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Download Pretty Dolly - João Donato - Millennium - 20 Músicas Do Século XX (CD)
Label: Mercury - 73145428912,Universal Music - 73145428912 • Series: Millennium (4) • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Brazil • Genre: Jazz, Latin, Pop • Style: Bossanova, Samba, MPB

She has built her career on a never-ending stream of hit songs, tear-jerking movies hello Steel Magnolias , and of course, famous duets with country and pop stars alike. Everybody loves Dolly! Today, the queen of country music turns 71 years old and with that, we're breaking out our old Dolly Parton albums for a walk down memory lane. The songstress, who even has her own Dollywood theme park in her native Tennessee, has never been one to play it safe when it comes to her career.

Known for her signature blonde-bombshell meets country-sweetheart style, Parton is definitely one of a kind among her musical peers, many of whom have gotten the chance to sing with the star throughout her career.

Scroll down to watch some of her most memorable duets, from "Jolene" with her goddaughter Miley Cyrus , to "Islands in the Stream," with her one of her most famous duet partners, Kenny Rogers. After three more excellent sets for Columbia, Zeitlin's career shifted into a smaller label mode, resulting in several high quality but under-recognized albums.

Additionally, in he seized the opportunity to score the orchestral electro-acoustic avant-garde soundtrack to the classic remake of the science fiction film classic The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But it is his association with Sunnyside Records that's been the biggest boost.

The disc on the table now is Wishing on the Moon, featuring Zeitlin's long term trio with Buster Williams on bass and Matt Wilson sitting in on drums. This is the third live Sunnyside recording from them. Opening with a dazzlingly reharmonized Cole Porter's "All of You," the group explores every nuance of the melody, improvises with a fluid grace and throws in surprises in interplay, melody stretching and harmonic ingenuity. The result is a sparkling jewel, stretched out over eleven gorgeous minutes.

Zeitlin's setlists mix American Songbook tunes and jazz standards with his own classic tunes that either are or should be standards. Considering the Zeitlin originals, the disc's title tune—a slow bossa nova, lushly harmonized—is ten minutes of sweet yearning.

With the set's centerpiece, "Slickrock," Zeitlin and the trio explore the avant-garde side, with paean to one of the pianist's former pastimes, mountain biking.

This adventurous, four part, seventeen minute suite captures the essence of the experience, from the Zen calm of "Dawn Gathering" to the bone-jarring momentum of "On the Trail," and the mental and physical discombobulation of "Recovery," followed by a re-gathering of the senses and a re-establishment of a strong, steady rhythm, followed by a re-set of the joy of acceleration with "On the Trail Again. Stefano Bollani Trio. In addition to Italian pianist Stefano Bollaniand his pair of Danes, Jesper Bodilsen on bass and Morten Lund on drums, we hear Frenchman Vincent Peirani on accordion and accordina as well as 14 members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, all playing music arranged by Norwegian Geir Lysne.

Were any two musicians more perfectly suited than Rota and Bollani? Six years seems like too long a gap for such a prodigiously talented performer and composer but this extended stewing period sees the Krakow pianist return in absolutely splendid form with Something Personal, his fourth album as a leader.

On Complexity in SimplicityKaczmarczyk was bursting with ideas, harnessing a dozen of Poland's brightest young musicians in settings ranging from trio to septet. Yet paradoxically, in the reduced trio format of Something Personal, the pianist, it appears, has much more to say.

The overt flirtations with post-bop, harp-bop and an elegiac tribute to Esbjorn Svensson on his previous album signposted Kaczmarczyk's influences, whereas on the aptly titled Something Personal these idioms are refined and absorbed into something altogether more forward-looking. Last time out Kaczmarczyk hinted at his interpretive and balladeering nuance on Elton John's "Blue Eyes," but even Brad Mehldau would have to doff his cap to the caressing lyricism and improvisational flare Kaczmarczyk brings to Massive Attack's "Teardrop," deftly accompanied by bassist Maciej Adamczak and drummer Dawid Fortuna.

The trio chemistry is pronounced throughout, notably on the spirited title track where the three voices interweave in exhilarating fashion. Virtuosity, however, is never an end in itself, and the sense of balance and space in the trio's dialogue is a big part of the music's charm—the grooving, Vince Guaraldi-esque "Birthday Song" the perfect illustration of less is more.

Adamczak in particular is afforded ample solo time where his measured lyricism shines; his affinity with Kaczmarczyk, in whatever gear, is notable.

