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Download Statue - Glow Kit - Pick Your Fights (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Kanel Records - KANELLP10 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Stereo • Country: Denmark • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Pop Punk, Garage Rock

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Labels: Breakout. Dragonfly - self-titled Original USA stereo pressing. Megaphone MS Discogs. The artwork apparently had some role in the origins of the band's second moniker. Klemen Breznikar's interview with Randy Russ here reveals the story for this later name:. Of course reappraising it now, I'm inclined to rescind my initial impressions about the artwork. The red object on the front is presumably a stress insulator on an electrical guy wire, correctly implying the high-voltage guitar fervor I'd failed to predict before; but its placement in naturalistic scenery gives an idealistic feeling for openness and space, crucial in the heady '60s experience.

Merry-go-round, tripping along Stumbling over skyscrapers. You can touch the sky with your elastic mind. Remarkably accurate review in Cash Box magazine, 9 Nov There have been several digital reissues of this album.

The first was in on the French label Eva, which remains the best commercially available digital reissue. It was sourced from a vinyl rip with light noise, but otherwise pretty good sound with just some V-shaped EQ.

Then came a CD on Gear Fab, which is bass-heavy, much noisier, and noticeably sped up! The Sunbeam CD reissue from apparently took this faulty master, retaining the wrong speed, cranked up the volume, ported through a light de-clicker, and added fades which are nonexistent on the original recording wow, so radiant! Also I have tried to split the tracks in the most logical way which most closely aligns with the given track timings, which is marginally different from the aforementioned releases.

Labels: Dragonfly , Legend. Labels: Sunlight. Here is a rarity which seems to have remained relatively unknown to most. Only unhindered musical expression sets rules in each modal performance; I can draw several connections to possible influences, but they've been so intertwined with each other, that I probably cannot give the full impression of what a unique piece this is through comparisons alone.

The acoustic guitar playing is particularly impressive: there are some noticeably intricate improvisations which are executed masterfully, without sounding like they were done over-and-over through a million takes in the studio. Indeed, Siddhi's liner notes state that Modality Stew is "a spontaneous and purposely under-produced album free of technologic overkill and defied gadgetry"; this sense of freedom resonates, though like everything, its greatness will doubtlessly be debated by some.

I will say this, anyways: if every track on this album were as astounding as the closer "Sutra Blues," this would be without a doubt one of the finest private pressings on Earth, though as it stands, it's honestly not too many paces away from deserving that status.

I'll just mention a few things that struck me about this album, and let you hear the rest. The vocal track that closes the album, "Sutra Blues, Or This Pain Is Bliss" is a stunning piece which makes listening to everything beforehand worth the price of admission.

The lyrics may be existential, or they may just be about sex, I'm not sure. There are various clicks and clacks which are part of the recording, all of which have been left intact. What little vinyl noise there was on this previously-sealed copy was delicately and manually removed, like always. Items appraised include a collection of Foreign Broadcast Information Service [nb 2] daily impact reports from to early ; a World War II-era handheld Japanese air raid siren ; and a limited edition photograph of Albert Einstein by Philippe Halsman that appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

Items appraised include a collection of items that belonged to former Attorney General J. Items appraised include a fake Wells Fargo strongbox with a fake ball-and-chain whose seller says is from Folsom Prison c. With business picking up during the night shift , Rick decides to hire a new night employee to help Charles, who is adept at dealing with jewelry, but not with antiques.

Items appraised include a Springfield, Illinois banker's time lock ; an Springfield Armory single-shot rope gun; a first edition copy of Henry David Thoreau 's Walden ; an early s optometry kit that belonged to the seller's great-grandfather; a Buzz Aldrin G.

Joe doll found at a swap meet. Also, Corey and Chumlee conduct interviews in order to select the shop's new night shift broker. Items appraised include a Charles Lindbergh aviation doll; a s heavy porcelain over cast iron electric hand dryer ; a Piccadilly Circus roulette slot machine from the s or s; a s Brother word processor; a poster for a vaudeville act; and a harmonica purportedly played by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Items appraised include a backpacker Martin guitar signed by Crosby, Stills and Nash that was won by the seller in a trivia contest; a customized Phat Cycles Fuller chopper; a collection of vintage cigar box labels, some of which featured lithographic images of U.

Presidents; and a pair of World War II bomb fins. Also, Chumlee begins training Olivia, the new night shift employee. Items appraised include an Whitney percussion musket converted from a flintlock; a collection of five s RuddSpeed whiskey decanters modeled after the grilles of automobiles including Bentley , Bugatti , Mercedes and Rolls-Royce ; a golf ball once used by Lyndon B.

Johnson , which struck the father of the seller who brings it in; a World Series Chicago Cubs press pin; and a copy of Nicolas Sanson 's map of France. Items appraised include a poster for Jimi Hendrix 's second-to-last concert; a collection of inflatable paintball bunkers; a rare autographed Paul Newman racing suit; an electronic Louis Marx and Company "Mot-O-Run" tin toy that was found in a dumpster; and a photo signed by Mickey Mantle , Willie Mays and Harmon Killebrew.

Also, Rick and the Old Man form a bet on which of their favored items is worth more. Items appraised include a letter been flown by Charles Lindbergh on the Spirit of St. Louis ; a collection of 14 s minibikes , one of which is a Honda Z50 ; a vintage horse race gambling game; a Fusee pocketwatch made in London; and a —20 Spalding "Black Betsy" baseball bat modeled after the one used by Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Garfield prior to his presidency to a resident of the same home town as the seller; and a s decade life-size toy bear made by the Steiff Company , the originator of the teddy bear; packets of NASA tomato seeds flown by the Space Shuttle Challenger to the Long Duration Exposure Facility in orbit in and returned to earth in on the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Items appraised include three life-size Pinocchio marionettes handcrafted by Bob Baker Marionettes ; a collection of issues of Yank magazine; an earlyth-century C. Sorensen Co. Items appraised include a collection of 11 original tintype photographs of what the seller says is the outlaw Jesse James and his gang; a s Model Leslie organ speaker ; a 19th-century spoon bit drill set; and a s Boy Scouts of America first aid kit.

