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This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This page is about Paul Atreides. For other pages with similar names please see the associated disambiguation page. This article is a stub : It may require more information. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. By the end of his rule this plan was well on its way to succeeding. This program had begun under Pardot Kynes as an attempt to harness a planet; however, under Paul, it became part of a plan to save humanity.

Despite his strong leadership and formidable prescient abilities, Emperor Paul Atreides began to feel building pressure from discordant groups within the Empire: notably the Bene Gesserit , Bene Tleilax , fringe groups within the Fremen , and the dethroned but still powerful House Corrino. Among the schemes of his enemies were the detonation of a stone burner near where Paul and his forces stood in Arrakeen , which resulted in his physical blindness.

Upon Paul's recovery from this incident, he shocked all by his ability to 'see' despite not having eyes. His perfect prescient abilities allowed him to perceive the world around him. Despite being able to 'see' through prescience, doubts began to surface in Paul's mind regarding his interpretation of the future.

Feeling increasingly frustrated and out of control, he began to seek a way out. That escape route emerged through the combined treachery of his enemies, a plot conceived in the presence of a powerful Guild Navigator. The Bene Tleilax gave him a ghola of Duncan Idaho , who contained a secret trigger. Concurrently, and part of the plan, Irulan slowly poisoned Chani. As the Princesses' toxins slowly worked their way through Chani's body, the Emperor's Consort died during childbirth.

Immediately, the Face Dancer Scytale , who had been posing as Chani's hand-maid sprung into action, and caused the Idaho ghola to remember his Tleilaxu mission, to kill Muad'Dib. As this caused a great mental conflict within Duncan, he remembered his past with House Atreides.

Immediately, Scytale realized the great scope of change that had occurred, a ghola had recovered memories of its' former life. Scytale bargained with Paul that the Tleilaxu could bring back a ghola of Chani, complete with her life experiences, for Paul to enjoy in relative obscurity—if Atreides would abdicate.

Instead, Paul killed Scytale. After the birth of his children, Ghanima and Leto , Paul became convinced he had lost his prescient abilities; he did not foresee the birth of his daughter, only his son. Therefore, as no more than a blind Fremen, Paul disappeared into the desert, offering himself up to Shai-Hulud , as was the Fremen custom for the blind.

This action made a powerful statement: it signified to the Fremen that Paul's interest was for the tribe, and that even he, Usul, Paul who was Muad'Dib, was not above Fremen law. Many years after his apparent death alone in the desert, and while the Atreides Empire was under the regency of his younger sister Alia Atreides , a new figure, The Preacher , appeared from the deep desert.

By urging civil disobedience against the Atreides Empire , and warning of the consequences of a green Arrakis , The Preacher attracted an ever increasing number of followers.

Many believed this thundering blind stranger to be Paul Atreides, as he was blind and led by a boy. The Preacher eventually revealed himself to his son Leto, and the two of them travelled throughout Arrakis, breaching the water storage of every sietch so that it would spill out onto the sand.

Eventually Leto and the Preacher returned to Arrakeen to confront Alia, who had clearly shown herself to be Abomination by this time. Eventually rising tensions saw Alia commit suicide in front of her mother and Duncan Idaho. Pandelume has told him that humans lived here, though they were strange in dress and appearance. But as the young Wizard continued his forward march, he remained oblivious to the small man above him.

Was he some strange mercenary? Should I go to Stilgar? He ruminated on this, all the while shifting from stone to stone with the tact and silence of a desert mouse. He crawled across the stones, keeping his eyes on the Wizard below. He continued to ponder all the while, not sure how to deal with the man. But this indecisiveness left him soon enough. He slowly began to crawl on all 4 down the rock slope, slope lay and steadily spidering his way down the shale and boulders.

Turjan, still unaware of his foe's approach, continued onwards. He soon took out a canteen of posca and began to drink, the sweet and sour fluid quenching his thirst. But as he moved, he soon heard a slightly disconcerting sound. Behind him, maybe 15 yards away, he heard a displacement of shale and gravel, provoking him to turn around and see what caused it.

Behind him was a man, himself a strange one indeed. He was dressed in simple robes fitting for the hot wear, but below that a pale teal full body jumpsuit. His eyes were unlike any among humans, being nearly a solid blue color, with equally as dark blue Sclera. He wore two bone knives on a simple cordage belt. The man stopped in his tracks, pausing for only a second.