Fortuna's whispering cymbals and fine brushwork illuminate the gentler passages, while his more animated, inventive rhythms stoke Kaczmarczyk's fire.

When in full flow, as on the dramatic "Mr. Blacksmith," Kaczmarczyk combines the rhythmic intensity of Neil Cowley and the thrilling melodic invention of Esbjorn Svensson, yet his modern jazz vocabulary is equally colored by a baroque vein and a pop sensibility that values tunefulness.

A little of all these traits merge in the outstanding "Crazy Love," whose elegant, Beatles-esque melody and Bach underbelly rubs shoulders with Kaczmarczyk's more charged pianism. Adamczak's exquisitely weighted solo—nicely framed at the tune's midpoint—provides a compelling mini-narrative and an album highlight.

Something Personal, in turn thrilling and gently hypnotic, makes a persuasive case for Kaczmarczyk's Audiofeeling Trio as one of jazz's most exciting contemporary piano trios. If Kaczmarczyk gains the wider international recognition his talents merit, then the void left in the wake of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio's demise might not seem quite so big.

Blacksmith; Garana. Sunday, November 18, 2 Sem - Part Seven. By Paul Rauch Seattle based pianist Bill Anschell has created a tremendous body of work over the the past 30 years, as a composer, musical director, and pianist. He returned to Seattle in after 25 years abroad and formed a relationship with Origin Records, releasing more than a dozen records both as a leader and co-leader.

Anschell's musical personality can perhaps be best experienced within the confines of Tula's Jazz Club, an intimate jazz spot in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood. The trio has been performing on and off since , and have achieved an intuitive, almost telepathic musical relationship that produces moments only attained through the one mindedness of the piano trio format. They perform in the area of 80 standards, never play from a set list, and are subject to the momentary whims of Anschell's inventive curiosity.

At long last, the trio has released a definitive collection of standards aptly titled Shifting Standards on the Origin label. This studio recording closely resembles the unabridged collective spirit the trio achieves in a club setting, recording it organically, set up close together without the benefit of isolation booths. The result is a conversation in spontaneous invention, exquisitely recorded by Reed Ruddy at Avast Studios in Seattle. Anschell chose his mates for the project well, in the persons of Johnson and Lewis.

Johnson, one of the most musical of bassists drenched refreshingly in the oral tradition, is a true innovator in the art of the trio.

His work with the Hal Galper Trio, both as a bassist and composer has helped revolutionize the piano trio, by using a rubato approach that creates an elasticity to time. He as well has been a driving force in the trios of transcendent pianists Jessica Williams, and Chano Dominguez.

The uber talented Lewis, a fourth generation Seattle musician, is a perfect reactionary participant, gathering the energy tossed about by the unbridled melodicism of Anschell and the absolutely unique and identifiable sound of Johnson. The music communicates a joy and contentment between the three that pulls the listener in, seeking the same.

For the opener, the band gets inside Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night in Tunisia," all the while alluding to the Latin feel of the piece, without ever engaging it.

The trio revolves around the harmony as a common center, with Johnson the perfect counterpoint to Anschell's playful treatment of the melody. Johnson never falls prey to the theme's signature bass line as one might hear in standard versions, including the piano trio interpretation from Bud Powell, with Curly Russell's bass line providing a definitive foundation for Powell's meanderings from the original theme.

Habita no surplus da poesia. Para os poucos a quem Deus concedeu o dom de ouvir na palavra um algo a mais, ironicamente sempre atrelado a sua forma material. Acesso em: 26 nov No pa, it's so unfair, After all you have done, you really deserved better Nothing makes sense in this world, It's all a big pile of crazy And the kings are all fools!

Where is the honor, when a solemn promise is just a pretty lie? And the mighty mock the courage of the humble! Although he's just an ordinary penguin My daddy taught me, you don't need to be colossal To be a great heart You don't need to fly To be awesome! My hero My father. E reluziam as estrelas E perfumava a terra, Rangia a porta da horta E um passo acariciava a areia. E muoio disperato! E non ho amato! Mai tanto la vita! Tanto la vita! Desaparecera para sempre o sonho meu de amor A hora fugiu e morro desesperado!

