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Download Something New - The Odd Numbers - Something New / Sometimes Girl (Vinyl)

Math learners look at each one- and two-digit number and determine if it is odd or even in this fill-in-the-bubble worksheet. Chinese New Year: Count the Foods. Math: Everything in its Place Value. Understanding the value of a number has never been more inviting. This series of worksheets will give your second grader the opportunity to count, read and compare numbers. Odd or Even Math Board Game. Help your kindergartener determine whether numbers are odd or even with this bright, engaging game board.

Practice counting and number sense, too! Number Sense: Complete the Pattern. Build a solid foundation for multiplication by helping your second grader practice recognizing number patterns. Ski Racer: Odd Numbers. Kids build number sense skills by correctly identifying the odd number as they race down the slope! Grouping Objects: Odd and Even Numbers. In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will practice identifying odd and even numbers by grouping objects into odd or even-numbered groups.

Sorting Odd and Even Numbers. In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will practice identifying digit odd and even numbers by classifying each number as odd or even. Odd or Even? Kids review odd and even numbers by circling them, then counting up how many they find. What are Odd and Even Numbers?

What are odd and even numbers? This simple worksheet makes an example of numbers your child already knows to help her easily identify the odd and even ones. Odd and Even Number Hidden Picture. These odd and even numbers are all mixed up! The point is, rent it, it's just great except for the dreadful parts. I thought that this movie was great.

I saw the sneak preview this Sunday. It was a wonderful movie, but moreso it was believable. It felt like me years ago when I met my husband who is white. I was like I'd be damned if I would go out with him Yeah he is nice, but he's white and I couldn't possibly like him. Better yet what does he know about being with a sista. Simon Baker's character seen real too, really cared about Sanaa's character, Kenya and realized what he could and couldn't offer in terms of being in a relationship with Kenya.

The friends that Kenya had in the movie were funny and real. It was a wonderful movie. I know that I said that already but I would really recommend it. It was not funny and unrealistic. So anyway go see the movie!!! Unusual for a chick flick, the girlfriends all have believable, non-media jobs given their post-graduate degreed education and competence, including lawyer and pediatrician, and are at age-appropriate, mid-'30's points in their ambitious careers.

I've never watched UPN-type sit coms like "Girlfriends" to know if the portrayal of their entertaining interchanges, amidst a whirling camera, is unusual, particularly about the woes of dating, but they do sound like a racially charged take on "Sex and the City". I think it is probably unusual that we get to see Lathan's "Kenya McQueen" substantively at work, dealing with subtle issues of racism and sexism including much discussion of "the black tax".

We absolutely believe she is a workaholic who has just made her first big investment, in a bare house. But key is that Lathan and Simon Baker are wonderful together and that the stops and starts, hots and cools of their relationship are believable. I find it amusing that non-TV watching movie critics refer much to his appearance in "L. Confidential" as that was barely a cameo, while he registered as a hunk in several seasons of "The Guardian" and a hero in "Land of the Dead".

But this is the first we've seen him as all get out romantic and the camera loves his rugged, scruffy look, as he's an outdoorsy landscaper. Their courting and post-coital scenes are wonderfully sweet, the best such sensual scenes since "Bull Durham".

I particularly liked the intimate, in tight close-ups, curiosity of their inter-racial discussions though we only learn about her Afro-centric academic family and not his ethnically neutral one , leading to him committing what Oprah says is the number one no-no: never ask an African-American woman about her hair. At least we learn about his business background and also got one interchange where he seemed like a normal guy and not just too and not just too world-music listening, community garden volunteering, etc.

I was glad that her father finally had a speech about historic diversity, sounding like Henry Louis Gates in the PBS series "African-American Lives", because even though debut director Sanaa Hamri and scripter Kriss Turner developed this with Lathan in mind, according to her interviews, she seems as black as bi-racial Halle Berry as opposed to her darker-skinned friends , as I wondered why her hair au natural wasn't even curlier.

The film goes way out of its way to be fair to African-American men, including a too long stand-up comic routine. It's not easy finding a reason for a woman not to hook up with Blair Underwood. I'll have to trust that the representations of African-American cotillion culture, including snappy choreography, were correct, because the film was incorrect in having a wedding of, ironically, their mutual friend in a synagogue, as they are not used for such personal events.

