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Download Ένα Σάββατο Βράδυ Μαρία - Τάκης Καρναβάς - Τάκης Καρναβάς (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Pan-Vox (2) - SPV 16382 • Series: Τραγουδώντας Την Παράδοση - 2 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Greece • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •

Made by a crew of to year-olds with the minimum budget possible and produced by American director Ramin Bahrani, this deeply personal film becomes a weapon in the struggle for social inclusion and at the same time a proof of the power of cinema to transform reality. Suffering from pregnancy denial, she finds herself breaking the law by giving birth to a baby out of wedlock.

Renos is an old-time waiter with a meticulous routine. He is a loner and an avid collector of information. His repetitive daily routine liberates him from the agony of pursuing the unknown. The unexpected events that invade his life hide many surprises Will they change him, and how will he react?

Us three. Us brothers. Us kings, inseparable. As Manny and Joel grow into versions of their father and while their Ma dreams of escape, Jonah, the youngest, embraces an imagined world all his own.

Virtual reality is already something much more thana simple technological innovation. The film utilizes her handwritten journal to guide us through her experiences spanning across the year as she meets Debbie, another runaway kid.

A coming-of-age drama that explores the theme of identity through the use of animation and immersive techniques. Based on true events, Borderline tells a short story about a confusing encounter on the Israeli-Egyptian border.

In a not-so-distant future, where technological advancement has surpassed the need for ethical behavior, two scientists decide to experiment with Artificial Intelligence. A search party looks for someone lost in a forest, in turn becoming lost themselves within the arboreal zone. A half-civilian, half-police force group evacuates the village and the forest, and seeks in turn the seekers.

An old tree releases a slumbering spell, overtaking everyone within its reach. A family gleefully talks over their breakfast. On the far side is a little girl, silently watching the family eat. That afternoon, the family goes away on a picnic on the beach. Left all alone in the house, the girl goes out to find them. Suddenly hearing mysterious whispers and songs, the girl walks toward the source into the forest.

There she meets children of another being, whom she follows A cross-media project where you step in the shoes of an investigator researching the disappearance of Kaspar. Will you be able to gather the clues and solve the mystery?

A compelling combination of storytelling, cinematic realism, authenticity, and gameplay, which invites you to enter the mysterious and oppressive world of s East Germany and explore a dark fairytale. Ever since sedentism, mankind has been creating closed and strictly regulated rooms. Rooms will let you immerse into five intimate room realities and experience their importance: More than just space framed by walls, they are complex social constructions. What happens to a room when civilisation has left its space?

As a sleepless police investigator follows the traces of a missing Chinese worker, an unexpected, immersive mystery unravels — parallel to the mystery of life of those who lost their sleep but keep dreaming, staying forever temporary in the vast landscape of global inequalities. In the early s in Chile, a small group of families builds an autonomous community on the foothills of the Andes, far from the comforts of civilization.

A filmmaker and her characters venture into a personal research about emotional and physical intimacy, delve into a fluid space between reality and fiction, and strive to overcome old patterns, defense mechanisms, and taboos, to be ultimately free. An artistic research about the human longing and yet inability to make contact, and at the same time a brave statement on the film screen as second skin, which won the Golden Bear in the last Berlinale. A journey to the most interesting films of our times, in every geographical and cinematic altitude and latitude, in all four cardinal directions.

Movies that define their own coordinates and wait from us to discover them. His skin and its color will become the physical limit that separates him from his true love, but also the surface where discourses of exclusion and acceptance, memory and silence, and the genealogy of modern slavery will be inscribed. A portrait of an artist as a middle-aged man: A famous painter, to whom everyone refers by his last name, is comfortable in dealing with human figures and their desires on his canvas.

An existential study — adorned with brushstrokes of absurdism — on the hollow, yet overpowering loneliness of the creative spirit, which crashes with reality. The life of a customs officer with an incredibly acute sense of smell takes an unexpected turn when she meets a dark stranger, who carries a terrible revelation about her own existence in his luggage.

A film that challenges any border between film genres, cinema and other arts, reality and absurdity, or the intimate and the strange, based on a novel of the same title by John Ajvide Lindqvist author of Let the Right One In. Living in a different time of the gypsies, two teenage girls learn and teach us how to smile: Carmen sells furniture in a flea market in Madrid and Lola is a teenage greengrocer.

An anthology of nine heartbreaking vignettes from the last weeks, visits, moments, and wishes of women on the death row attempts to interpret the gaze of Western societies to gendered violence, with pure emotion as its only tool. Autumn, A group of Western diplomats arrive in Albania in order to investigate human rights abuses by the communist regime still in power. Leo, a political prisoner who is being kept for 16 years, is secretly taken out of a prison in a remote mountainous area, in order to meet the head of the European delegation, whom he knows from his university years during the s.

Leo is expected to confirm that there is no violation of human rights in the country. But, as soon as he realizes the agenda of the guards who escort him in this peculiar trip, he decides not to play their game.

In search for a new purpose, he departs on his own anarchist odyssey, where he confronts neo-fascism, the refugee crisis, the Panama papers, and so many other earthly, real myths. A thoughtful extravaganza about the twilight of the idols, a daedalian fairy tale for adults, an epic with holograms and pink nightmares made with film stock and VFX, which illustrates in a unique visual style the pop schizophrenia of our times.

A middle-aged couple and their teenage children set off from Argentina to Brazil to enjoy what might be their last vacation as a family — as the parents are separated after many decades of marriage. A healing film about summer carelessness, which is not just warmest time of the year, but a conscious way of living. On the streets of the American South, he finds a frenemy, he falls in love with a girl from a different social class, and becomes the main suspect for a robbery, worse luck.

In the hands of a loyal disciple and editor of Terrence Malick, a layered crime-andpunishment story turns into an astonishing lyrical poem about injustice, loss, and redemption. The lives of three different people cross when a neo-Nazi group fatally attacks a Roma camp in Hungary: A boy whose mother is killed in cold blood, a girl who lapses into silence when she realizes that one of her loved ones is involved in the crime, and a young female lawyer who is forced to defend in court one of the perpetrators, are experiencing a cosmogony, even if their world as they know it seems to come to an end.

A delicate narrative thread weaves the myth of Genesis, drawing upon real instances of racial violence. Shot in less than two weeks with a burning feeling of emergency, this Festen for the 21st century blasts the serenity of the British countryside and the landscape of a dysfunctional — and totally recognisable — family, with the painful sarcasm that is part and parcel of every revelation of truth.

Joy is one of the thousands of Nigerian women that have ended up on the streets of Europe, trapped in the vicious circle of sex trafficking. Denis is a superhero like no other: he was raised in an orphanage and learnt how to be popular by using his powers of pain immunity. One day, his mother turns up and takes him with her, in a community that has found a dodgy way to earn money. As his physical and emotional wounds get healed, he starts feeling like a human being again, experiencing all sorts of suffering An underground rock band in s Russia experiments with a love triangle and the confines of censorship in Soviet Russia.

Caught between musical passion, yearning romantic desire and a changing political landscape, the band tries to rise from their humble performances to make it big.