Items appraised include a signed letter from Knute Rockne to the seller's grandfather, dated March 13, , 18 days before Rockne died; a collection of five antique Cracker Jack tin toys ; an antique heirloom ring that belonged to mobster Lucky Luciano , brought in buy the son of a woman who ran errands for the mob; a solid wood, 19th-century dentist's pole ; and a De Luxe scintillator.

Grant 's funeral. Items appraised include copies of Harry S. Truman 's two-volume memoir and his book, Mr. Items appraised include a Star Trek Klingon bat'leth sword brought in by the same seller who presented the Star Trek memorabilia collection in "Cannons and Klingons"; an R. Eisenhower postage stamps. Items appraised include Jackie Gleason 's custom-ordered, Lincoln Continental limousine; a Mount Rushmore commemorative plaque made of pure silver, which the Old Man wishes to melt down for fast money, but which Rick thinks will sell for more intact; a Super Bowl I football signed by the victorious Green Bay Packers , including Vince Lombardi ; and a s toy Disneyland Monorail set.

Items appraised include a collection of authenticated and graded notes of — paper money from the Republic of Texas and the Government of Texas ; an Winchester repeating rifle that was passed down through four generations of the seller's family; a pair of movie poster printing plates for the film The Outlaw ; and a Discovery Zone "Z-BOP" robot.

Also, the men compete in a rifle-shooting competition. Military during World War II; a rare, three-trigger Stevens shotgun ; a Mercedes-Benz that's been customized to include features such as inch wheels; and an Abraham Lincoln campaign token from the Presidential election , which is brought in during the night shift, and requires Olivia to contact Rick.

Items appraised include a titanium nosepiece from a Lockheed SR Blackbird jet, brought in by the son of an engineer who worked on the vehicle, and signed by pilots Bill Flanagan and Robert Gilliland; a solid bronze 16th century cannon; a large pair of vintage Levi's jeans ; a homemade Stand Up and Ride motor scooter ; and a pair of vintage Snoopy and Red Baron music boxes.

Items appraised include an s karat gold Tiffany's pocket watch; a collection of 82 first series Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from ; a s Mercedes Unimog military truck; and a sign that hung on the Berlin Wall. Racecar driver Matt Kenseth has a cameo.

Rick and Corey Race Go Karts. Items appraised include a piece of stained glass art depicting dogs playing poker with a joker from a cigar shop; an early 19th-century manuscript of John Chrysostom 's writings handwritten in Russian Church Slavonic ; one hundred pounds of silver in the form of bars and coins that Rick needs to test before making an offer on; and a collection of props from the film Batman Forever , including a batarang and one of the pop-up riddles used by the Riddler.

Navy admiral's telephone that the Old Man wants restored for his desk, much to the irritation of Rick, who wants it resold. Items appraised include four original paintings by Andy Warhol ; a World War II aerial bomber camera, which is accompanied by a photo of it mounted inside a bomber; a pair of carat gold sunglasses that Chumlee purchases during the night shift to resell, but which Rick thinks should better be melted down; and a baseball rule book and baseball signed by seven players, including Hall of Famers Red Faber and Ray Schalk and two members of the Chicago Black Sox.

Items appraised include a medal commemorating the sinking of the RMS Lusitania , found by the seller's mother about 20 years previously; an antique voltmeter ; an autographed copy of Charles Lindbergh's autobiography, We , which Chumlee buys without authenticating the signature, much to Rick's anger; and a century Dutch balance scale. Items appraised include an odd-looking snaphance rifle from the 16th or 17th century, brought in by the seller of the 70 lb.

Items appraised include a contract signed by Elvis Presley ; a collection of Japanese militaria, including an enemy plane ID card and manual compass; an early s Winchester Model Items appraised include a Buick touring car ; a set of wooden boxes carved to look like books that were used in an attempt to smuggle German guns out of Germany during World War II, accompanied by a note indicating that an attempt at their use was unsuccessful; a tennis racket and poster signed by Arthur Ashe ; and a copy of the Boston Globe printed the day after the sinking of the Titanic.

Items appraised include a Colt Paterson revolver prototype; a Early Series GMC half-ton pickup truck that needs much restoration; a limited edition reproduction animation cel from the s cartoon Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales , which features a character, a walrus named Chumley, from which Chumlee's nickname is derived; and a Flamingo Hotel appraisal book, brought in by a local who grew up in the area. Johnston 's flights; a Stanhope letter opener that incorporates a tiny microphotograph viewer, brought in by the same seller as the Civil War-era cannonballs in "Wild Thing"; a pocket watch that appears to Rick to have been given from one veteran of the Battle of Cross Keys to another.

Also, Rick and the Old Man's worries that Corey has inherited the bad eyesight that runs in their family spur him to see an optometrist. Items appraised include a trio of antique wooden duck decoys ; a World Series Atlanta Braves ring; a 19th-century lighthouse oil can; and a Sho-Bud steel guitar.

Also, the men compete in a shotgun target shooting contest in which the loser must pay for a duck dinner. Items appraised include a fully functional brass hand cannon that Rick recognizes as having been made in the past 20 years; a three-wheeled prop taxi from the science fiction film Freejack ; a San Francisco Giants uniform owned by Willie Mays; and a poster for the Beatles last official concert, on August 29, in Candlestick Park , San Francisco.

Also, Rick and Chumlee form a wager over Chumlee's accuracy with the hand cannon. Also, Corey and Chumlee are assigned to do the shop's annual inventory check, both for tax purposes and to decide which employee will get the store's " booby prize " for the buying the most number of items that have failed to sell.