I hope it wasn't for the sake of a joke by ladies in scanty summer dresses about being in a rabbi's office. The cinematography has harsh contrasts in the California sun, which Baker has said in interviews was due to the differences between skin color. I'm European-American male, 56 y. I didn't notice as I came in to the auditorium, but started getting an idea of the "demographic" of the audience as people started talking to the screen!

There is a beautiful balance of portrayal of racism here, maybe a little exaggerated from the POV of African-Americans, I'm not sure, but I think realistically portrayed. The disadvantage that Afr-Ams constantly experience Chris Rock: "How many white people would trade places with me?

And I'm rich! On the other side, the racist behavior and arrogance of the Afr-Am characters towards the Eur-Am male protagonist was disturbing and disheartening, and seemed realistic. I plan to go again, and hope I'm again in the minority, in terms of "race" of course, there's only one race, right, the human race? One of the delightful things about the film is during an argument the couple have in a drugstore. They're having a public argument about "race" as they walk through a drugstore, and they get various reactions from their fellow shoppers - very funny and enjoyable -- although the set piece itself is not light-hearted, it is sprinkled with sly humor in the form of the reactions of the folks around them as they fight.

That little 5-minute piece alone was worth the price of admission, in my view. Very beautifully written and directed. As is the whole film. I thought it did a great job of bringing the audience into the upper middle class African-American culture. I loved the way it presented a balanced view of racism in the U.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope a lot of people see it -- I think it contributes a very great deal to the discussion of "race" in the United States. As a professional white man of 42 who is married to a 42 yr old black woman for 14 years we were both excited and thrilled when this movie came out.

The movie, Jungle Fever, was playing while we were dating and every remark always commented to that effect. Never had a huge confrontation but got many second looks and stares over time.

Race was never a huge worry with me while dating but when marriage came around I was worried if my side of the family would be open-minded enough. They proved to be awesome, especially my father who was more worried about her being of the same religion than her ethic background. As in the movie, I went through the same naive wanderings, especially the "black hair" thing, later wanting my wife-to-be to get extensions and offering to pay, not knowing how much that can cost I was shocked when she gave me the news!

Neither of us are huge dancers so that was easy and our musical tastes are both diverse enough that we like mostly the same with my tastes leaning more towards the stereotypical black side reggae, dance hall, blues, jazz, and some hip-hop. She was the only black person on a ski slope in the Pocono Mts of Penna back in but lately when we occasionally go skiing there's a good mix same as on the golf course, thanks to Tiger. We now live in Connecticut and have two wonderful, beautiful children who are in touch with both sides of their culture and enjoy friendships with both, black and white kids.

So I guess I'm living proof of the old saying "Once you go black I found that though the characters are fiction they are true at the same time. As one who has contemplated dating and dated someone of the opposite race it was like the movie was written about me.

Being a black female, everything that transpired in the movie is exactly how things happen in real life. It is so good to finally see a movie that keeps it real. If God for those of us who believe loves all of us then it should be such that love God is love has no boundaries.

It was written in a way that you can't help but feel for the characters. In all I loved the movie and would go and see it again. Can't wait for the DVD!! The director did a great job of using colors, camera angles and subtle sexual scenes.

The love scenes were very sexual without being in your face. I like that a movie can be made showing love so personal without showing all the details. I loved the movie and the actors were hot and even the women were pretty.

The flowers and colors were a great way of showing how she bloomed into love. Color me Very impressed! There were some funny lines. Guys would enjoy this film. Plus it gets the women in the mood to love and be loved in return. I laughed and cried. Both lead actors did a great job. He is a doll! Can't wait to see more of his movies. Would also like to find more movies by this director. So on point about everything The loving family structure reminded me of my family.

Nothing but love for one another thanks to Mom and Pops.. Alfre Woodard,love her, anything she does I watch. Kenya and Brian Whew!!!!!! Never saw such chemistry on screen.. So real.. I identified so well with his character in pursuing the women you love It reminded me how I pursued my women and although it took me a couple of years verses a few weeks It is the little things that we do for women that gets their attention.. What man in their right mind wouldn't want to pursue a beautiful women like Kenya after a blind date?

Their chemistry made me forget that Brian was a white boy Man gotta love the arts.. The Ballet.. I wish that the movie could have been a little longer..

Would love to see a sequel to this one At the end of the day, it is about the vibe between a man and a women Man was that line so on point.. Appreciate the brother for that line. Oh another one by pops.. No pure race, we are all mixed up, look at us..