Yet this is merely the triangular tip of the iceberg in an absurdly geometrical, settled world, where the banal lives side by side with the unreal. A successful Spanish singer gets ready to return to the limelight after a decade of mysterious silence, but on the eve of her great concert she loses her memory in an accident. A polyphonic chant about identity transformations and the faces we show to the few and the many, haunting like a catchy refrain and feeding the soul like any form of true art.

The summertime idleness of a community in Southern France is disrupted when teenagers start to disappear. People start talking about a leopard wandering in the area, but Laura, who stays next door to an enigmatic horror writer, has a different take on reality. Following her gut instinct and playing cat and mouse with the police, she decides to solve the mystery when one of her friends goes missing. A fascinating thriller where the pervasive feeling of dread works as the most accurate expression of female angst, featuring the most photogenic figure of new French cinema.

An ambitious young Palestinian scriptwriter who works as an intern on the production of the popular soap opera Tel Aviv on Fire tries to benefit from his daily encounter with an Israeli guard at the checkpoint, to push his career forward.

September Uruguay is controlled by a military dictatorship. The Tupamaros guerrilla movement has already been crushed. Its members have been imprisoned and tortured. One autumn night, three prisoners including Pepe Mujica, later to become president of the country are taken from their cells in a secret military operation. The last job of a drug dealer who dreams of retiring from the underworld goes south when his closest people get involved: his beloved woman, his former father-in-law who just got out of prison, and his high-maintenance mother.

Exploring the most fruitful aspects of the open horizons of world cinema, this section gathers the cinematic fruits of its new filmmakers now that they are looking steadily ahead and promising an exciting follow-up. When the mother disappears during the celebration of her 50th birthday, the three daughters set off for a fiery journey of self-discovery, accompanied by an unexpected male company: a trip to the unknown that will soon end up in tragedy… A chronicle of one of the most controversial crimes ever committed in Portugal, through the lens of a great new talent.

A young man who refuses to take life seriously — as is often told about people without a fixed job and relationship — falls in love with a woman who just moved to Paris. But soon after, his life is brutally interrupted by the sudden death of his sister. Beyond the shock and the pain, he now finds himself alone with his young niece Amanda to care for.

The bond between a child that is forced to grow up in one night and an adult who is still attached to his childhood years is only one of the contrasts that move this unique film, which fits in less than two hours all the mysteries and marvels of our fluid lives. Masterfully filmed in a frantic single shot, the first narrative feature of a talented Norwegian actress maps the gray zone of psychological and mental disease, a dark vortex that each and every one of us recognizes, but most of us suppress.

The only problem is that she lives in Belarus, so in order to obtain a visa she needs to provide evidence at the embassy that she has a permanent job. In her effort to trick the system, she resorts in a small factory town and tries to persuade a family preparing for the wedding of their son to help her — but she fails to predict the grotesque consequences.

An ingenious, ironic take on the wastewater of Cold War and the American Dream, in sync with the addictive beat of 90s house music. When Hay was seven years old, he found a dead horse in an open field and watched his father and other adults struggle to get rid of it.

Unsure of this memory, this incident has had a great impact on him and, when he cuts himself during a sacrificial rite, everything comes flashing back. Step by step, Hay goes down an inevitable and spiritual path where he confronts the relationship between human and nature, the unity of matter and the living. Under the gloomy sky of a small town in northern China, the lives of different desperate people get intertwined in the course of one single, tension-filled day from dawn to dusk.

A lugubrious tale of nihilistic rage, painting a portrait of a society marked by selfishness, leading its members to sacrifice what they value the most.. A delicate elegy on the elements of surprise and finitude that give life its meaning, even when provoking a sense of vertigo. The dark side of the Mexican bourgeoisie is embossed on the well-preserved faces of its upper-class women, who refuse to accept the reality of a country in crisis.

Sofia is one of them, the queen of a neat, glamorous beehive. However, her constructed reality is torn apart when her former lover is released from jail after 20 years, after he served his sentence for a crime which — according to Ruth — he never committed. An introverted eight-year-old girl who grows up in Philippines in the turbulent 80s gets acquainted with the adult world through a series of small mimetic rituals and technologies that are still unknown to her.

Till one day, the girl records something over a voice message Things spiral out of control in a high school in Manhattan when a terrible accident involving a science experiment injures a kid for life. A whodunit with a how-they-saw-it leads to an explosion of emotions touching the teachers, the parents, the school authorities and, ultimately, the students.

Fascinated by the process of storytelling itself, the director delivers a cinematic experience that is equally explosive and exploding in its exploration of different narrative tools for triggering empathy and new thoughts on coexistence. The life of a shy teenage girl from Long Island, whose only friend is her skateboard, changes for good when she meets an all-girl crew with the same passion, wandering in vogue around the world of adults.

A female director reads in many ways and with an incredible sense of rhythm the meaning of balancing in a male-dominated world — both in cinema and in the streets of NY — as she works closely with a real collective named Skate Kitchen; other than its photogenic posts on their Instagram page, the group is generous in giving us doses of authentic camaraderie. Holly seems to have it all: two kids, a nice house, a good job as a teacher, and a husband with his career on the way up. But there are troubling signs that all is not right in her world.

The insomnia. The medication for the insomnia. The dreams from the medication for the insomnia. Are they even dreams? This is the final blow that sends her spiraling out of control.

In this haunting update on a classical tragedy, a new director that was raised with the films of Polanski, Hitchcock, and Bergman explores a week in the life of a woman on the verge and proposes his own version of catharsis. Wardi, an year-old Palestinian girl, lives with her whole family in Beirut, in the refugee camp where she was born. Her beloved great-grandfather was one of the first people to settle in the camp after being chased from his home back in The day he gives her the key to his old house back in Galilee, she fears he may have lost hope of someday going home A wonderful animation film about the roots of memory that tie us to a place and the wings of imagination that fly us away.

Eight teenagers who spend a suffocating summer in a village on the Dutch-Belgian border decide to overcome boredom by experimenting with different sexual games. As their experiments escalate and the games turn all the more unbearably disturbing, the teenagers turn into merciless beasts.

An incredible but real story about the relation between sexuality and power, a modern moral tale without moral judgements in its depiction of a generation that has indulged into cynicism way too early, while learning to speak in firstperson plural.

One of the most important periods in our life journey, decisive as a tool for socializing and shaping personality, the transition through the levels of education, is a common place for the majority of people. The films of this tribute look at the school, the university, their environment, their microcosm, but also at the broader picture of education — actual and metaphorical — through the cinema lens.

Besides, cinema, in its own way, also constitutes a tool and a way for education. In this highly antagonistic environment, a strong friendship is born. A mandatory core course on the revision of the true meaning of education and an anatomy lesson on a lifetime relationship. Guillaume is 16 years old, he studies in a boarding school, longs for attention and easily gets noticeable — but his arrogance disappears when he starts realizing his feelings for his best friend.