The two men locked eyes for just a moment, before the two quickly sprung into action. Paul, small and cunning like a fox, grabbed and his daggers and was already farting forwards like a bullet. Turjan reacted quickly to his incoming foe. He presented his left hand and shouted out a jumble or arcanic ncantations. And from his hand, a number of flaming spears or glowing light erupted from his palm like a shotgun blast. But as Paul hurtled forwards, he contorted his body mid stride and fell out of line, partially slipping out of reality.

And as if magic, Paul was himself just on the edge of the shotgun spray. He immediately then took the second, bounding toward Turjan. Taking this in, Turjan actively drew up his sword and took too a defensive posture. His short Crysknives flashed through the air towards Turjan. But the sword missed. Turjan, facing his foe as well, fell into fool guard. Paul then began his pounce, bouncing off the ground towards Turjan.

His first slice was thrown towards the neck, but still so easily blocked by Turjan. But the offhand knife passed Turjan guard. Only just noticing this, Turjan was able to physically twist at his middle. The dagger strikes missed anything vital, the blade just barely leaving a narrow slice along his hip. But as he hurtled forwards, Paul felt himself slow in his movement, cutting his pounce short as he dropped in momentum.

He looked up only to see Turjan, standing over him with his blade in hand primed for a killing blow. He brought up his Knife in a defensive grip, only just catching the strike. He moved and distanced and landed on his back, pulled the momentum of the fall into a roll and landed on his feet in a crouch. Turjan began to run forwards, blade ready for a thrust.

Paul strange up, running towards Turjan head on. He then threw his off hand dagger at Turjan, causing the young Wizard to bank to the left to dodge it.

He but as Turjan dodged left, Paul quickly weirded towards him. Then with that, the slowed sensation dropped, and Paul regained his full agility. Seeing his spell lost, Turjan began running back away from Paul.

Paul quickly darted back, grabbing his lost dagger and beginning to pursue.


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  1. Paul Atreides carries the heaviest burden of all the characters in Dune—he is destined to change the course of the universe. From the start, we never get a sense that Paul is a typical fifteen-year-old boy. Like many other heroes, particularly in science fiction, Paul is “the One,” a messiah-type character whose arrival people have been.
  2. Feb 10,  · Paul Atreides, also known as Usul or Paul Muad'dib was the central protagonist of the movie Dune.. He was portrayed by Kyle MacLaughin. Biography. A young adult by 10, A.G. (21, A.D), Paul accompanied his father Leto and mother Jessica from their homeworld of Caladan to Arrakis so that House Atreides could take over the fiefdom of that world at the order of Emperor .
  3. The son of Duke Leto Atreides I and the Lady Jessica, Paul Atreides is the heir of House Atreides, a nuclear-armed aristocratic family that rules the planet Caladan. Jessica is a Bene Gesserit and an important key in the Bene Gesserit breeding program. According to the breeding program, she was to.
  4. Sep 12,  · The trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has opened up plenty of questions about the purpose, origin, and powers of Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides. The novel Dune, by Frank Herbert, is incredibly dense, and the trailer presents complex concepts and enigmatic moments without much this works to build up curiosity and anticipation among viewers, it doesn’t exactly Author: Bella Ross.
  5. The Dune quotes below are all either spoken by Paul Atreides / Muad’Dib or refer to Paul Atreides / Muad’Dib. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:). Note: all page numbers and citation.
  6. Feb 10,  · Muad'Dib was the name adopted by Paul Atreides after he was accepted by the Fremen as one of their own. The symbolic definition is broader in complexity. It is part the chosen name of manhood that Paul Atreides selects when he is accepted into the Fremen. It is one of two names that Paul maintains within the tribe. Stilgar explains that the first, Usul, means "strength of the base of the.
  7. Feb 14,  · Paul Atreides managed to overthrow the authority of both the Padishaw Emperor and House Harkonen over Arrakis, the planet where the Melange, a spice essential to folding space, was mined. By doing so, he ended an oppressive regime that kept the native-born Fremen from controlling the planet upon which they lived and stopped the threat of House Author: Anthony Gramuglia.
  8. Nov 20,  · Paul Atreides is featured in a Fremen Stillsuit that enables the human body to survive in sun scorched open deserts of Arrakis Comes with a crysknife, twin blades, a base and the piece to the Build-a Rabban figure Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play Collect all additional DUNE figures!/5(35).

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