Items appraised include a book signed by Shoeless Joe Jackson; and an MTV2 Video Music Award "Moonman" statuette that lacks an inscription or any indication of the person to whom it was awarded; a "proto-double-action",. Roosevelt reelection poster for the United States Presidential election.

Items appraised include a fork from the Hindenburg , brought in by the nephew of a Marine who guarded the wreckage; a dilapidated Packard Baker which Rick wishes to purchase but which the Old Man characterizes as scrap metal; an In a crossover with other History programs set at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally , the Harrisons prepare to give Chumlee the Harley-Davidson FXR for his 30th birthday, but not before leading him to believe that they forgot his birthday, and giving him mundane chores.

Danny Koker of Counting Cars has a cameo. Continuing the Sturgis crossover from the previous episode, Corey, Chumlee and Danny Koker ride to the event, while Rick drives there in his motorhome. Items that catch Rick's attention at Ugly Trailer Antiques in Hurricane, Utah include a year-old player piano and a samurai helmet from the late Edo period that Rick informs the owner is worth more than the owner thinks.

Items appraised include a Babe Ruth baseball card from his time as a pitcher for the Red Sox , the first ever to feature him in a Major League uniform, found in the back yard shed of the seller; a Model artillery officer's sword made in France from to , whose seller thinks was used in the War of , which his grandfather found when cleaning out a building in Pittsburgh; a Pancho Villa marionette brought in during the night shift by a seller who has owned it for 44 years; one of the first polyphonic PS3 keyboards with rhythmic accompaniment , used by the band Three Dog Night when recording the single " It's a Jungle Out There ", which includes by a letter signed by Danny Hutton ; and two Victorian-era stained glass windows.

Items appraised include an Also, Corey, who wishes to be a partner in the shop, chafes against the elder Harrisons' complaints about his practice of aiding employee cheating on time cards. Items appraised include four antique pistols from the s; a ring that was allegedly owned by a Catholic cardinal ; and John Wayne 's yearbook. Items appraised include a Hudson Commodore ; an ancient fire starter ; and a fossilized mastodon tusk.

Items appraised include a pig-shaped barbecue grill with a motorized rotisserie from the s or s; an authentic English Grenadier Guard 's uniform from the reign of George VI —52 that was purchased by the seller, a costume shop owner, when he bought out another costume shop 30 years earlier; a rare, s transparent bowling ball that houses a rose within it, only of which were produced, much like the one used by Ernie McCracken Bill Murray in the feature film comedy Kingpin , which was purchased in an antique shop; and a guitar whose body is made from a tortoise shell that Rick needs to date to determine if he can legally purchase it.

Items appraised include an ancient Yasutsugu katana , or samurai sword, circa , brought in by the same man who sold the shop a Grammy Award in "Bumpy Ride"; a World War II-era Western Electric Beachmaster announcement amplifier, used by the military to direct beach landings, which was found abandoned in a building in the California desert 25 years earlier; and an early s Oscar Onken Company DeLuxe necktie press.

Also, Rick is concerned over the amount of coffee his father drinks, and secretly switches him to decaf. Items appraised include a Chevrolet Quarter Mile racecar; a collection of ten different barbed wire designs; a U. Navy sextant from the U. Hector ; and an antique Thurston sawing in half box. Also, the men engage in a miniature golf competition, with the loser having to wash the others' cars. Items appraised include a bronze statue of the Rampant Colt, the symbol of Colt Firearms, 29 of a limited edition of ; a World War II Japanese Tuckydanto Type 89 knee mortar ; a signed copy of Wayne Gretzky 's last New York Rangers contract; and a collection of six Japanese throwing stars that were purchased at a yard sale.

Also, Rick and Corey make a bet to see who can buy an item with the greater profit margin. Observing that Corey has become irritable as he awaits for an answer from the elder Harrisons to his demand for a partnership, the Old Man tells Rick that they must give Corey an answer.

Also, Corey teaches Chumlee how to use Skype so he can contact the Harrisons when appraising possible purchases. Also, Rick and Chumlee bet as to who can shoot the rifle more accurately. Items appraised include the Christmas Day dinner menu from Alcatraz Prison ; a bomber jacket said to have been worn by Captain Henry S.

Huidekoper, a World War II fighter pilot whose plane took bullets and 6 cannon shots during his time flying with the Hell Hawks; a seat from Dodger Stadium that the seller acquired in when the stadium was being remodeled; and a pink Fiat Spider convertible.

Also, Chumlee organizes a Christmas party, over the objections of the Old Man, who feels the shop's expansion has made the annual event too expensive. Items appraised include the militaria belonging to U. Cook, including his medals and documents signed by seven U. Also, Chumlee throws the shop's Christmas party at Danny Koker's bar, Vamp'd, and adamantly imposes strict rules of secrecy regarding the Secret Santa gift exchange, though for reasons that eventually surprise the Harrisons.

Danny Koker and Rick Dale have cameos. Items appraised include a collection of props from the horror film Child's Play , including knives, a voodoo doll and an amulet, brought in by a man who worked as a production assistant on that film; a football signed by members of the Chicago Bears , including Gale Sayers , Brian Piccolo and coach George Halas , given to the seller's uncle by player Ronnie Bull ; and a Gibson banjo.

Also, Chumlee is inspired to make a film, The Pawning , about the goings-on at the shop. Items appraised include an Sharps buffalo rifle; a framed aphorism signed by Mark Twain ; a trinitite souvenir from the Manhattan Project that was purchased at auction; and a collection of five late s pickle casters brought in by a chef who has been collecting them since the s. Also, Chumlee begins to follow the Old Man around the shop in the hope of hearing some notable aphorisms that he can frame and sell for a profit.

