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Download Oriental Sex Express - Orgazmix - Erotika Határok Nélkül (CD, Album)
Label: Warner Music Hungary - 5046-68418-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: Hungary • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: Eurodance

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Patent and Trademark Office. A hon lapja Hangulatok Pedig tartozhatna. Ki tudja Westel Trianon Telefon Fax e-mail: oki nyomtato. Telefon: E-mail: ikalauz prim.

Magyar Posta Rt. Richard S. Tudod, hol van? Buta vagy. Az ajanlatotkapok. Olyan, mint az AdSubtract www. Mert pl. Tame him. Eat him. And it has been so since the dawn of time. TAURO — a short film about the second-oldest relationship in human history. He enters the X-ray room, where we catch a glimpse of the process as performed five hundred years ago. He then continues into the operating theatre, where the patient is anaesthetized and operated upon.

The procedure works, but there is something wrong with the methodology A film without words. A bika vad. In —99 he studied animation at HFF-Potsdam. A fascination with motion on still pictures and a love of the cinema led him to cinematography. His extensive experience as camera assistant, camera operator and director of photography provided him with the technical finesse to tackle a stop-motion project.

The victim of scientific experiments, a man with dreams about flying is immersed in a water tank. As the scientist gives him an overdose of dream-energy, he escapes. Now he has the ability to fly. About 15, animated photos make up the frames for this film, telling this strange and funny story about this flying man, his nemesis, the scientist, a woman, and a shark.

Currently he studies animation directing in the Screenwriters and Directors Master School. Both are working as freelance cameraman. After a stingy man eats some cherry seeds, a cherry tree grows on his head and he gets into a lot of trouble. His works have been shown in more than 25 countries, and awarded various honorable prizes. He has produced short animated films, television commercials, multi-media works.

However, his world is motionless, and in such a world a journey, like movement itself, can exist only in the imagination. Times are changing, and so do bosses. But what does this mean to the other staff members? And how does the attractive head secretary handle the new situation? This mockumentary picks up her story 40 years later. Piroska nem hagyja, hogy a farkas megegye. A bumpy car journey proves too much for a bottomless bladder.

Or: AK is forced to go with the flow whilst decanting in transit. The ginger nut job and his fat faced pal spice up another dull journey with fun and inflammation. Bad news for breakfast. AK taps into his feminine side and gets all mixed up. The insulted stranger, none other than the Old Testament Prophet Elisha, calls on the Lord God to teach the children a bloody lesson they will never forget.

This animated adventure follows the journey of three runaway sheep, a stressed-out purple shepherdess and some helpful sheep poops, as they travel to a strange and unwelcoming city inhabited by stickpeople.

These memories show us our earliest years not as they were, but as they appeared at the later periods when these memories were aroused. In these periods of arousal, the childhood memories did not, as people are accustomed to say, emerge; they were formed at that time He studied media arts at Sheridan College.

He made installations and did extensive performance work. In he joined an artist-run exhibition group devoted to fringe film and video. He has been published more than eighty articles. He has made twenty-five fringe films which have appeared in over two hundred festivals worldwide, garnering thirty awards; and has produced over 20 films, e.

I was playing around with the two layers of the cinematographic code: Image and Sound. In traditional film the sound is usually used to amplify the emotional content of the images, and so it has to follow the rules of the narrative lines. In VideoMusic I was trying to invert this relation. The question was: what will happen if the images have to follow the sound? I started with cutting out scenes of movies which sounds I liked and then looped them to create a rhythm. It was fun to turn Bruce Lee and Tarzan into dancers and musicians.

In a way I felt like a discjockey doing a remix of movies. Then I got into problems because of copyright issues. So I started filming my own material. Mostly it consists of events in everyday life routines as cleaning the house, playing a record, getting dressed etc. He studied musicology and sociology in Giessen. In he moved to Barcelona where he started to work with video and multiple installation. Since then he did various exhibitions in Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne and Rotterdam.