E nunca amei Tanto a vida! Tanto a vida! Acesso em 07 jan Segundo Low , p. Ao verter Olha que coisa Danoninho - Da Da Danoninho Holly Dolly - Dolly Song Esta Magia - Brinacra A Brincar Lavar Os Dentes Canguru Abram Alas Pro Noddy Danoninho - Vamos Junto Cantar Doidas Andam As Galinhas Os Olhos Da Marianita Na Quinta Do Tio Manel Pipi Da Meias Altas Mix 3 Mix4 Boa Noite, Vitinho CD 2 Joana, Come A Papa O Nosso Galo The changing climate can alter wildlife evolution into a still unpredictable direction.

However, signs are clear: more frequent droughts and floods, storms and fires are causing enormous damage. Szabolcs Mosonyi Nasceu em e vive em Budapeste, na Hungria. For the last 20 years, the Maya have been promoting their own ecotourism program in order to protect their rainforest and traditions. This film is a tribute to their tireless efforts. Shot in a few days with handy camera, thought for the web, where it has long continuation, the film has reached the festivals circuit, being confronted with much more solid and organized productions: from YouTube to the cinema.

The man of the future is rising everywhere, whom will be able to build the future just using memories of the past. A family of Dutch artists has painstakingly transformed the derelict grounds into a paradise for plants and animals. Estudou Biologia em Munique de a E neles trabalham agora as mulheres que antes trabalhavam os campos. Due to the climate of the region, vivariums of plants proliferate there.

The women that formerly worked in the fields are now employed in these vivariums. Estabelece-se como cineasta e realiza diversos filmes experimentais. Mas assumir essa responsabilidade requer soberania. But to assume this responsibility requires sovereignty. And men will only be sovereign when admitting their guilt! In Ukraine, according to reliable estimates at least 8 million people of whom 3 million were children died of starvation in days some 75 years ago, as a consequence of compulsory food procurement and confiscation of the Stalinist regime.

In a hardhitting investigation, carried out with intelligence and humor, the director Carole Poliquin has her own blood tested and explores the links between those toxic substances and some rising health problems such as cancer, allergies, hyperactivity, male infertility.

Through it is a bridge to history, in memory of the community and the statements on the settlement land in ancestral Kalunga. Millions of insects and migratory birds are killed by light which alters the natural framework of their lives and disturbs their sense of direction. Martinho, Seia, Portugal; Tlm. On this night trip it is shown the intimate and mysterious connection between the moon with the big tree that is life and the man observing that beautiful and shiny night that entwines with its solitary dream.

The evidence proves otherwise! The food crisis, as it will go down in history, occurs at a time when the planet is producing more food than ever. While there is enough food, it is so expensive the poor cannot afford it. In the waters between Madeira and Azores he will fulfill his scientific dream and make a major step to protect their endangered habitat. In some parts of the world, the implementations of the so-called Millennium goals are on its way but many African countries are lagging behind.

The aim of the series is to give and understanding of the very hard struggle a lot of people in Africa needs to go through to achieve a very important goal: Survival. Here a catastrophic demographic situation: over the last 50 years the district population has fallen almost twice.

The people were isolated in the only district of the country without a single mile of highway. Jorge Pelicano 32 anos. G Leipzig, Alemanha; Tel. Cada vez mais depressa, animais e plantas extrangeiras entram nos nossos rios, campos e florestas.

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Anne Mesecke Anne Mesecke nasceu em em Rostock. Desde , trabalha livremente como autora e realizadora. An invitation to reflection, an instrument of transformation. So he takes a pepper mill and start its hilarious journey and turns its idea into a completely success.

Mariano Fernandez Russo Realizador argentino. Do porto? Do Estado? Fear and tragedy. People tell about the attacks and the reason of these.

Who is really to blame? The port? The State? One of the results is the generation of a type of garbage that many are unaware of the consequences for the environment: the technology one. Nobody seems to escape of the responsibility on its generation. Pollution, urban planning, sustainability, education and awareness are some of the topics discussed. Esconde-se no fim de uma rua com o saque sob o seu casaco.

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Cunhal Saraiva Portugal, ; Argumento: F. A dreadful fire destroyed almost completely the entire block between Right Street and Left Street. All voices were raised demanding the purchase of equipment for fire fighting. Thus, at January 21st, , a committee was appointed to direct the destinies of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firemen of Seia which this year celebrates its 75th anniversary.

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  9. 10/05/18 - 10h39 - Atualizado em 02/11/20 - 18h41 Laerte Codonho, dono da empresa de refrigerantes Dolly, foi preso na manhã desta quinta-feira (10) em sua casa, na Grande São Paulo, informa o.

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