Items appraised include a copy of the book F. Meets Ibn Saud , signed by the author William A. Eddy , discovered by the seller during a foreclosure cleanout; a scissor katar found in a garage by the owner of a local junk-hauling franchise; a Picasso lithograph, originally given to the seller's grandfather by Picasso himself; a saddle used John Wayne's horse in the film True Grit.

Items appraised include a juror questionnaire from the O. Simpson murder trial ; a collection of jerseys signed by Dennis Rodman , brought in by Rodman's ex-wife in order to pay for their daughter's tuition; a s BMC pedal tractor; and a World War II M cipher machine. Rick Dale of American Restoration has a cameo. Eisenhower by the press corps. Items appraised include a single-person Airboard hoverboard ; a Confederate Civil War ribbon that has been passed down through the seller's family, beginning with his great-great grandfather, who fought in the war; a trading card said to contain a strand of George Washington 's hair, and signed by Washington; and a black, carbon fiber Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet.

Also, comments by the others about his weight spur Chumlee to visit a nutritionist. Also, when Chumlee calls out sick, Corey goes to Chumlee's house to investigate. Items appraised include a set of keys to the Cook County jail cell where Al Capone was housed during his tax evasion trial; a Japanese kamikaze helmet, brought home by the seller's brother after World War II; an half dollar salvaged in from the wreckage of the SS Republic ; and the gray and gold video game cartridges that were played in the Nintendo World Championships.

Also, Rick tasks Corey and Chumlee with finding the Old Man's collection of pennies that he has been hoarding due to the metallic content of the pennies.

Items appraised include a letter written by Franklin D. Manning, and later acquired by Buffalo Bill and returned to Manning's daughter, May Manning Lilly and her husband, Pawnee Bill , which may be the second one of its kind ever made; and a collection of s Bradley Co.

Also, Rick reacts to the repeated theft of his lunch from the staff room. Items appraised include a customized Ford roadster built by the seller with an aftermarket body; the claymation figure of Marilyn Manson that was used in four episodes of the animated TV series Celebrity Deathmatch , which the seller purchased by someone who worked in that show's production; a collection of three transistor radios that were among the items the United States dropped into Vietnam as part of the U.

Items appraised include a collection of postcards featuring early 20th century boxers, including a signed one of Jack Johnson ; a collection of props from the original Star Trek series, including a phaser , a communicator , a first draft script of the feature film The Voyage Home , and a Tribble ; and a Cold War-era Air Force cockpit clock, taken from a plane by the seller's uncle, an airplane mechanic.

Also, Rick and the Old Man give Chumlee a desk to work on, but later come to regret it. Items appraised include an ancient shekel of Tyre ; two original Duesenberg presentation drawings; a pair of engraved Colt Army revolvers; and a case of 25 cans of military emergency water, which was found under the floorboards of the decommissioned Peacekeeper missile launch control center at F.

Warren Air Force Base by the seller's contractor father. Items appraised include a Masco guitar amplifier that belonged to Hank Williams, Sr. Items appraised include a campaign hat and poster from John F. Kennedy 's Presidential campaign ; a Smith carbine rifle from the Civil War brought in by Rob, a store regular and a major gun collector seen in previous episodes; a collection of seven original Kenner Star Wars action figures; and a custom-carved table modeled after the lower half of a man wearing a Scottish kilt.

Also, the men urge Corey to watch Star Wars in order for him to gain insight into the collector market for that franchise's memorabilia. Items appraised include the cigar box that John F. Kennedy owned while at the White House, which still holds several unsmoked cigars; an Colt Walker.

Also, Rick's worries over his father's poor diet prompt him and Corey to steal the sweets that the Old Man receives from a Pie of the Month club, while Chumlee struggles to maintain an improved diet and exercise program.

Items appraised include a poster of alternative album art for the Beatles' Sgt. Also, Rick has the shop's collection of classic rock vinyl records moved into the showroom, but Corey and Chumlee, who are given the task, are skeptical that the items will sell. Items appraised include a 19th-century medical instrument for removing tonsils. Also, after tricking Rick into believing that they had forgotten his birthday, Chumlee, Corey and the Old Man surprise him with a ticket to Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, where he is given the chance to perform with one of his idols, Roger Daltrey.

Items appraised include a s recorded interview between the customer and an angry President John F. Rick and the customer travel out of the pawn shop to visit historical artefact expert Mark at the Clark County Museum where they are able to listen to the interview to confirm its originality. Chumlee is upset at the way the Old Man treats him at work and tries to get video evidence of employee maltreatment.

Items appraised include a gold disc for , copies sold of the debut album by rock band Kiss ; and a Confederate pinfire revolver.

However, Corey soon discovers that Chumlee knew all along and used the prank as an excuse to have the day off. Items appraised include a s Chevrolet Corvair ; and a check reportedly signed by former vice president Aaron Burr.

Also, Corey continues to try to get his revenge on Chumlee, by painting a slogan on the back of his truck. However, Chumlee discovers this and in return fills Corey's truck full of packing peanuts. Items appraised include a European pocketwatch from the s which intrigues Rick due to its well constructed design; and a pair of punching bags reportedly owned by Rocky Marciano , one of which, weighing lb, is the heaviest punching bag ever known to have been used to train a professional boxer.

The Old Man expresses his determination to show off his boxing skills. Items appraised include a wood carving of John F. While Corey is away buying himself a motorcycle, his dog spends the day at the shop.

Items appraised include an antique gambling device; a Jim Daly oil painting; an s pull stroller; and a Hardtail Bobber rat bike. Also, Corey and Chumley go paintballing , during which Corey injures himself. The Harrisons enter in a trivia contest and exclude Chumlee from the team, so he turns the tables on them with his own team of trivia experts.