Charlotte, his two-year-older stepsister, experiences her first heartbreak when her boyfriend asks her to have an open relationship. A fine, polyphonic composition on the anguish and pleasure of first love, on unrecruited love as a freedom catalyst, and adolescence as the most intensive crash course on real emotions.

A young man from the province of France arrives in Paris to study Filmmaking, where he naturally gets training in all different challenges of art, friendship, love and political idealism. An autofictional — and by no means autobiographical — film made by an experienced director and Filmmaking teacher with the urge of a first-timer and reflective nostalgia, as an homage to the Mecca of cinematic mythology in Europe.

Franky and Ballas have been best friends since childhood. They are high school royalty: handsome, stars of the swim team, and popular with girls. A heartfelt and intimate coming-of-age story about friendship and self-discovery, the power of love without labels, and the new methods to face past stereotypes.

A film about fear, insecurity, coming of age, and misogyny in the age of social media, where over self- exposure blurs the boundaries between the private and the public.

A documentary-like portrait of two souls that linger between diametrically opposite states in a deeply torn society that sinks down into dark waters. Eight years after their separation, Abel meets Marianne in a funeral. Marianne has just lost her partner, father of her child, and former best friend of Abel. This tragic loss raises the spirit of Abel, who tries and manages to win back his former love.

A contemporary comedy of manners with utterly loveable, vulnerable people as protagonists, continuing the legacy of the French New Wave. In a cheap Parisian hotel room, Oscar Wilde lies on his deathbed, lost in a vortex of memories. Was he once the most famous man in London? As the former dandy writes the last chapter of his life, he tries to reconcile with the people who worshipped and crucified him. The work of a lifetime by Rupert Everett — who directed, wrote, and stars in this sensual portrait of the artist who established aestheticism — is a love letter to one of the greatest figures in the history of human intellect, but also to those in the gutter who keep looking at the stars.

In a small town, a troupe of amateur actors rehearse the play The Life of Insects by Brothers Capek, until they lose their grip on reality. The greatest living Czech director and pioneer of surrealistic animation draws on an emblematic allegory of life in Czechoslovakia after World War II and delivers a timeless, ingenious study on necessary misanthropy.

A movie that uniquely captures the spirit of New York in the late 70s, as well as the defiant spirit of a personality that still affects the aesthetics and emotions of our era. December The youngest of the two decides to return to India, the country where he grew and and where he falls in love with Maya. Similarly to her previous films, in her most romantic movie to date, Mia Hansen-Love immerses us in the closed circuit of a particular social group, making us feel conspirators and partakers in brave, invisible changes.

The Golden Lion that this Netflix production received in the latest Venice Biennale has changed radically the whole landscape of film industry.

As we follow the character in the labyrinths of her past, we witness the unravelling of 20th century history. A unique cinematic metaphysical vision, made by the most important directors of the Far East. In the dark suburbs of an undefined Italian city, a humble poor devil who makes a living as a dog caretaker and seems to communicate with animals better than he does with humans, gets involved in a vicious circle of violence.

Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. An icon of psychedelic pop culture, Yellow Submarine is a colourful musical spectacle and an exhilaratingly joyful cinematic experience for all ages — filled with visual invention, optical illusions, wordplays, and glorious music. In this landmark in animation that was just released in a new, digital restoration, the Beatles are called to journey across seven seas to free Sgt. As for the solution?

After one of their shoplifting sessions, Osamu and his son come across a little girl in the freezing cold. Fifteen-year-old Lara is determined to become a professional ballerina and tries by any means necessary to overcome different obstacles: the harsh, antagonistic world of classic dance, the insecurity of adolescence, and —most of all— the fact that she was born a boy.

Having the unconditional support of her father and defying the derogatory gaze of the crowd, she walks dancing towards the impossible. Testing the limits of the form; looking at film practices from a radical perspective; augmenting our perception of the medium. From found footage to 3D, from analog to digital, from absolut darkness to flickering light, the films of this program run a vast gamut of different techniques, technologies, and means of expression.

Responding to an invitation-commission by the San Francisco FIlm Festival, one of the most imaginative contemporary filmmakers writes a love letter to the emblematic West Coast city, delivering his own take to the classic Alfred HItchcock masterpiece Vertigo. A truly visionary work about seeing and seeing again. Plump, stubborn, masculine, unconventional, offbeat, ambitious, unstoppable: The hippopotamus poetess is one of us!

A story of female creativity, strength, and resilience based on the life and work of Amy Lowell — an American poet of the Imagist movement who craved to succeed in a world dominated by men — and armed with the weapon of the dreamlike surrealism of experimental animation.

Film Market ID: The woman winks, the woman buys, the woman sells, the woman dies. A creative assemblage of archival material, where female figurine are literally cut out of their context as paper dolls, and are forced to inhabit a digital space. An epic hour film that was ten years in the making, is presented for the first time in Greece after its raving festival journey. In this homage to the history of cinema, comprising six episodes, each part has a different visual style and alludes to a different genre — ranging from an American B-movie to a musical a spy movie, and moving towards a totally different direction.

The 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival will screen the film in two different ways. The first screening will be presented in three parts Parts 1, 2, and 3 and the second screening will be presented in two parts 1 and 2.

La Flor is a complex narrative made up of six independent, successive stories, connected by the same four actresses: Pilar Gamboa, Elisa Carricajo, Laura Paredes and Valeria Correa. The universe of different stories changes radically from one episode to the next, and it is this kind of broad, wildlyranging sweep that we seek.

In the same way, the characters played by the four actresses in each story aspire to the same variety. There is a twofold objective: on the one hand, to turn the actresses into what drives the storytelling, to place the onus on them to bring these stories out in the open and stir up in us, like cruel gorgons, that willing suspension of disbelief that kept Coleridge up all night; but on the other hand, that all this leaping from one story to another should ultimately reveal to us the true faces of these women.

So kind of like how Manet unveiled his model by disguising her as a bullfighter here, or laying her bare among the grass there, with successive costumes revealing her, so to does La Flor seek to work with its women. So that the different ups and downs they go through and the different images they embody ultimately make up their four portraits.

An extensive tribute to the artistic duo from Chile who guide us through the modern history of Latin America through allegories and dreams. In their films, they draw techniques from photography, drawing, sculpture, dance, and performance, to create a new interpretation of religious symbolism and magical rituals.

Their work is frequently exhibited in museums and biennial exhibitions in Latin America, and international venues such as the Whitechapel Gallery, the Venice Biennial , and Art Basel Statements They are represented by Upstream Gallery Amsterdam.

He appears in charcoal on the walls of a room filled with broken objects that constantly shift around. Little by little the room clears up as the objects return to their proper places.

In one room we find a dinner of intellectuals and writers, while in the neighboring room a torture is taking place. In a room there is a box. In the box there is a forest.

In the forest there is a lost child. Living beings made of paper appear and vanish in The Smaller Room. A video animation in seven parts, comprising charcoal drawings made by the artist. The drawings did not survive the animation process, as if they were lost themselves in the wind. A ceremony which presents the beginning of a myth and its immediate decadence.

