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Download Splattered Brains - Agathocles / G.O.D. (15) - Agathocles / G.O.D. (CD)
Label: EveryDayHate - EDH079,Death By Digital - DBD-02,Grindfather Productions - GF271,Outrageous Defecation Records - ODR-016 • Format: CD Limited Edition • Country: Poland • Genre: Rock • Style: Grindcore

Official cassete tape reissue of sick horror grind from Brazil collecting their tracks from Crushing The Grindcore Trademark split CD originally released in ; a. Limited to copies total on professionally manufactured, factory-sealed yellow cassette tapes. Insulto — Desgracia, miseria, odio y muerte es demencia, mentira y degradacion del poder CS Debut EP of premium Argentinian deathgrind featuring over thirteen minutes of bulldozing, technical grindcore!

Professionally manufactured, and shrinkwrapped cassette tapes limited to total copies: silver mercury; white shroud. Seven tracks of mincing solo Polish grindcore hailing the goregods from golden years. No-frills grindcore from canada versus intense grindcore from USA. Limited to copies on single-sided, black vinyl. Limited to total copies pressed on black vinyl. Limited to professionally-manufactured cassettes.

Coreleased with Nihilistic Despair Records. Professionally-manufactured cassette tape limited to 50 total copies numbered by hand. Black, purple, and white vinyl. Professionally dubbed split with half an hour of raging grindcore from Belgium and Indonesia.

Featuring original artwork by Cosmic Void Dark Art. Limited to copies. Nearly half hour of raging, one-man Canadian crustgrind including covers of S.

Agathocles- Open The Gates Agathocles- Lay Off Me Agathocles- Mutilated Regurgitator There is an animal with mutilated guts caused by vivisection but now escaped and MAD And this animal it is coming back to crush all companies which support such acts.

Agathocles- Hear More Agathocles- OSL Agathocles- Razor Sharp Daggers What's the sensation, of a bull-fight show? Agathocles- Straight Lane All the days Playing games Stuck to the screen Trying to win But in real life Reality bites No pause button here Just one straight lane. Agathocles- Splattered Brains Posers with long hair wimps with baseball caps only in it for the outfit New wavers turning into HC only to be cool only the outfit, not the music in their heads nothing else than some splattered brains I wonder if they even understand the meaning of vivisection.

Contact via email salelist gmail. For Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation Koetting - Evoking Eternity E. Koetting - Baneful Magick E. The quality of our perceptions determines the quality of our judgement. Our judgement determines how we interact with the world. How we interact with the world changes the world. So, the quality of our perceptions changes the world.

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There's some tortured mid-range to be found but the really high kind of shrieking is prominent. Overall a slightly offbeat but compelling band: effective sound production, an enjoyably dismal atmosphere of doom, solid riffing and twisted song-writing. It looks to be one-man goregrind from Toronto. It's got real live drumming with real kick-ass fast beats, killer hooks, basic, ultra-catchy mincing riffs Musically this is truly grindcore in classic fashion with pitch-shifted grunting vocals adding a splattery element Definitely everything I want to hear in a good goregrind band!

Very blunt and straight to point. All tightly executed, I love the crunchy guitar tone, and the whole sound is altogether really good I think. This reminds me of early Malignant Tumour, Retaliation or early Ulcerrhoea. While this band seems to have a full line-up for live shows or certain releases like "Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging". On this particular record the band seems to be sticking to the one-man on all instruments duties type deal in the person of Dan, self-dubbed Prince of Mince, spiritual son of Agathocles!

The basic idea consists in riffing on his role model's mincecore formula, but I think a lot of slick guitaristic flourishes are gained in the grinding proceedings Dan does pound quite a few blastbeats out of his kit but also relies quite a bit on the old man's style of marching beat or whatever you wanna call it, that's like grindcore taking a brisk walk.

This LP seems to take a more humorous route to the usual grindcore preaching to the anti-establishment choir, like something of a more politically inclined Birdflesh perhaps, all of it dealing mostly about scene "politics" or funny observations really though, with lyrics revolving around the daily grind of the mincecore lifestyle and poking fun at the whole thing Songs like "Insanity Dog" should remind you of basement shows with fucking dogs running everywhere, or "Intoxicating Aroma" about crusties that smell like death until they get a job!

Some slightly ambivalent lyrics at times then but overall I'm really digging the smart-ass sense of humor here Anyway, it's also nice to see Archagathus taking a break from the filth and horrors of life in terms of imagery. That logo looks like a pink blaze in the northern sky and this LP is a grinding milestone of nonchalant mincecore, dig it!