Items appraised include a letter signed by Napoleon Bonaparte ; a continental coin; two badges from Las Vegas police and Clark County sheriff in the s and a replica of a pogo stick. Corey injures his Achilles tendon and spends the day at the shop on crutches. Items appraised include a first edition 20, Leagues Under the Sea ; an antique corkscrew; and autographed Metallica memorabilia.

Rick decides he wants to learn to play guitar and takes lessons. Lillard Ailor; and a Beatles memorabilia collection including signatures of each member and a Hofner style violin bass guitar. The men decide Old Man needs a hobby and come up with various suggestions.

Items appraised include a Ford Model A dubbed the "Hellbilly", complete with flamethrowers and a skull stick shift and a vintage Pinocchio and Donald Duck toys. Items appraised include some items signed by Dan Haggerty, a flag carried by Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and an oscillator. Items appraised include a personal check signed by the baseball legend Babe Ruth and several Navy buttons that date back to the Civil War. Items appraised include a vehicle best known as a rock crawler and a game worn jersey from Bob Hayes.

Items appraised include a sword belonging to the Freemasons and a Gibson Master Museum guitar with the very special serial number 1. Katie Couric also makes an appearance, purchasing the framed aphorism signed by Mark Twain featured in the season 7 episode "I Herd That.

Items appraised include a fully restored s VW Samba with a rare window design and a piece of egg art from Sergio Bustamante. Items appraised include a collection of Viking items and a Fender Stratocaster played in the studio by the legend Jimi Hendrix. Items appraised include Semie Moseley's personal guitar and some signed photos of Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima.

Items appraised include a tiara that belonged to the wife of President McKinley and a Felix the Cat sparkler toy. Items appraised include a German two-handed sword built in the early s and some rare baseball cards. Items appraised include a jacket from the first-ever Pro Bowl and a Buick Riviera.

The shop also hires Lili as a new intern. Items appraised include pendants from the first two Super Bowls and a pair of Igorot spears used for headhunting in the Philippines. During his birthday, the Old Man gets flooded with birthday gifts. Items appraised include a signed photograph of Howard Hughes, a Marlin rifle and an old model train. Chum decides do play the conductor. Items appraised include a medal believed to be a Polish White Eagle and a historical brick from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Chum tries to make the perfect home brew. Chumlee misses his chance to retaliate on April Fool's Day since the guys lay down the rules of pranking. Corey's big-spending ways have him strapped for cash.

Items appraised include a letter recovered from the United Flight crash and some nozzles from the Queen Mary ocean line. Chum became the manager of the shop's parking lot.

Items appraised include a Ford Buick best known as the ultimate family wagon and a sweet Neil Diamond jacket. The Harrison men get family portraits made to hang in the shop and Chumlee is left out.

Items appraised include a painting by Muhammad Ali and a Colt Dragoon pistol owned by one of the original settlers of the Lone Star State. The guys hire a consultant to make the shop more efficient. Chum and Big Ross try to pull off the perfect duo Halloween costume. Love that, not man Apart from that, or else you will share man's pitiful confusions, or drown in despair when his days darken.

The ash I sift through my fingers contains your image and mine, in all the lives we lived together. We are elk doing battle, we are lovers amidst wreckage, and we are faces in a tree. The ash that sifts through my fingers contains the image of me sifting ash through my fingers, and the image of its own birth in fire. You will forget this tree, and you will worship one who dies on a false tree, on a dead effigy of a tree made from dead wood.

And your numbers will be great, and your lives will be small. You will forget the names of animals, you will forget how to plant seeds, you will forget the strength in your own bodies.

The sun will grow savage so that in winter bears will no longer sleep. Machines will enslave you, and the fire the machines bring into this world will negate all prophecies save those of fire. On the ash that was once the tree at the center of the world, I swear this as it drifts into a raging sky: I cried for you before they told me you died.

In these ashes I will carry you through this world, and as I carry you into the fire,I will show no fear to the fire. May we laugh together at suffering. May we become more terrible than death as we walk into the fire. May we scream the death rites of this civilization. May we go into battle wielding ecstatic fire. May we make war on fear. May we walk into the fire with reverence for the fire. May truth come into this world to carry falsehood away on its raging red arms into the screaming black sky, and may the name of truth be fire.

Everett describes Starr as having been "largely bored" during the sessions, with the drummer later lamenting: "The biggest memory I have of Sgt. Pepper became "an assembly process" whereby, "A lot of the time it ended up with just Paul playing the piano and Ringo keeping the tempo, and we weren't allowed to play as a band as much.

In Lewisohn's opinion, Sgt. Pepper represents the group's last unified effort, displaying a cohesion that deteriorated immediately following the album's completion and entirely disappeared by the release of The Beatles also known as the "White Album" in Pepper , "There was a very good spirit at that time between all the Beatles and ourselves. We were all conscious that we were doing something that was great. In terms of quantity, it wasn't great, but in terms of quality, it was enormous.

Among musicologists, Allan Moore says that Sgt. Pepper is composed mainly of rock and pop music , while Michael Hannan and Naphtali Wagner both see it as an album of various genres; Hannan says it features "a broad variety of musical and theatrical genres". Pepper as " proto-progressive ". According to author George Case, all of the songs on Sgt. Pepper were perceived by contemporary listeners as being drug-inspired, with marking the pinnacle of LSD's influence on pop music.

The author Sheila Whiteley attributes Sgt. Pepper 's underlying philosophy not only to the drug culture , but also to metaphysics and the non-violent approach of the flower power movement. Pepper 's lyrics, identifying loss of innocence and the dangers of overindulgence in fantasies or illusions as the most prominent themes. Pepper opens with the title track , starting with 10 seconds of the combined sounds of a pit orchestra warming up and an audience waiting for a concert, creating the illusion of the album as a live performance.