A short film about our daily food not blessed. It is a bad dream about the threatening images that swarm around food. Everything looks strange and frightening in the dark. He is completing his PhD in slavistics. After completing his studies at Savonlinna Upper Secondary Art School, he began creating lightning for rockbands. In the 's he taught at the Academy of Visual Arts, did lightning for various groups and held his own exhibitions mostly outside of the regular museums and art galleries.

In Haanpera's works poetic meanings arise when he combines the lighting of a rock concert with surrealistic collages of objects and written text or experiments music. He wants to combine realism and surrealism, feeling and fact. It visualizes the obstacles between the lovers as they get closer and closer to each other.

How do we protect ourselves from this proximity? Close-ups transform bodies into alien landscapes and make us doubt their gender. Courses in photography. Film and video director. I use a digital camera and a so-called frame filming technique film made frame by frame , and try to create fun to watch, never seen pictures.

The materials I use are from the everyday life: newspapers, cars, traffic signs, railway crossings, books, vending machines, and many more. His films are non-collaborative and are all under 10 minutes in length.

His work has won him numerous accolades, including two awards from the Kanagawa Art and Film Competition in and The images date from the year to present time. The piece explores the ups and downs throughout the century as a new nation tries to establish itself as a world leader. The sole purpose of this film is to make you feel something. This film explains how to make things vanish, warning us about the dangers and possible undesirable consequences of following the procedure inaccurately.

This book is a must for all people interested in the art of magic. Justin went to film school at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco where he produced, directed and wrote several award winning short films.

He went on to direct many music videos and commercials. He is now spending most of his time writing feature film screenplays and pitching them to studios, production companies. Trap her in the real world then smash into her private reality. Control her movement, contain her emotion. You can try but she already beaten you to it. With hypersound and supersmart awareness submit to this bizarre journey of entrapment. For the twentieth anniversary of her company, Rosas, she again joins forces with composer and regular collaborator Thierry de Mey.

The film focuses mainly on that highly sophisticated process involving the dialectical exchange between the creative ideas of choreographer and composer, the give-and-take between composition, musical material and dance. Following the success of the workshops, Benjamin decides to create a performance that combined professional and disabled.

In April Adam Benjamin returns to Israel and starts to work on a new dance. Only if you are prepared to distort space, compress time and suspend belief.

The film combines live action and stop motion camera work, with choreography influenced by Japanese Butoh dance. Drawing on a range of mythology and folklore attempts to re-appropriate the spiritual power of ancient performance. The viewer joins the eighty year-old Halprin as she moves upon thresholds of earth, wind, water and fire.

After a brief love affair ends, this passionate duo face the challenge of creating an original performance inspired by the music of Zoltan Kodaly, Alan Hovhaness and Benjamin Britten. She begins her journey from her home in a small Moravian village and tours all over Europe to entertain audiences in a variety of venues with recitals. The 86 year-old Cuban diva is one of the few lyric singers who are still active, who has sung for the greatest Cuban composers, who has collaborated with many famous artists all over the world, who has toured the world for more than thirty years, who has divided her life among many places, with many people, feelings, fame, loneliness.

Now at 86 she recalls her memories, evaluates her past and prepares herself for the last concert she will give in her hometown as an epilogue to her career. He writes screenplays and directs music documentaries for the Czech Television and various film archives and production companies.

He was awarded the Pierot Award in and She studied film at the Stavrakos Film School and graphic arts at an Athens technical school. Has worked as an assistant director on many short films and as set and costume designer in several television productions. Shot on mini-DV the images convey the immediacy of cineverite while also engaging the emotional participation of the viewer.

Grafting classical American Jazz onto the sounds and beats of Romanian folk music, pianist Johnny Raducanu — the father of Romanian Jazz — and young singer Teodora Enache take us on a spellbinding journey aboard this crucible of originality, forged through the hybridization of Romanian sensibility and American musical pioneering.