A science fiction story vaguely based on the life and work of the 17th-century scholar Athanasius Kircher. She confronts her different personifications and tries to keep her visitor away using witchcraft. She curses, sings, dances and is reintroduced in alternative versions of herself. A restless primal spirit takes possession of an office room. Drawings appear on the walls, plant-like forms sprout from the computer and overgrow the desktop. As it finds its way through the office space, the mysterious entity transforms into the limbs of a giant and dissolves again.

Maria, a young woman, finds refuge in a house in the south of Chile after escaping from a sect of German religious fanatics. She is welcomed by two pigs, the only inhabitants of the place. The animals transform slowly into humans and the house becomes a nightmarish world. A fairy tale full of symbolism about the contemporary history of Chile, which, like the house in the title, is found in a state of relentless mutation, loses its direction, and finally tells the story of a new, unknown road.

Three women who meet by chance set off for a journey to the land of desire, from which there is no way back. Polyamorous imaginary is transformed into a political act and translated in a road movie, where the transformation of the natural landscape converses in a poetic and sensual way with the diverse manifestations of female sexuality.

An orgasmic take on a the actual limits of representation. Eight masters of horror join forces, exchanging local legends and fairytales that kept them awake at night. In Austria, a dreadful creature punishes a girl who indulged in a forbidden love… In Hungary, two brothers get supernatural powers as they fight for the heart of a princess… In Greece, a Christmas goblin crashes a party.

A phantasmagorical exploration of myth and lore, which proves the universal nature of fear. A rainy evening, a dazed female cab driver enters a desolate police station. A young businessman who recently became a father decides to release his urge to kill his newborn baby in the cradle by murdering a call girl.

India, 19th century: on the outskirts of a decrepit village called Tumbbad lives Vinayak, the stubborn, conniving bastard son of the village lord, obsessed with a mythical ancestral treasure.

He suspects the secret lies with his great-grandmother, a cursed witch sleeping for centuries. Confronting her finally puts him face to face with the guardian of the treasure, an evil fallen god. A wild fantasy epic, infused with an unconventional Bollywood touch. An American boy named Bobby and his friend Akkun set out for the mountains to build a secret hideout. A fine specimen of geki-mation — a unique technique that is based on hand-painted paper cutout — chock-full of references to horror and sci-fi b-movies, and thirsty for blood, human flesh, fire, and action.

Contemporary Greek reality through the lens of Greek filmmakers, who experiment with the form, sometimes to focus on small narratives, sometimes to rewrite history. Through the voyeuristic nature of the Internet, Alexis unintentionally witnesses a murder through his computer.

Will he be able to uncover the murderer or will he be caught into his trap? Their previously unshakeable bond starts to falter and cracks begin to show, as their relationship becomes the battleground between the rational and the spiritual.

Set against the striking frozen landscapes of Siberia, Still River is a haunting, touching suspense drama about love, trust and faith struggling in the face of doubt. The Mountain Tears follows the odyssey of a guild of stonemasons during the troublesome first years of the 20th century. Far from their homeland, hunted, cut-off by war and battles, slowly or quickly they will perish one by one, and only Markos, the master builder, like another Ulysses, will continue his wandering.

A lonely monk tries to manage the unbearable sadness and loneliness that suddenly and unexpectedly return, when he loses his only companion: his dog.

Extreme emotions will make him converse with his past, and due to this —humble, for some— experience, he will reposition his course and his life. The year-old students are thrilled at the idea of being free to choose their own subjects. The refuge In the heart of the forest, abandoned. Locals say there is something dark hidden there. Nobody goes near it. A gang of robbers have also heard the stories. A group of young people, know no such stories. Only Katerina senses that something is wrong.

Running away from a life filled with failure and rejection, Nikos desperately dives into the dark waters of human desire, after closing a faustian pact. He is given an old piece of animal skin that promises its owner everything, but at a high price his life. As he steadily steps down the spiral of madness, Nikos wonders if he could ever wake up from a life that more and more resembles a dream. One night, Anthony, a retired army officer, is left strandedon the island of Makronisos, where he meets Pericles and Sarah, and the dance of death commences.

The night will reveal the hidden secrets and will unbind the Gordian knot that keeps them tied together. A tragically redeeming exodos for all three of them. Films already screened in Greece return to movie theaters during this ten-day celebration of cinema. April 4th, The Kallimarmaro Stadium is abuzz, with thousands of people gathered and millions listening through their radios.

A girl in love is dreaming of her wedding day, while the future husband becomes more desperate with every Greek ball going through the hoop. An elderly husband and wife remember the home they left behind. A young communist prisoner cheers from his jail cell and a betting shop becomes the place where old and new wounds resurface.

Cleo, a Greek-Chinese girl, brought up with love and light in the hills of Cyprus, finds out on her 18th birthday that her supposedly long-deceased father was actually murdered by the Chinese mafia. LTD, alexfilm otenet. The story of the greatest Greek author of the 20th century, based on his autobiography Report to Greco.

This animation film implements the matching of a composite audiovisual multimedia work and a cascade of word, image and music. Original film material, archival and historical moments of film documents, music compositions and natural sounds, repeating movements, narrative dialogues, and monologues of persons, fragmentary silences, expressions, landscapes, voices, and noises, all contribute to reshaping the spectral diversity of the endeavor of the author Paris Takopoulos, who wrote the novel of the same title.

Something magical is happening in a small uncharted island, somewhere in the Aegean Sea: Two unsuspecting foreigners, a French member of the European Parliament and a young economist, arrive in idyllic Armenaki with a fishing boat and become acquainted with the bizarre lifestyle and subversive moral values of its people.

Money is obsolete and… no banks, no streets, no cars, no rooms to let. Greek cinema beyond narrow geographical delineations, exemplified by three films shot by directors that live abroad.

Czech painter Barbora Kysilkova was quite disappointed to see that two paintings of hers, stolen from an art gallery in Oslo, were nowhere to be found despite the arrest of the perpetrators. In an attempt not so much to trace the missing paintings but reconcile with the feeling of loss, Barbora approaches one of the thieves and asks him to pose for a portrait. An endearing tale of reachingout, forgiveness, and reciprocal understanding begins to unfold as two fragile souls let go of their preconceived roles and discover in each other a reflection of their inner scars, defeats, and gaps.

What about religions, though? Why is it easier to accept the tale of a celebrated prophet summoned by a burning bush than the story of a man who received a calling by extraterrestrials? Had there been documentaries about holy men of ancient times during their lifetimes, what kind of uncomfortable secrets and inconvenient truths would they reveal? In this remote area, where technologies like Internet or TV were only recently allowed, daily pedantic rituals — such as candle lighting or the recitation of prayers — compete with the powerful lure of smartphones.

Privately, the boy is passionate about love songs and forms a relationship with a young singer on WeChat. Unexpected and profound, this documentary provides an eye-opening lens on the effects of technology and challenges us to reassess our own perceptions of human relatedness and self-worth in an age of unparalleled connectivity.