Pepper's band, who, led by Lennon, then sing a message of appreciation for the crowd's warm response. The song's five- bar bridge is filled by a French horn quartet. The title track segues into " With a Little Help from My Friends " amid the sound of screaming fans recorded during a Beatles concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Despite widespread suspicion that the title of " Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds " contained a hidden reference to LSD, Lennon insisted that it was derived from a pastel drawing by his four-year-old son Julian.

A hallucinatory chapter from Lewis Carroll 's novel Through the Looking-Glass , a favourite of Lennon's, inspired the song's atmosphere. The first verse begins with what Womack characterises as "an invitation in the form of an imperative" through the line: "Picture yourself in a boat on a river", and continues with imaginative imagery, including "tangerine trees", "rocking horse people" and "newspaper taxis". MacDonald considers " Getting Better " to contain "the most ebullient performance" on Sgt.

In Everett's view, the lyrics to " She's Leaving Home " address the problem of alienation "between disagreeing peoples", particularly those distanced from each other by the generation gap. Pepper that eschews the use of guitars and drums, featuring only a string nonet with a harp.

Lennon adapted the lyrics for " Being for the Benefit of Mr. Harrison's Hindustani classical music -inspired " Within You Without You " reflects his immersion in the teachings of the Hindu Vedas , while its musical form and Indian instrumentation, such as sitar, tabla , dilrubas and tamburas, recalls the Hindu devotional tradition known as bhajan.

MacDonald regards "Within You Without You" as "the most distant departure from the staple Beatles sound in their discography", and a work that represents the "conscience" of the LP through the lyrics' rejection of Western materialism.

You were supposed to hear the audience anyway, as they listen to Sergeant Pepper's Show. That was the style of the album. MacDonald characterises McCartney's " When I'm Sixty-Four " as a song "aimed chiefly at parents", borrowing heavily from the English music hall style of George Formby , while invoking images of the illustrator Donald McGill 's seaside postcards.

Womack describes " Lovely Rita " as a work of "full-tilt psychedelia" that contrasts sharply with the preceding track. Lennon was inspired to write " Good Morning Good Morning " after watching a television commercial for Kellogg's Corn Flakes, the jingle from which he adapted for the song's refrain.

The track uses the bluesy Mixolydian mode in A, which Everett credits with "perfectly express[ing] Lennon's grievance against complacency".

The hard-rocking song was written after Neil Aspinall , the Beatles' road manager, suggested that since "Sgt. Pepper" opened the album, the fictional band should make an appearance near the end. Pepper sessions where the group taped a basic track live with their usual stage instrumentation. The last chord of the "Sgt. Pepper" reprise segues amid audience applause to acoustic guitar strumming and the start of what Moore calls "one of the most harrowing songs ever written". The first crescendo serves as a segue between the third verse and the middle part, leading to a bridge known as the "dream sequence".

According to Martin, Lennon and McCartney were equally responsible for the decision to use an orchestra. Riley characterises the song as a "postlude to the Pepper fantasy As "A Day in the Life" ends, a kilohertz high-frequency tone is heard; it was added at Lennon's suggestion with the intention that it would annoy dogs.

Lennon can be heard saying, "Been so high", followed by McCartney's response: "Never could be any other way. According to Womack, with Sgt. Pepper 's opening song "the Beatles manufacture an artificial textual space in which to stage their art. Pepper concept, adding: " Sgt. Pepper is called the first concept album, but it doesn't go anywhere In MacFarlane's view, the Beatles "chose to employ an overarching thematic concept in an apparent effort to unify individual tracks".

In a interview, McCartney recalled that the Liverpool childhood theme behind the first three songs recorded during the Sgt. Pepper sessions was never formalised as an album-wide concept, but he said that it served as a "device" or underlying theme throughout the project. Pepper that are "too persuasive to ignore". These include evocations of the postwar Northern music-hall tradition, references to Northern industrial towns and Liverpool schooldays, Lewis Carroll-inspired imagery acknowledging Lennon's favourite childhood reading , the use of brass instrumentation in the style of park bandstand performances familiar to McCartney through his visits to Sefton Park , [] and the album cover's flower arrangement akin to a floral clock.

The front of the LP includes a colourful collage featuring the Beatles in costume as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, standing with a group of life-sized cardboard cut-outs of famous people. In front of the drum is an arrangement of flowers that spell out "Beatles". Berman Ltd. Next to the Beatles are wax sculptures of the band members in their suits and moptop haircuts from the Beatlemania era, borrowed from Madame Tussauds. The cover collage includes 57 photographs and nine waxworks.

The 30 March photo session with Cooper also produced the back cover and the inside gatefold, which Inglis describes as conveying "an obvious and immediate warmth Really try and feel love; really give love through this!

The album's lyrics were printed in full on the back cover, the first time this had been done on a rock LP. These consisted of a postcard-sized portrait of Sgt. Pepper, based on a statue from Lennon's house that was used on the front cover, a fake moustache, two sets of sergeant stripes, two lapel badges, and a stand-up cut-out of the Beatles in their satin uniforms. The party marked the band's first group interaction with the press in close to a year.

On 26 May, Sgt. Pepper was given a rush-release in the UK, ahead of the scheduled date of 1 June. Pepper's band were one and the same. Pepper was widely perceived by listeners as the soundtrack to the Summer of Love, [] [] during a year that author Peter Lavezzoli calls "a watershed moment in the West when the search for higher consciousness and an alternative world view had reached critical mass".

The closest Western Civilization has come to unity since the Congress of Vienna in was the week the Sgt. Pepper album was released. In every city in Europe and America the radio stations played [it] For a brief while the irreparable fragmented consciousness of the West was unified, at least in the minds of the young. According to Riley, the album "drew people together through the common experience of pop on a larger scale than ever before". In his view, Sgt. Pepper conveyed the psychedelic experience so effectively to listeners unfamiliar with hallucinogenic drugs that "If such a thing as a cultural ' contact high ' is possible, it happened here.