Not even 20, she is drawn to Moscow. Here she encounters Jazz, which makes her known across the West. She travels the world. Her voice and her music are her luggage. The film documents the search of an uprooted traveller between the worlds, who defines herself through music. The film travels to various traditional and modern day dance rituals to discover, what is the altered state experience which people seek through dance. In these rituals, orisha priestesses from Nigeria and Brazil and shaman healers from the Kalahari and Korea pulse to the same beat as thousands of young people at an all night techno-dance party in an Australian forest.

The son of the Olympic champion football referee inspires many young dj-s on Tilos Radio and at parties.

His appearance often transforms events. If he is asked about his style, he says free style. From January he can again be heard live on Tilos Radio. This film is about him and the subculture that surrounds him.

He worked as an editor at Sverdlovsk Film Studio, where he later became a director. Part 2 is about young prostitutes who ended up in prison for several years after the law against prostitution was enforced.

The film question the stereotypes connected with prostitution. Imre is an outstanding sportsman, a talented actor, and a wonderful person. He is preparing for the most difficult role of his life. Imre has spent his entire life in an institution. These days he is resident of the Liget in Szolnok, which takes care of and rehabilitates the mentally handicapped. It has long since been his dream that his mother should see him on stage. Why would officials of the Canadian government attack citizens for exercising rights that had been affirmed by the highest court in the land?

What happened at Burnt Church? The film discusses the wills, problems of these student and their teacher. She is a member of the Abenaki nation, and spent much of her childhood absorbing its songs, legends and history. She became a professional singer, making her New York debut in In , the National Film Board invited her as an advisor on a film about aboriginal people. She directed her first film in The absence of men, gone to work in Johannesburg or Durban, means that women organize life and work.

Mazungu, Maxulu and Ganephi tell us how they deal with polygamy, the separation from their husbands, their relationships with other women, their in-laws and sometimes their lovers. This film, caught between pain and laughter, presents the everyday lives of Zulu women. It shows how love, friendship and jealousy spice up their lives of endless hard work.

The film speaks of her career, love and death against the background of Soviet cultural life. She has been awarded a doctorate of arts. Through the silent cinematography the film tells a story about the fate of this unique personality. In he graduated from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute. In he finished a course in scrip writing and directing in the Moscow Academy feature film department, master-class of E.

He is the winner of many film festivals both in his country and abroad. Human rights activists, war crimes investigators, right-wing proselytizers are arming themselves with the tools of the new visual revolution. What happens when front-line advocates pick up personal camcorders to document what they see? What are the risks and responsibilities? What are the wider impacts on television and audiences, on international law and our mediated society, on documentary practice and journalism?

Mostly involving human rights, her previous films and media projects include. It reveals a true national self-identity during the 2nd WW and Gulag experience of the author, that ended with his repatriation to Israel. At the end of he was arrested, accused of Zionistic activities and sentenced to a long prison term. After Stalin's death he was released and rehabilitated.

He graduated summa cum laude from High School for Cinema Art In Kalik has emigrated to Israel and since then he has lived and worked in Jerusalem. A writer, journalist and reporter photographer woman stood up against her family, travels around the world to denounce European fascism and the exploitation of American workers.

Her film Together, which was awarded in the Cannes Film Festival, was her radical and poetic contribution to this important chapter of the history of cinema. This strict time limit compels the artist to look for substituting techniques expressing his point in a concentrated form. The fortune of an artist in Ukrainian history of the 20th century. Throughout his career at the film studio in St. Petersburg, Klushantsev pioneered and invented legendary techniques for filming the planets, stars and weightnessless — long before anyone else.

This is a film about a fantastic inventor and dreamer whose destiny was intimately linked with the Space Race and the whims of the Soviet dictatorship. However, despite dying blind and penniless, Klushantsev has left an indelible mark on the history of film and inspired countless filmmakers.

He first studied stone-carving then architecture in Berlin. She started her film career at the studio Byelorusfilm. Since she has worked as a film director at the Krasnoyarsk Film Studio. She is a member of the Guild of Russian Cinematographers.