Over the last years, in different parts of the world, islets of resistance have come to surface. Small crews of independent journalists are striving to build an alternative model based on a crystal-clear principle: we need to slow down. A militant documentary that hails journalism as the key pillar of democracy. The documentary follows the daily routine of stray dogs struggling in the center of Athens and the people who take care of them, in the course of five years. A hidden world emerges from the routes of these unknown Athenians, unveiling the unexpected face and the heart of Athens in the midst of change.

A searing journey through the darkness of obscurantism that uncovers unreported atrocities while lauding the astonishing courage of an extraordinary group of people. In April , a ship carrying refugees sank off the coast of Libya, marking another circle on the tragedy calendar of our times. The victims are nameless, faceless figures that slip into oblivion, bearing only numbers, as if objects on a shelf.

Remains of clothes, soaked banknotes, worn-out photos, personal items, are all that is left of them, an array of macabre remnants of existence.

Running through a spectrum of volatile identities, they celebrate each day as if it was their last. A coming-of-age tale about the roller coasters of growing up and falling in love that offers a unique insight into the heart and soul of a fearless generation. Footwear company Togo was a family business that thrived reaching the point of owning more than 30 stores in the wider Turin area.

All that is left today is a couple of struggling stores, enormous suffocating debt, and the desperation of uncertainty as bankruptcy is looming in. Director Gianluca Mattarese has been living in Paris for the last 18 years meticulously fencing himself off from the harsh reality of a family breakdown. Like a prodigal son, he eventually returns to his roots with the task of recording a routine of malaise framed by financial collapse.

A bittersweet tale of family bonds, reuniting, and atonement. Scopelitis is a very special boat. It has a face and a soul; a very lively personality. As we travel on its deck, we enter the marine life of the Small Cyclades, we figure out how do sailors live on board, and discover the life of the inhabitants of this barren islands.

The sea gives space to the land, and the dance of the waves leads to festive ecstasy, wherein a love song leads to the sea storm. Music is a composition of recorded sounds from the boat and the nature of this unique island complex.

A surprising legacy comes to light when a young directoranthropologist buys an apartment where a lonely woman had been living for years. Partly a detective story, partly a borrowed, lyrical diary, this filmic archive embraces the transience of human nature and the inevitability of oblivion, in order to highlight that it is the bigger or smaller losses that give life its value.

Encourage the patients to engage in relationships, get married, and lead a family life. Not in Scandinavia or Canada, but in the suffocative and repressive milieu of Tehran. As the first marriages between couples selected by a committee take place, a series of intriguing questions arise. An in-depth glance at the unseen structures and the unwritten laws of a closed-circuit community, where love works in mysterious ways. At the same time, a brave portrait of a regressive society governed by strict rules that cries for change.

Domenico, an old shepherd, spends his days with his sheep in high altitude, without electricity or water. Nisida, a year-old widow, moved by her faith, decides to undertake a pilgrimage to the Hermitage of San Bartolomeo. Nicola, a retired fisherman, lives with a white cat in the ruins of his village. Norwegian Lene Marie Fossen, ever since the age of ten, has been suffering from severe anorexia, which eventually led to her death in October Over the last ten years of her life, Lene received acclaim as a world-class photographer.

Through her work, she confronted the unbearable shame: her art is bare and honest. A portrait of our inner fears; an homage to the healing powers of art.

Spiros, a motorcycle acrobat of the Circle of Death, lives a nomadic life together with his family, his caravan, and a few acrobats who often abandon him. His dad was a legend of the Circle of Death and so were his uncle and his grandfather — a family tradition for over 50 years! Will Spiros manage to make ends meet, and, furthermore, is this vanishing profession going to get a second wind?

Are his sons willing to take the wheel? A human portrait of an old-school lover of speed in a rapidly changing world. After thirty years of serving as a Greek Orthodox priest in the US, Tom Avramis decides to leave the Church, shocking his tight knit family and admiring parishioners. Every family saga is a whirlpool of fading memories, drowned secrets, unfulfilled promises, and endless expectations, passed on from one generation to the other, like an atavistic repetition of fantasies and faults.

A poetic roaming through time that embarks on a timeless quest for identity, forging loss and love onto the never-ending cycle of life and death. An allegorical journey that aims to recreate a paradise lost and immerse us in an invisible locus amoenus that can only survive through memory.

A poetic study on the spiritual bond that ties us to the land, capturing the ultimate trace of existence: the echoing silence. This newly established competition program showcases the work of new, daring filmmakers who challenge our relation with reality and thus attempt to renegotiate it, beyond the conventions of film genres.

Toing and froing between reality and fiction, this brazen documentary captures the quirky ambiance that reigns over a highly unusual refuge, where birds and people in pain the former literally, the latter metaphorically struggle to rediscover the desire to live.

Set in the grounds of the Ornithological Rehabilitation Center in Switzerland, this allegorical tale of disarming candor, unfolds like a harsh dreamlike lullaby, tuning into the unrelenting pace of nature. A movie about what is fake and what is real, that flutters between documentary and fiction. A film about flying and falling, the human need to fly, fear of heights, vertigo, utopia, Gods and man. An elegiac portrait of a fading world of memories and stories enshrined in emptied glasses and puffs of smoke.

A Western-like documentary set in a remote rural region in Lesotho: a frontier space where the ways of modern society are of little, if any, value. The arrival of economic migrants from China has irrevocably upset the balance of power, as old laws and ancient gods are doddering away. Subtle moments and small gestures reveal the trauma of expatriation, the burden of personal sacrifice, solitude and alienation, as well as the painful experience of otherness.

As old structures begin to disintegrate and violence is about to erupt, one rule asserts itself above all others: eat or be eaten. Coasts of the Barents Sea, in the Arctic Ocean, a little past the far edge of the world. Three solitary and salt-stricken men. A retired seaman who spends the dusk of his life working in an abandoned village. A self-taught diver who has set up a team to raise WWII shipwrecks. A reckless and adrenaline-addict poacher who faces the threat of capture every night.

An indiscernible thread ties these men, who abide by a personal moral code and are governed by an inherent rebelliousness. Their inner truth lies in the froth of the waves. Bianca is a year-old Italian transsexual prostitute who lives in Milan. Over the last 20 years, she has been involved with Natasha, a Japanese trans who is temporarily living in Brazil: their bond is too strong to be weakened by distance.

Henrique and Beatriz got married on her twenty-first birthday. Henrique, a naval officer, would spend long periods at sea. In a story as old as time, death intrudes like an unexpected guest.

A heartfelt tale of metamorphosis that delves into loss and grief, flying away and growing roots at the same time. Artificial Intelligence is already changing almost every area of life today. This documentary essay is inspired by the changes that influence our perception of Topos. By combining film images, graphics with documentary text modules, the author associatively points out how the progress of data and technology colonizes human existence and fundamentally influences the balance between the psychological, mental, and biological aspects of life.

History, sacrifice, and grandeur are enshrined in nature and in art: a collective legacy of resistance against every form of tyranny. Yet, beneath the flashy surface, tensions are surging giving rise to violent clashes swept under the carpet: exaltation and pomp were the official lines.

Testing the limits of the form; looking at film practices from a radical perpective; augmenting our perception of the medium.