He says the most remarkable thing was its acceptance by adults who had turned against the Beatles when they became "gaunt and enigmatic", and how the group, recast as polished "masters of ceremony", were now "the very family favourites they'd sought to satirise". Pepper as "the biggest pop happening" to take place between the Beatles' debut on American television in February and Lennon's murder in December , [] while Norman writes: "A whole generation, still used to happy landmarks through life, would always remember exactly when and where they first played it Pepper was played in kiosks and stands there, and festival staff wore badges carrying Lennon's lyric "A splendid time is guaranteed for all".

American radio stations interrupted their regular scheduling, playing the album virtually non-stop, often from start to finish. Pepper ; [] it made the band's drug-taking public knowledge [] and confirmed the link between the album and drugs.

Pepper topped the Record Retailer albums chart now the UK Albums Chart for 23 consecutive weeks from 10 June, with a further four weeks at number one in the period through to February With 2. Pepper ' s initial commercial success exceeded that of all previous Beatles albums.

The release of Sgt. Pepper coincided with a period when, with the advent of dedicated rock criticism , commentators sought to recognise artistry in pop music, particularly in the Beatles' work, and identify albums as refined artistic statements. The vast majority of contemporary reviews of Sgt.

Pepper were positive, with the album receiving widespread critical acclaim. Pepper as a "pop music master-class" [] and commented that, so considerable were its musical advances, "the only track that would have been conceivable in pop songs five years ago" was "With a Little Help from My Friends".

He found "plenty of electronic gimmickry on the record" before concluding: "but that isn't the heart of the thing. It's the combination of imagination, cheek and skill that make this such a rewarding LP.

Newsweek 's Jack Kroll called Sgt. Pepper a "masterpiece" and compared its lyrics with literary works by Edith Sitwell , Harold Pinter and T. Pepper as a "spoiled" child and "an album of special effects, dazzling but ultimately fraudulent", [] [] and was critical of the Beatles for sacrificing their authenticity to become "cloistered composers".

Among the commentators who responded to Goldstein's critique, [] composer Ned Rorem , writing in The New York Review of Books , credited the Beatles with possessing a "magic of genius" akin to Mozart and characterised Sgt.

Pepper as a harbinger of a "golden Renaissance of Song". Pepper album one thinks not simply of the history of popular music but the history of this century. Pepper as "a consolidation, more intricate than Revolver but not more substantial". He suggested that Goldstein had fallen "victim to overanticipation", identifying his primary error as "allow[ing] all the filters and reverbs and orchestral effects and overdubs to deafen him to the stuff underneath, which was pretty nice".

In the wake of Sgt. Pepper , the underground and mainstream press widely publicised the Beatles as leaders of youth culture, as well as "lifestyle revolutionaries".

Pepper was the focus of much celebration by the counterculture. McCartney's LSD admission formalised the link between rock music and drugs, and attracted scorn from American religious leaders and conservatives.

As part of an escalating national debate that triggered an investigation by the US Congress , [] he launched a campaign in [] to address the issue of American youth being "brainwashed" into taking drugs through the music of the Beatles and other rock artists. It's just in your own head, the realisation. The Beatles' presentation as Sgt. Pepper's band resonated at a time when many young people in the UK and the US were seeking to redefine their own identity and were drawn to communities that espoused the transformational power of mind-altering drugs.

Pepper was viewed as a "code for life", according to music journalist Alan Clayson , with street people such as the Merry Band of Pranksters offering "Beatle readings". Pepper appeared shallow against the emotional backdrop of the political and social upheavals of American life. Pepper "defined the year" by conveying the optimism and sense of empowerment at the centre of the youth movement. Pepper "remains a central pillar of the mythology and iconography of the late '60s", [] while Colin Larkin states in his Encyclopedia of Popular Music : "[it] turned out to be no mere pop album but a cultural icon, embracing the constituent elements of the 60s' youth culture: pop art, garish fashion, drugs, instant mysticism and freedom from parental control.

Pepper achieved "a combination of popular success and critical acclaim unequaled in twentieth-century art Pepper has attained the kind of populist adoration that renowned works often assume regardless of their larger significance — it's the Beatles' ' Mona Lisa '.

Pepper , with particularly effusive approbation coming from Rorem, Bernstein and Tynan, "as if every critic was seeking to outdo the other for the most lavish embrace of the Beatles' new direction".

Pepper , established American publications such as Vogue , Playboy and the San Francisco Chronicle started discussing rock as art, in terms usually reserved for jazz criticism. Pepper , you had to try to write something as good as Sgt.

Because, of course, what made that record beautiful was the beautiful response it created in you; if your written response was true to your listening response, the writing would stand on its own as a creation on par with the record. Through its acceptance by "serious" composers, according to Schaffner, Sgt.

Pepper satisfied the ambitions of a staid, middle-age American audience keen to be seen as in tune with young people's tastes, and every major rock LP was subsequently given the same level of critical analysis. Pepper was the only album afforded a dedicated release. Julien describes Sgt. Pepper as a "masterpiece of British psychedelia" and says that it represents the "epitome of the transformation of the recording studio into a compositional tool", marking the moment when "popular music entered the era of phonographic composition".

Pepper as the album that "revolutionized rock and roll", [] while music journalists Andy Greene and Scott Plagenhoef credit it with marking the beginning of the album era. Pepper was "the catalyst for an explosion of mass enthusiasm for album-formatted rock that would revolutionize both the aesthetics and the economics of the record business in ways that far out-stripped the earlier pop explosions triggered by the Elvis phenomenon of and the Beatlemania phenomenon of ".

Music critic Greg Kot said that Sgt. Pepper introduced a template not only for creating album-oriented rock but also for consuming it, "with listeners no longer twisting the night away to an assortment of three-minute singles, but losing themselves in a succession of minute album sides, taking a journey led by the artist".