Recording is from but any prospect of new material from these guys excites me And the stuff here is bound to give you a goregrind orgasm! I know I'm easily swayed by any pitch-shifted vocals, but hey these some of the most grotesquely awesome gurgling grunts out there.

Not to mention all the razor-like mincing grind riffs, and frantically paced beats and the fat bass chords bulging out. Everything served with a really filthy yet sharp sound production. It looks like some of the Rotgut tracks are unavailable for streaming, but hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a physical copy of this split Some cool picks of horror movie clips in there like a song about Lamberto Bava's Demons Did Mortician even cover that one?

I can't remember and also Larry Coen's "It's Alive". I got the impression from my interview with Riley that the band's future direction might become more serious-minded This demo originally came out on CDR back in , this review is based on the "remastered" tape version. Listening to goregrind is often akin to rummaging through a garbage can But from time to time a gem like this comes along and gives you hope for this wretched style of music, thank G. Links: G. Riffing is tight and songs are rife with speed.

Overall this is a blast. The band had been going on from to and this must be one of the band's last releases. But the awesome thrashing grind found within this record lives on.

It also seems like he was an awesome artist doing all the artwork on this record, this stuff looks really great Braindead's interview with G. This seemed like a good natured yet brutal grindcore band! Definitely worth a listen. Take One for the Team Review: This side is sounding a little bit more like rollicking fast tempo hardcore The opening track is more of a mid-paced introductory track But things heat up right away after that, and the ripping fast guitars, fluid blast beat hammering and two kinds of angrily shouted vocals do not let up, pretty much until the end.


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  1. Agathocles: Recorded on 29th of March in Geel, Belgium. Track 9 is originally from Lärm. Track 13 is originally from Kuolema. G.O.D.: Recorded live at The Spill in Peterborough, ON, January 16
  2. Agathocles / G.O.D. () [Split] by Agathocles / Grotesque Organ Defilement. Labels: Grindfather Productions. Genres: Goregrind, Grindcore. Songs: Agathocles - And the Loser Is, Agathocles - Bang Bang, Agathocles - Christianity Means Tyranny, Agathocles - Chronic Death, Agathocles - Open the Gates, Agathocles - Lay Off Me.
  3. Issued in a 4-panel digipak with a folded single-sided insert for Agathocles. Recording information: Agathocles: Recorded on March 29th, in Geel, Belgium. G.O.D.: Recorded live on January 16th, at The Spill in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Identifiers: Matrix / Runout: AGATHOCLES G.O.D. - SPLIT CD Mastering SID Code: IFPI LZ
  4. EDH split CD by AGATHOCLES/ G.O.D., released 12 December 1. Agathocles- And The Loser Is 2. Agathocles- Bang bang 3. Agathocles- Christianity Means Tyranny 4. Agathocles- Chronic Death 5. Agathocles- Open The Gates 6. Agathocles- Lay Off Me 7. Agathocles- Mutilated Regurgitator 8. Agathocles- Hear More 9. Agathocles- OSL
  5. Agathocles / G.O.D. Split CD $ CAD. Qty $ CAD Add to Cart. Go to Cart. Belgium mince masters Agathocles team up with Canadian gore provocateurs Grotesque Organ Defilement for one of the most punishing releases to date. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ - $ $ - $ Related products. Online Store by Big Cartel.
  6. Agathocles / G.O.D. () Agathocles / See//Get () > Beerhouse Live (Brazil Tour ) Agathocles. Type: Live album Release date: Catalog ID: N/A Version desc.: Limited edition, CD-R Label: Purgatorius Records Format: CD Limitation: 50 copies Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Reviews; Splattered Brains (loading lyrics.
  7. HHR01 - AGATHOCLES/GODSTOMPER SPLIT 7 INCH sold out black vinyls clear vinyls 7 test press copies some covers were high gloss finish, some covers were matte finish. a handful of covers were laminated with a super thick plastic, making the cover an odd size. Tracks: 1. Agathocles - Christianity Means Tyranny 2. Agathocles - Big One 3.
  8. "Mincing through the maples" contains some great raw Agathocles tracks that were recorded live on 19th August at the "Coalition" club in Toronto, Canada. Many of the favorite Agathocles songs are in the setlist and the sound captures all the spirit of this gig.
  9. agathocles-mincecore history-cd ()-$ agathocles-mincecore history cd-()-$ agathocles-razor sharp daggers-cd-(bel)-mincecore legends-$ agathocles/ s.a.a.e.i./ mourmansk way cd-r-very limited-$ agathocles/ sorella maldestra-split cd-brutal as hell!!-$ agathocles/ stomachal corrosion-split cd-$

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