Nomads of Javanrud leave for Shahu to graze their herds, a place with no water except the Snow of the mountain. Tribal woman travel kilometres on steep mountain trails to cut large pieces of snow and carry them down for their family for drinking. Loaded with an unusual burden after which it has been named, rolling up an down, dung-beetle will reach its target. It will pass all obstacles, resist those who wish to grab possessions from it, thus reminding us of toil and efforts of man in his struggle for survival.

He makes metaphoric films of the world of nature and animals, for which he gained numerous awards, in Yugoslavia and abroad, too. He was, also four times nominated for the US Academy Award. You are the road itself. You cast your eye over faces and stop suddenly for a long intent scrutinizing. The estrangement of a traveler allows you to combine together and find a similarity between different things: the story of unhappy love, a noise of wind, a loneliness of a frog in the middle of lively road, sundawn.

The space is reeling like a roll, time is turning into a point — everything exists now and here. Or — everywhere and always. From to he studied screenwriting and directing in Moscow. Currently he lives in Alapaevsk. He studied philology in Moscow till he got his diploma. The Romanian village Sulina is a long way from the civilised world.

Ten years after the fall of Ceaucescu, the last remains of communism have dissapeared, but nothing seems to have come in its place. The people live in great poverty and bravely bear their fate — with or without a dose of black humour. After diverse experience in theatre and music, she studied cinematography at the Central University of Venezuela. She made her first short film during her undergrad years. She contributed to stage shows and theatrical projects.

Since she has been an exchange student at the Cologne Academy of Arts and Media, in Germany, developing her own projects. The old man, who is also the main character, does two different jobs. He is a composer but he also circumcises children according to Islam law. He composes life and death.

Apart from is importance as a junction for transients and cargo transports, Howrah Station epitomizes the circuit of life of a major Indian city. It is a place of extraordinary intensity and extreme polarities. Educated Rudolf-SteinerSchule Munich. Trainee in the pops department of the Frankfurt am Main city theatres.

In the beginning, with a glass of drink, they served crabs. She studied theatre in Kiev and cinema in Athens. As a half Shiva, half Shakti, as Manjusha describes herself, she has created herself an identity against all social and cultural odds, thus gaining respect among her peers.

Beautifully shot, with lots of close-ups of the busy Indian roads, the documentary has been structured as a poetic tale portraying the protagonist but also the social landscape around her. Hedyeh Allay, 3th. No, Appt. He graduated in Cinema direction at college of Cinema and Theatre. He started his art career as theatre player in Then at he started filmmaking as a founder board member of Anzali port film club and continued his activities in Iranian Young Cinema Society.

He has written scripts and directed more than fifteen short documentaries and short fictions which have won many awards at national and international festivals. Fatiha, a young Moroccan woman, is on the verge of marrying the man her grandfather chose for her. Inevitably, this defiant quest that Fatiha undertakes with the filmmaker produces few answers and lots of trouble.

She does the unthinkable and falls in love for the very first time The hero of the film is serving a longterm sentence.

She acted as on-site producer for a Swiss TV documentary and coordinated the coverage of the Hong Kong handover to China for European tv networks and magazines. The film participated in different festivals, and was awarded several national and international prizes. Their healing methods can do something that Western medicine cannot — cure mental illnesses.

The way they practice their medicine is according to their cultural values and the obvious advantage is that everybody can afford it. The object of this film is to show that this is not merely superstition or another way to look at the world around you, but a way of interpretation which is not used in our part of the world. We are not able to grasp mere subjects with mere intelligence, to get closer to the thruth this way. The more impeccably we talk about God, the more difficult… The film portrays the life of the inhabitants of Monasteries in Georgia.

It reveals social, economical and nature conservation problems relating to the region that are — in an extended point of view — all of our challenge as well. Through the rationalization of the snaring it makes us aware of our universal moral responsibilities. His first educational documentaries are made here. By now he had written, directed and shot numerous documentaries. It is about fourteenyear-old Levente, whose alcoholic parents send him to be employed as a child servant, where he lives in a shed and works like an adult.