Unlike the case of humans, there is no law dictating to birds where to fly, when they choose to migrate: their freedom is not restricted by artificial and very often temporary borders or invented hierarchies.

A surfeit of bile, said the ancient Greek physicians, can lead both to physical disorders gallstones and mental health problems melancholy. The director of this intimate essay on the human body, health, disease, and death, can vouch for this from personal experience. At the same time, astronomy aficionados observe the stars and a boy plays the piano for the wild deers lurking in the dark. Blending ancient myths of men and gods with a prosaic touch of realism, this transcendental documentary of nearby whispers and distant echoes celebrates life in all its — mundane and mysterious — contradictory dimensions.

A disorientating and meditative journey that challenges you to let go and immerse yourself in its hypnotic vision, set against a dead-on soundtrack of metallic noises and urban sounds. An innovative and transfixing animation firmly rooted in a hectic metropolis and completely detached of time and space, all at once. It was a warm May night when Rafael was beaten, tortured and abducted by the police, in the Brazilian city of Bello Horizonte.

What casts an even more chilling effect to this horrifying incident is that it took place in the pre-Bolsonaro era: the newly elected alt-right has gone a step further, consolidating and encouraging police brutality. A low-key and allegorical tale of everyday oppression that gives voice to the marginalized of a society ridden with ferocious inequalities. Yet, even in this grim rendition of inhumanity, hints of optimism manage to stay afloat.

Plastic spoons were able to pull the wool over our eyes until this wordless and witty documentary of distinct black-and-white cast its piercing glance at a phenomenal paradox. Their real names and their past were discarded by history and buried in oblivion. A tale of courage, conflicting loyalties, and emancipation.

Artist and filmmaker Eric Baudelaire spent four years interacting with the pupils of a film class, at a secondary school in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis. Keeping himself on the sidelines, he gives way to the children to express their thoughts and dreams.

Their remarks are intuitive, inquisitive, yet passionate and surprisingly mature, concerning rocky and complicated issues, ranging from racism, immigration, and identity, all the way to the possibilities of film as a medium. As time flows almost unnoticed, it is evident that these children have not only become the co-directors of this film but also the heroes of their own lives. Virtual reality is already so much more than a simple technological innovation.

The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival presents a competition program, featuring films which prove that this new medium can pave the way for novel cinematic experience and art. Ayahuasca is a traditional psychedelic brew used as a spiritual medicine by indigenous people in South America.

Under its influence, hallucinatory visions overflow the mind, while many of its devotees claim to have come in contact with spirits and their deepest traumas. An enthralling and immersive VR journey through the mystical Amazon landscape, in the company of whispery chants and otherworldly entities, against a canvas of phantasmagoric images. A travel experience set on one of the most famous and stunning motorbike routes of the world.

Meandering over 1, miles of ravishing landscapes, starting off from Vietnam all the way to Thailand, we cross countries scarred by war, political turmoil, and poverty. Seven episodes that unfold seven different stories become the canvas for dreams, recounts, painful memories, and heartfelt confessions, as state borders and private fences become unclear and evasive. Through the common denominator of the dance, we delve into the pulsating beat of Berlin and Havana.

For Berliners, dance is a new trick to learn, whereas for Habaneros, it literally runs in their veins. In the middle ground stands Lola, belonging in both worlds, who guides us through this journey. Filmed in degrees, the film enables us to observe and experience the two cities from every angle.

In April , terrorist group Boko Haram abducted teenage schoolgirls from the agrarian community of Chibok, Nigeria. Yana Galang, mother of one of the kidnapped girls, renders a heartwrenching account of the tragedy. A story of loss and strength, and a homage to the admirable bravery of Chibok women, who are keeping hope alive. Typical images of people with disabilities depict them as asexual beings, in need of care, to be pitied as victims.

This documentary builds an intersection between being queer, a woman of color and a person with a disability; a narrative that does not veer between tragedy and triumph. In a tone both playful and acerbic, three characters mold the identity of their megacity and showcase the differences between those who return from abroad and the ones who never left.

Rona Soffer suffered a terrible accident at the age of 15, which left her disabled in both her body and voice, but not in her mind or spirit. In this autobiographical film, her inner music comes to life when she runs into a choreographer who tries to sweep her off her feet. Sohail, inspired by a local therapist working in the camp, joins artist Nakam and war-injured Ali. Together, they decide to flee away in search of a new, meaningful life.

Through cinematic virtual reality we join them in their journey, where night becomes day. Films that have travelled and keep traveling around the international festival circuit, gathering awards and disctinctions. For more than thirty years, the devoted nursing personnel working in Ward 5B of the San Francisco General Hospital have been struggling each and every day to attend to HIV patients and heal not only their bodily wounds but primarily the dreadful social stigma of the disease that defined human relationships in the s.

Through a combination of interviews with people who have experienced or built this shelter, and unique footage often from hidden cameras , this extraordinary documentary triggers priceless emotions of restlessness, generosity, and empathy, spreading the virus of resistance in an era of new, radical conservatism. Dissecting the grandeur of Andrei Tarkovsky feels like chemically analyzing the beauty of a sunset. Instead, he gives the floor to the artist himself, courtesy of hours and hours of family recordings, in which Tarkovsky thoroughly expounds on cinema, spirituality, poetry, memory, and death.

Soon enough, we get a glimpse of a true master at work through rare video footage from the sets: indiscernible doodles gradually develop into touches of pure magic.

The intimate portrait of a young man who struggles to find his identity beyond the obtrusions of culture, religion or geography, turns into a mirror of new colonial practices. By and large, every regime collapse inaugurates a brief period of uncertainty paving the way for rampant opportunism. Such was the case of the USSR dissolution that triggered the appearance of almighty oligarchs who accumulated excessive wealth, influence, and political power. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a banker and oil magnate, was a prominent example of an elite caste that pulled the strings behind the curtains.

The real tragedy, though, was yet to come. Over the following weeks, 37 people succumbed to rampant — but totally preventable — infections, due to inadequate hospital facilities, diluted disinfectants and, most of all, murderous indifference. An explosive documentary reenacting the investigation that exposed the unfathomable corruption that lies in the heart of an inhuman system, shedding light on all reprehensible cover-ups of a vulgar scandal.

An homage to the sacred powers of journalism, standing as the last barrier against a brave new world that treats human life as disposable material. The multi-awarded director Barbara Kopple reconstructs the period that defined world history, with the tools of investigative journalism, the frantic pace of a thriller, and the surgical accuracy of an anatomy lesson, in order to draw the genealogy of a regrettably timely rehearsal for the Third World War.

An unprecedented eye-opening look at transgender depictions in film and television that reveals how Hollywood simultaneously reflects and manufactures our deepest anxieties about gender. Reframing familiar scenes and iconic characters in a new light, this thought-provoking documentary urges us to re-examine our preconceived assumptions. After five years — of endless bloodshed, unspeakable atrocities, and utter barbarism, Aleppo, in Syria, has turned into a post-apocalyptic scenery of wreckage, ruins, and grief.

