2c35c2a65e1. Categories : albums Mob Figaz albums.


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9 Replies to “ Mo Money - Mob Figaz - C-Bos Mob Figaz (Cassette, Album) ”

  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of "C-Bo's Mob Figaz" on Discogs.
  2. Well, that's NOT the case with C-Bo's Mob Figaz. Ever since I heard them on C-Bo's classic album "Till My Casket Drops" (), I knew there's something special about these cats. An year later, C-Bo released the group's self-titled debut album.5/5(7).
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of C-Bo's Mob Figaz on Discogs. Label: West Coast Mafia Records - 2 4,Git Paid Entertainment - 2 4 • Format: CD Album, Repress • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta, Hardcore Hip-Hop/5(6).
  4. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Mob Figaz - C-Bo's Mob Figaz at Discogs. Complete your Mob Figaz collection/5(16).
  5. If you like C-Bo's style, you'll love this album for sure, I guarantee. Support the real ones out there - Mob Figaz are from the streets and that's what they rap about - surviving, hustlin'. That's kind of rare today. A definite 5 stars album, no tracks will be skipped on this one.5/5(7).
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of C-Bo's Mob Figaz on Discogs. Label: West Coast Mafia Records - ,Git Paid Entertainment - • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta/5(4).
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of C-Bo's Mob Figaz on Discogs. Label: West Coast Mafia Records - ,Git Paid Entertainment - • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta, Hardcore Hip-Hop, Thug Rap/5.
  8. C-Bo's Mob Figaz is the debut album by West coast hip hop group Mob Figaz it consists of 15 songs. The album was released on C-Bo 's record label West Coast Mafia Records. The album entered the Billboard hip hop chart making it to #63 and spending 5 weeks in the charts and so far is their only album to chart. The album sold over , units.
  9. Shop C-Bo's Mob Figaz [CASSETTE]. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Select Your Cookie Preferences. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. 5/5(1).

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