In the strict landlord's house Attila learns through sweat and blood the lesson of incessant labour — but he is given no other provisions for the journey or any payment. The two boys, who assess their situation, are not so much bothered by their unfortunate fate, but by the fact that their longing for their family is in vain, since it has fallen into pieces, and their seven brothers and sisters are in orphanages.

The audience is shown this story — being faced with this situation the father and the mother make their comments —, and Levente and Csaba make up their minds to search for their siblings. The two boys will come of age, and will have to come to terms with the bitterness in their lives. The guy tells her how he stabbed a man harassing him in the army and how he, to avoid punishment, had to kiss a man investing the case. The guy tells her that he has met God after he committed the crime.

God forgave him, but denied him love and money for the rest of his life. At Fatmans in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, regulars look forward to the coffee or a helping of eggs and brains. The story of a subtle female rebellion within the religious world, expressed through the personal point of view of the director Anat Zuria, and the other women in the film, her friends Natalie, Katie and Shira.

Their openness to the camera breaks a profound taboo of silence rooted in two thousandyear-old laws and contemporary social pressures. D B. In Kantemirov passed away and a new life began for Asuan. A world which is fading away. Probably he is the very last or his kind. An intimate and revealing picture of rural life in center Europe. Attila HUN 25 min. It is a thematic shortfilm series, its first part, Body Hygiene was made in Could the simultaneous multiplicity of everyday life — work, commuting, eating, washing and other daily activities — be captured with sociographic authenticity?

The first film of the series attempts to explore the manners of everyday cleansing in 64 locations. The only thing that seems to stretch out from under this robe is film. The film, which embodies the inner power of man and the ghost of time.

But if the parallel world of film-time is broken, it can consume the scenes of our everyday life. What should the photographer do who has gone too far, breaching this inevitable compromise?

This man gets trapped, breaking away from the linear rhythm of reality, into another world defined by the rules of film. Spanish Civil War. One Republican Army squad lies hidden in an isolated psychiatric hospital in the National Zone. Pedro, a young assistant of the doctor who runs the hospital, is the only one who is willing to help her and to feed her hope, though he has to fall back on a lie.

During the Spanish Civil War the ruins of a village farmhouse give shelter to a Catalonian rebel and a Spanish young man. Schmulek is the gang leader, Elias is the suffering youngest. However, the society affect their lives as much that their fates develop totally differently. They wear identical rings and they have made an alliance between them. Sfintii Voievozi The sleep images open a series of questions to whitch only in the inner life of each person, as a spectator can answers be found.

Small paraphrase on the key scene of the great M. Antonioni film Blow up. A poor elderly man wanders through the Old Spain of the beginning of the XIXth century because he wants to escape from the wars of the neighbour country. He thinks the only worthy way of dying is with the course of time. The Pirate is a film about a pirate, his trauma and a forgotten friendship.

She yearns for a different life, or some truly important thing to happen to her. So she does everything she can: plays lottery and collects every possible thing you can win with. And she often sings her favourite song. Outside, there is a fierce war, soldiers are coming and going, all the while she lives for a strange habit. So it has not happened, but it still can happen. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more about it. In the answer found in the inertia of the mass of flesh we must carry throughout our entire life, the futile transience of material, sensual pleasures, or maybe in seeking after superficial aesthetics and false harmonies?

In the image of everyday acts merging with fiction the audience can see a series of cyclical, dance macabre-like, agitated movements tuning back into themselves, with realistic and surreal forms.

After ambivalent feelings and images shown in a spiritual medium the film closes with the singling out of one of the possible answers. But as they leave Berlin, they get into a highway traffic jam. In the meantime, a lot of interesting thing happen in the world. In it pulses the raw instinct, the embracing sensuality, the dream-solving intelligence.

In it was considered as an avantgarde creation. Attila was an NL soccer player, for two years now he has been disabled and sitting in a doorway.

Commercials, music videos, internet animations, films — the influences are many and varied. The One Minute demands sharpness of eye and speed of thought from both viewer and maker. It is an ideal form to experiment in.

The first One Minute could be over in a flash and the next could take an eternity. The length of the minute urges the creators to form their ideas clearly but also gives them optimal freedom — in this short span of time laws cannot be binding.