Yet, amidst devastation, life finds a way to emerge and flourish. Framed and crafted as a love letter from an agonizing mother to her newborn daughter and opening with airstrike footage as seen from inside the target zone, this breathtaking documentary drops us in the thick of things right from the start.

A compelling and heartbreaking study of hope and horror on a tightrope, while a shattering dilemma is lurking close by. Setting off at the foothills of the Prague Spring all the way to Hollywood glamor, we witness the remarkable journey of an orphan boy to stardom and recognition, grasping the key notions of his work: remoteness, disconnectedness, and resistance to any form of oppressive authority. A punkish documentary that gives carte blanche to a gifted storyteller to playfully enhance the lurid myth of a film that has triggered off vertiginous leaps of faith for almost half a century now.

When night falls in rural Germany, old caravans decorated with schlocky flashy lights traverse the murky Autobahns, crossing seeded fields and spooky forests. These mystery vehicles are not headed to any sort of destination; they are a destination on their own offering the services of prostitutes from Eastern Europe and Africa trapped in these four-wheel coffins of hope and dreams.

Then, an unexpected murder shatters the nightmarish repetitiveness, like a menacing reminder of evil always lurking by. An in-depth glance at the unseen people who inhabit the margins of society, ostracized at the outer edge of globalized economy.

Back in the s, Caroline manages to free herself from the clutches of a forced marriage and spread her wings. She becomes a successful businesswoman, defying the social set of rules and stereotypes of her time. He comes out of the closet and embarks on a crusade against homophobia and sexism.

A family saga of rebellion, as well as an intimate journey through scraps of memory, which challenging the taboos of gender and sexuality. An atypical documentary that glides with ease in-between dreamlike images; a floating urban choreography, unburdened by the conventions of strict linear timelines, that dances through fleeting impressions and poignant inklings.

At the same time, a vivid illustration of the ways networks of power and cultural supremacy impose themselves through architecture and city planning. Revealing for the first time on camera drawings, notes, and personal items, the director outlines a reflective portrait of the relation between creativity and the market, as well as between the humblest materials and the most delicate feelings.

Nick Nicolaou moved from Cyprus to the USA at the age of 12 and grew instantly infatuated with the noble routine of moviegoing.

Over the past decades, he has endeavored to keep art-house and neighborhood movie theaters alive in various boroughs of New York, standing up to the multiplex omnipotence.

Natural born provocateur Abel Ferrara, an old acquaintance of Nicolaou, addresses a love letter to a-last-of-the-Mohicans friend and kneels in respect before a sworn guardian of a distant romantic era.

An invigorating, yet solemn, homage to the fading sensation of a vanishing art. Today, this fearless journalist who spent most of his adult life in the line of fire and had his name identified with the Middle East crisis reflects on his past and his methods before the camera of an experienced filmmaker.

A film that glorifies the value of personal experience in the perpetual quest for truth, deemed more than necessary in the era of fake news. Konstantakopoulos, Michael M. Blowing several times a year in the area of the Polish Tatra Mountains, the halny wind is a raw and untamed force of nature, more than often turning into a destructive hurricane.

In , whistleblower and intelligence analyst Chelsea then Bradley Manning was sentenced to year imprisonment for passing on classified documents to WikiLeaks, which contained evidence of US war crimes in Iraq.

Manning came out as a trans woman shortly after her conviction but remained incarcerated in a male prison. When President Obama commuted her sentence in , her adventures were far from being over. A cycle of gloom and hope that navigates through the scars of a fragile soul who struggles with a harrowing past.

Hair must be cut short and nails should be clipped daily. Most importantly, you can never get carried away by the festive and frivolous ambiance around you. Just a few of the rigid rules Luca, a wild-spirited year-old boy living in the Alps, is forced to abide by as he enrolls in a hotel boarding school of rigorous discipline, in Domodossola, Italy. A merciless yet sensitive coming-of-age story featuring an endearing teenager who is thrown into a sterile world, where everyday gestures are turned into rituals, where people are divided for life into servants and customers.

Documentaries with a particular character, which follow a special route, inside or outside the cinema theaters. For over 50 years, avant-garde filmmakers and lifelong companions Yervant Gianikian and Angela Lucci Ricchi etched new paths for recording and unfolding stories of conflict, violence, colonialism and social inequality through their experimental and politically charged documentary films.

At the same time, they are the labor of love from a bereaved husband to the love of his life. A tender portrait that immerses us into a sanctuary of passion and creation. They have set up their own TV channel, they combine lifelong education and hard work, they cultivate fruit, produce wine and hold screenings of documentaries.

An exhilarating pilgrimage to a small-scale Utopia, proving that life is full of alternatives and byways. Utopia is not a fictional locus but a haven waiting to be discovered. How can you create an engaging opening shot? Which is the best approach to portray love, death, sorrow, happiness, and memories? What about film genres and their distinct features? A journey to the most interesting documentary films of our times, in every geographical and cinematic altitude and latitude, in all four cardinal directions.

Movies that define their own coordinates and wait from us to discover them. Looking into a plot of 1, square meters in Geraki, Laconia, a village in Southern Greece, an international team of archaeologists has been constructing the distant past of the acropolis of Ancient Geronthrai. Between olive trees and stones, amidst these harsh landscapes of the Southern Mediterranean, archaeologists along with the people of Geraki add their own layer of time to the eternal quest for understanding the past.

Middle-aged celibate Christian lives with his two cats and his undying affection for his fury companions dubs him the king of cat lovers — the word inseparable seems an understatement for their relationship. A film that comprises in itself a form of dance — rather than a film about dance; an encounter between film and dance — rather than a film about a dancer. Asho is a shepherd child who enjoys life in the hillsides of Iran.

His sheep are all named after celebrities: actors, actresses, and politicians depending on their hairstyle. He watches tons of movies on his cracked tablet while on the fields and dreams of becoming a cinema icon. Along the way, he is expected to marry his cousin Pira to whom he is pledged. A landscape of stunning beauty and dreamlike frames provides the ideal backdrop for this romantic portrait of a natural-born star.

According to the Filipino folklore tradition, a mythical creature named Aswang inhabits the land, ready to prey on people. Breathlessly following the everyday struggle of a group of people whose life was radically affected by the regime, a shocking chronicle of state terror and systematic human rights violation unravels against the backdrop of the Manila slums. A documentary short that explores the distortion of memory in old age.

Using footage from both his past and present, the film follows a man as he retraces the important moments of his life. As he enters his final chapter, it becomes clear that the man can no longer separate reality from what he has dreamed; blurring the line between memory and imagination. After 52 years of bloody conflict, the Colombian government and FARC guerillas have come to a peace agreement. Nevertheless, the hot-button question surfaces: after half a century of extreme polarization is it possible to put an end to this vicious cycle of violence and find a common ground for understanding?

