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In keeping with the show's title, viewers were presented with lyrics at the bottom of the television screen, and while many insist there was a bouncing ball to keep time, Miller correctly said this was something they remember from movie theater Screen Songs and Song Cartunes sing-along cartoons.

One of the singers in Miller's chorale, Bob McGrath , later went on to a long and successful career on the PBS children's show Sesame Street he was a founding member of the "human" cast in and McGrath became its longest-serving cast member until his enforced retirement in [ citation needed ]. One of the show's trademarks was the final number, a group sing-along with the regular house chorale, among whom would be an uncredited celebrity not necessarily known for their singing ability, who was dressed like the others.

As the popularity of the TV show rose, Miller produced and recorded several "Sing Along with Mitch" record albums, complete with tear-out lyric sheets. Sing Along with Mitch ran on television from until the network canceled it in , a victim of changing musical tastes. Selected repeats aired briefly on NBC during the spring of The show's primary audience was over the age of 40 and it did not gain the favor of advertisers targeting the youth market. In later years, Miller would carry on the sing-along tradition, leading crowds in song in personal appearances.

For several years, Miller was featured in a popular series of Christmas festivities in New Bedford , Massachusetts , leading large crowds singing carols. He also appeared conducting regional orchestras and filled in many times as guest conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra. At his first rehearsal for television, Miller took his position in front of the chorus and began conducting in the usual choirmaster manner: arms outstretched with hands gesturing, so the singers could see his signals.

The TV director stopped him, objecting that Miller's arms were out of the camera's range and could not be seen on the television screen. Miller pulled his arms closer to his body, but the director stopped him once more.

It wasn't until Miller's elbows were almost touching his body, and his arms extremely restricted, that the director was satisfied. Miller dutifully adopted the jerky, confined style of conducting and kept it for the duration of the series. The rigid format of Sing Along with Mitch lent itself to parodies. The sketch spoofed the show's production values, including cameras panning among the vocalists, going out of control and knocking them over, then chasing Allen out of the studio and onto the roof.

Ross Bagdasarian produced an animated spoof in a segment of The Alvin Show , with the David Seville character conducting Alvin and the Chipmunks in Miller's herky-jerky style, singing " Down in the Valley " while scrambled lyrics appeared on-screen.

Stan Freberg , who had previously recorded "Wunnerful! Jonathan and Darlene Edwards Paul Weston and Jo Stafford produced an entire album of sing-along in the Miller style -- but deliberately off-key -- which supposedly greatly angered him. Miller was married 65 years to the former Frances Alexander, who died in Miller lived in New York City for many years where he died July 31, , after a short illness, four weeks after his 99th birthday.

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Origin of sing-along First recorded in —60; noun use of verb phrase sing along. Example sentences from the Web for sing-along So here I am in my requisite Lululemon pants, grunting along to an old hip-hop song at a most ungodly hour. Slowly, each of the men in the bar begin to admit their appreciation for the catchy, emotional tune, debating its true meaning and how they relate to the break-up that is the focus of the powerful lyrics.

I mean ,plain brown leather. I can't read or write. For example, a lion pride and a pack of wolves are known to vocalize together supposedly to defend their territory , although some scholars do not characterize their vocalizations as " singing ".

Gibbons sing in family groups couples sing together, sometimes with their offspring. Various species of birds also sing in duets and choruses, particularly in the tropics. Singing in groups is one of the universal features of human musical cultures, and group singing has been often suggested as the primary form of the early human musical activity. In human societies, group singing can be limited to certain sexes , ages, and social groups. Group singing can be also different in the actual sound, for example, singing in unison or octaves , accompanied or a capella or singing in harmony in different parts, like canon.


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  1. Sing-along definition is - an informal session of group singing of popular or folk songs: songfest; also: a song appropriate for a sing-along. How to use sing-along in a sentence.
  2. an informal or unrehearsed singing of songs by a group of people, usually under the direction of a leader; songfest. an occasion marked by such singing.
  3. sing along (with someone or something) to sing with someone or with the accompaniment of some instrument (s). Harry played all the old songs and everybody sang along. Let's sing along .
  4. sing along definition: 1. to sing a piece of music while someone else is singing or playing it: 2. to sing a piece of. Learn more.
  5. sing along To sing the same words or music of a song at the same time as it is being sung, performed, or played. He encouraged the audience to sing along, but only a few people participated. Our toddler always likes to sing along with us whenever we start belting out some Disney tune or another.
  6. Feb 12,  · Everyone has their own unique song picks that they like to put on the stereo, but having a playlist of songs everyone loves lets you all sing along and enjoy the experience together. Playing music and singing at the top of your .
  7. Definition of 'sing along' 1. phrasal verb If you sing along with a piece of music, you sing it while you are listening to someone else perform it. We listen to children's shows on the radio, and my little girl can sing along with all the tunes.

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