The screening will feature all nominees of the One Minute Award, held in Amsterdam on November 10th, One Minute Jr. Participants of a One Minute Jr. More information about the One Minute Jr. European rail tracks end there; from there the gauge is wider. For international trains to continue to Belarus and beyond, Belorussian workers have to change thousands of wheels under the wagons day by day.

Is this the border between two worlds? The pictures were taken by the chief accountant of the ghetto, Walter Gennewein. These rare color slides form the basis of the film, which shows the holocaust from the perspective of a German accountant. The images are set against the vivid recollections of Arnold Mostowicz, a Jewish doctor who lived in the Lodz ghetto during the war. Has produced more than 21 documentaries, 8 features and 15 teleplays, many of which have received national and international awards.

He received an Oscar nomination in Palya Bea - Adieu Les Complexes. Twisted Sister - Live at Astoria. Besh o droM - Gyi! Offspring - Complete Music Video Collection. Andrea Bocelli - Incanto. Andrea Bocelli - Sentimento. Andrea Bocelli - Vivere. Beyonce - I Am Sasha Fierce. Bijou - Bijou. Carreras-Domingo-Pavarotti - In Concert. Dido - Safe Trip Home.

GM 49 - Demo 2.


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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Erotika Határok Nélkül on Discogs. Label: Warner Music Hungary - • Format: CD Album, Copy Protected • Country: Hungary • Genre: Electronic • Style: House, Progressive House.
  2. Az oldalon található videók a médiaszolgáltatásokról és a tömegkommunikációról szóló törvény besorolása szerint a kiskorúakra veszélyes kategóriába tartoznak. Ha te kiskorú vagy, semmiképp ne nézd meg őket. Ha felnőtt vagy, és szeretnéd, hogy az ilyen tartalmakhoz kiskorú ne férhessen hozzá, használj szűrőprogramot.
  3. Az első ismertebb pornófilm, a Deep Throat alapsztorija, hogy a főszereplőnőnek valamilyen genetikai rendellenesség miatt a torkában van a csiklója. Ezért aztán úgy tud csak kielégülni, hogy a szájával elégít ki férfiakat. A nézők tömegeit persze nem a forgatókönyvíró elsöprő kreativitása vonzotta, sokkal inkább az, hogy a többség akkortájt soha nem látott még.
  4. Egyszerûen hihetetlen, hogy ilyen egyáltalán létezik. Fi­gye­lem! Ez a tartalom olyan elemeket tartalmazhat, amelyek a hatályos jogszabályok kategóriái szerint kiskorúakra károsak lehetnek.
  5. A Sex & Zen új világa? Bizony, bizony, a projekt fő producere, Stephen Siu a világon semmi újat nem talált ki, egyszerűen csak fogta a 20 évvel ezelőtti, mára legendává nemesedett Sex & Zen-t (annak is ő volt a producere) és rittyentett belőle egy lebutított, ostoba, szado-mazo elemekkel jócskán feltuningolt másolatot.
  6. Csodálatos fotósorozat mutatja meg, hogyan ül ki a gyönyör egy nő arcára az együttlét csúcspontján. Megindító képek következnek.
  7. Orgazmix - Erotika Határok Nélkül (Warner Strategic Marketing - ) 12", Promo, Smplr, Whi Oscar Goldman - Thrust 2 (Remixes) (Thrust Recordings - Thrust ) 12" Oskar DJ & Asthro - Tribal From Coimbra (Tribo Recordings - TRIBO ) 12", S/Sided
  8. Pornófilm DVD eladás, kölcsönzés és csere az Intim Centerben: Szexshop üzlet Budapest V. kerület Károly krt. félemelet, nyitva hétköznap óráig, hétvégén óráig, az Astoriánál. Pároknak meglepetés ötlet: Filmnézés közben erotikus masszázs. Tovább gondolva: A film szexfilm legyen, mert a pasik imádják a pornót! Csak a pasik? Először is le kell.

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