Through a mosaic of characters that represent all aspects of the complex modern-day Colombian landscape a former FARC revolutionary, a lifelong member of the elite, a poverty-ridden coca farmer and a reactionary alt-right politician , this intrusive documentary illustrates a wounded country in a state of awkward transition and painful transformation. Nevertheless, beneath the serene surface lie unhealed grief, thundering silence and ever-burning political conflicts. The brutal murder of Antonio Lomas in , an unpunished atrocity committed by the Guardia Civil during the Franco era, triggered a divisive collective trauma that has never been processed or dealt with.

A dramatized reenactment of the painful past events seems an ideal way to reveal all the skeletons in the closet, but not everyone shares the same opinion…. Thirty-five years since his legendary stage direction of the Bacchae, Theodoros Terzopoulos is part of the elite of theater innovation. How can cinema heal the wounds of war? How does a camera transform the reality of a war zone?

And how could on or off-frame action give new dimensions to the tightest blood bonds? Despite the awfulness that surrounds them, Anna and her four children remain positive and even decide to shoot an autobiographical film.

Two prisoners sentenced for life in a Lithuanian prison share their innermost thoughts, as they struggle to embrace hope for the future in a hopeless present.

The penetrative camera of the director captures an environment full of contrasts in an immersive black-and-white chiaroscuro, where blind devotion meets violence and exploitation, monotony alternates with extremity, and patriarchy stems from an illusion of collectivity.

Fotis Psyharis is a teacher working at a central-Athens public elementary school for the last 30 years. The large majority of his students are children of immigrants and refugees. The lack of a common language and cultural code prompts Fotis to develop different teaching Methods. Theater, which combines several other arts, is only one of his tools. Kostopoulos Foundation. After Fall, January finds everyone wiser and even more eager to work together. A legend that carries on through centuries, conveyed in masterpieces of art that leave an indelible mark on the human legacy.

An elegant documentary that fights ageism in the most effective way, reminding us that we design our lives from the beginning every single day. The movement begins hopelessly, with just a handful of supporters setting out on a day march from one side of the country to the capital Yerevan. Surprisingly, within a few weeks, the march erupts in a spectacular revolution, as millions of citizens take to the streets and stage one of the most powerful acts of civil disobedience in modern history.

Despite being caught in a digital frenzy, humanity is analog by nature — we are flawed, tangible and unique. Lately, our artificial offspring has turned against its creator, as fake news, trolling, information overload, and overdependence on social media are eating up our faith in the digital gospel.

A playful and witty documentary that unfolds the underdog tale of a 21st century Don Quixote. Back in , when old-school photography was falling out of date, an eccentric Austrian biologist embarked on a David vs.

Goliath venture: he set out to save the last Polaroid factory in the world. In an effort to escape from their past, and follow a new way of life, dogs Toska, Montecristo, Charlize, Richard , and inmates Antonia and Katerina , are determined to confront their fears and seize a second chance in life. Back in , Beverly Glenn-Copeland self-released Keyboard Fantasies, a folk-electronica hybrid album, way ahead of its time. Fate is known to work in mysterious ways, and three decades later, at the age of 74, this long-forgotten musician—now trans man Glenn Copeland — is finally getting his dues, as he is ready to embark on his first international tour.

Set against a backdrop of identity struggle, social transform, and fervent artistic output, this heartfelt documentary celebrates the unpredictable rhythms of life.

A lullaby to soothe all souls struggling to find their place in the world. The outbreak of the economic crisis in Spain led thousands of horses a symbol of prestige in the years of plenty for nouveauriches to be abandoned by their owners. A humble yet noble tale of perseverance and endurance and a parable for our times, which applies to people as well: once our shine comes off, society deems us redundant. Spencer, Kevin A. If the world has an edge, then it is certainly visible from Iceland. Yet, a feeling of loss and grief looms in the roaring air, as this is the last autumn of herding, marking the end of a centuries-long tradition.

A tale of abandonment and endlessness, where the gaping and misty landscape bears witness to the works of man. For young girls in Afghanistan, life is no picnic: an endless chain of prohibitions imposed by religious fanaticism and patriarchy renders even the little pleasures of life a distant dream. Yet, glimpses of hope emerge in the most somber places. A touching tale of resistance as well as a labor of love to these brave ladies who refuse to give in. His last picture was taken in Berlin, a day after the Wall came down.

As he was motivated by the dream for a united Europe, he thought that his project made no sense after the end of the Cold War. He stashed the negatives away in a box and forgot about them. For a good 25 years…. This is a documentary about the influence of Vamvakaris on the contemporary soundscape of Europe.

Imagine a dream of such intensity that it leaves a tangible footprint even in the awake world as if it lingers on in a fluid and mutative reality. Pablo lives in Uruguay, in a remote area of untamed nature. He spends his time crafting liquor and recording poems on old cassettes. He is self-contained but not lonesome.

Oscar and Valeria are his inseparable friends with whom he constantly jokes around. As the camera zooms in on their everyday adventures, one almost fails to notice a minor detail: all three are blind.

A tender documentary that reminds us that the eyes of the soul can find the missing thread even amidst darkness. A low-key elegy to the exhilarating forces of friendship and companionship that light up our path in life. In a public hospital in Argentina, social consultants and gynecologists offer guidance and solace to young women who are on the verge of a painful decision. Coming from a background of destitution, prejudice, and ignorance, they often fall victim to gender violence: having been taught that an undesired impregnation is nothing but their fault and dreaded by horrifying stories of clandestine abortions, they are trapped in a predicament.

Filmed in shades of grey and slow-paced serene shots, this heartfelt documentary explores the cruel side of motherhood and gives the floor to these fragile girls who share their most vulnerable moments with powerful candor.

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  2. Youtube Subscribe: τα 50 χρόνια ελληνικής μουσικής ιστορίας, στο κανάλι.
  3. Σάββατο βράδυ, έκανα το μπάνιο μου, έβαλα τις κρέμες μου.
  4. Ο ένας και μοναδικός, ο γκουρού της μουσικής, ο φάχτορας της Eurovision, ο άνθρωπος που οσφραίνεται τον κίνδυνο ο οποίος ανά πάσα στιγμή μπορεί να απειλήσει ένα φαβορί όπως η .
  5. Feb 25,  · Τάκης Βαμβακίδης - Ανατροπή και πέναλτι Στίχοι:Φώντας Μάχλης Μουσική:Φώντας Μάχλης Από το δίσκο ''Το Χαμόγελο Του Τάκη'' που κυκλοφόρησε το από τ.
  6. Όλα είναι σχεδόν έτοιμα για τη διεξαγωγή του 38ου Παγκρήτιου Διαγωνισμού Ομορφιάς, ο οποίος θα πραγματοποιηθεί αύριο Σάββατο 09 Δεκεμβρίου στο κινηματοθέατρο Αστόρια και θα μεταδοθεί ζωντανά από την ΚΡΗΤΗ TV, στις 10 το.
  7. Η δαιμόνια Ελληνοπολωνή επιχειρηματίας που άντεξε τις συγκρούσεις μέσα στην οικογένεια Μητσοτάκη και μετά από ένα μικρό «διάλειμμα» επέστρεψε στο πλευρό του συζύγου της. Η γνωριμία τους στο Χάρβαρντ, οι κόντρες με.

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