Those folks deserve accolades for this movie. Superb acting,great cast great everything People soften up the mind and heart and see this movie!!!!! You will enjoy it. Peace Out, Bro. Something New provides a new and refreshing viewpoint on interracial dating. This is a side of the story that I have not seen told before. The film is not far off from being flawlessly balanced with love, humor, honesty, and realism. Any minor miscues are overshadowed by the great cast and the lightweight spin on a sometimes tirelessly heavy and controversial subject.

It shows that if two adults come to terms with what they want from themselves and each other in a relationship and are comfortable with that, no outside influences or obstacles should dictate the outcome of that relationship. True love is rare and special. This film did a great job of capturing that with a chemistry between Sanaa and Simon that today's films often lack. Great ending also. I would recommend this as a must-see.

It was a great movie, for it was refreshing - not a "thug", "rap", or "hip hop" which most young people seem to go for these days type of movie. No stupid movie like "I Got the Hook-up" which I refused to see, and wouldn't rent it even if it was free. I use to have that type of attitude like Kenya. I only was attracted to Black men. Now I would look at a nice looking White men, and say "hmmm", but I didn't want to cross that line.

This was a love story. She finally saw that he was what she needed. He gave her new and refreshing life.

The Blair Underwood character was really a duplicate of her. Who wants to spend time with someone having romantic evenings with a laptop. Basically, she found a good man, and got over her "race" hangup. I loved it. I would like to see more movies like this that dosen't involve cussing, hanging pants, shooting, women with their body parts hanging all over the place.

I hope to see more movies of this type come along that everyone can enjoy and not the movie a race thing, but something everyone can enjoy, and not be a Black move, or a White move, but JUST a movie. Well, this little movie may be a romantic comedy but it is well written Kriss Turner , well directed Sanaa Hamri , and very well acted and has some down to earth important observations about interpersonal relationships Henson - all superb!

The finished version of Something New will be played on radio from midday and will also be on YouTube to listen in full. When asked about how she felt with the group being back together and the reception from the public, Walsh said, "I'm kind of flattered people actually care if we come back or not. I think we are all quite proud that we made enough of an impact to be able to a comeback.

No No No According to a Metro publication, "Something New" had a generally positive reaction from fans. Phill Udel of State said that, with the song, Girls Aloud "have managed to maintain the quality" they had prior to the release of Ten , and commented that "the other three new songs are nowhere near up to the same standard.

Brand said that the lyrics "are the usual post- Spice fare," but commented that "the images weren't quite matching the words. I was hearing the battle cry of enraged queens who will be oppressed no longer; I was watching five young women wearing identical orange mini-dresses, strutting up and down in perfect synchronicity, like catwalk models.

Amidst rumors that Girls Aloud were preparing the release of a new single, Daily Mirror reported that the group reunited for the video shoot on 2 October The bridge features Harding sitting in front of a white background, wearing a nude bodysuit while abstract images are projected onto her.

The video intercalates with stylized lyrics of the song, and builds throughout, until the last section, where the group abandon their various stages of walking and begin to dance together.

Credits adapted from the liner notes of Ten. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Girls Aloud — Something New. A 20 second sample of "Something New"'s chorus verse, which opens with distorted vocals before the group starts singing over a dance background. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 29 December BBC News. Retrieved 13 February IPC Media. Retrieved 3 September Retrieved 3 December The Huffington Post.

Retrieved 1 January Girls Aloud confirm their comeback with ten-day countdown". Daily Mirror. Trinity Mirror. BBC Newsbeat.

Digital Spy. Hearst Magazines UK. Girls Aloud are back together and recording a comeback single". Music Notes. Alfred Publishing Company.


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  1. Something New. The Odd Numbers. From the Album Retrofitted for Today May 1, Listen Now Buy song $ Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to (US).
  2. Aug 12,  · Explore releases from The Odd Numbers at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Odd Numbers at the Discogs Marketplace. New. Updated. 58 submissions pending; 1 – 20 of 20 The Odd Numbers: Something New / Sometimes Girl.
  3. " Something New " is a song recorded by British girl group Girls Aloud from their second compilation album, Ten (). It was released by Polydor Records on 16 November , as the first single from the album and the official single for Children in Need Genre: Dance.
  4. Listen to more from Girls Aloud: 'Something New' from iTunes: the album Ten, a colle.
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