Pepper , US record companies no longer altered the content of albums by major British acts such as the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and Donovan, and their LPs were released in the artists' intended configuration. According to Simonelli, Sgt. Pepper established the standard for rock musicians, particularly British acts, to strive towards in their self-identification as artists rather than pop stars, whereby, as in the Romantic tradition, creative vision dominated at the expense of all commercial concerns.

Following the Beatles' example, many acts spent months in the studio creating their albums, focused on an artistic aesthetic and in the hope of winning critical approval. Sorrow , all issued the following year. Pepper trap of trying to put out a 'progressive,' 'significant' and 'different' album, as revolutionary as the Beatles. But it couldn't be done, because only the Beatles can put out an album by the Beatles.

The Guardian viewed the album's effect on Carla Bley as one of the "50 key events in the history of dance music ".

Pepper [] — the avant-jazz triple album Escalator Over the Hill [] — which combined rock, Indo-jazz fusion and chamber jazz. More than any other record it gave me and my generation permission to branch out and do whatever we wanted.

Over subsequent decades, musical acts referred to their major artistic work as "our Sgt. Pepper ". Pepper was highly influential on bands in the US acid rock or psychedelic rock scene. Pepper is commonly recognised as having originated progressive rock , due to the album's self-conscious lyrics, its studio experimentation, and its efforts to expand the barriers of conventional three-minute tracks.

MacFarlane writes that, despite concerns regarding its thematic unity, Sgt. Pepper "is widely regarded as the first true concept album in popular music". Pepper that familiarised critics and listeners with the notion of a "concept and unified structure underlying a pop album", thus originating the term "concept album". Pepper , musicians increasingly explored literary and sociological themes in their concept albums and adopted its anti-establishment sentiments. Pepper as the beginning of art rock.

Inglis states that almost every account of the significance of Sgt. Pepper emphasises the cover's "unprecedented correspondence between music and art, time and space". Pepper — would have seemed like "fanciful conceit". When Celestia, Luna, and Twilight herself join in to solve the Celebration's problems, Discord aids in clearing Canterlot's skies of hazardous weather, and later observes Twilight giving her speech, commenting to himself that she may indeed be ready for whatever comes next for her as Equestria's future ruler.

Discord is mentioned by Angel in She Talks to Angel teasing, as Fluttershy, that she wants to marry him. However, he inadvertently makes trouble by bringing the apples to life, and they merge into a giant apple monster. Discord eventually fixes the chaos he causes, and he attends Big Mac and Sugar Belle's wedding where he celebrates the occasion with singing apples.

He explains to Twilight and her friends that he impersonated the ram and orchestrated much of season nine's events in order to prepare her to be the ruler of Equestria, and he is eventually captured when the villains attack Canterlot. In Part 2 , Discord expresses deep remorse for his well-intentioned but poorly thought-out plans and makes up for it by keeping the villains busy while Twilight's friends escape.

Near the end, he is present during the final battle against the villains. When they are defeated, Discord suggests imprisoning them in stone, which he, Celestia, and Luna proceed to do after their magic is restored. He also appears during The Magic of Friendship Grows. He also appears in the background in The Ending of the End - Part 1, during the scene when Tirek, Cozy, and Chrysalis capture Twilight, and Rarity saves her with her magic.

In The Return of Harmony Part 1 and Part 2 , Discord is shown to be a mischievous and manipulative trickster who effortlessly pulls pranks on others through the use of his powerful magic , illusions, and hypnotism with little to no consideration towards his victims. He has a sense of showmanship and drama, preferring to be playful towards his victims before getting down to business, as seen when he mocks and banters with Celestia and the Mane Six in Canterlot Tower.

He laughs and amuses himself with his magical chaos, mostly at the cost of others. Among other things Discord turns the ponies against each other, making Twilight Sparkle miserable and depressed, and generally causes ridiculous things to happen. Discord is arrogant and overconfident, as he underestimated the ponies' ability to restore their friendship and wield the Elements of Harmony.

Despite having a fondness for chaos, he can become easily annoyed if things don't go according to his plan; he becomes impatient when he cannot corrupt Fluttershy as easily as the other ponies. He appears touched when Fluttershy declares herself to be his friend, and it is that glimpse of genuine friendship that causes him to undo the chaos he had caused.

He states at the end of the episode that he will use his magic only for good from now on: "most of the time". Since then, he has kept his chaotic tendency to a low, though is still more than willing to cause mischief. In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1 and Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2 , he was shown to indirectly aid the Mane Six in defeating the plunderseeds, which he himself planted long ago in a bid to defeat the royal sisters. Even after the force that is most capable of defeating him is gone, he keeps his word to Celestia and does not go on a rampage, and he is rather easily swayed by Fluttershy.

In Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 and Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2 , after he betrays the ponies of Equestria and Lord Tirek subsequently betrays him, he shows deep remorse for his actions and apologizes to Fluttershy and her friends upon realizing the true importance of friendship. When Twilight and the others forgive him and the ponies accept him in the end, Discord appears truly happy, which he expresses by giving Princess Celestia a bouquet of flowers.

Discord has a habit of telling bad or unfunny jokes, as demonstrated in his comedy act in Make New Friends but Keep Discord and when he attempts to distract a group of changeling guards in To Where and Back Again - Part 2. Discord can be very prideful, unwilling to admit to feeling hurt or left out. Rather than simply talk things out, he instead resorts to various schemes or antics in response to a problem, such as in A Matter of Principals.

While Discord's intentions can be good, his methods are often unorthodox, misguided, and even dangerous. This is most evident by his actions in season nine while masquerading as Grogar, as he ends up putting all of Equestria at risk by restoring Sombra and bringing Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow together into an alliance, all with the ultimate intent of helping Twilight and her friends.

Plush doll of Discord in Perfect Day for Fun. A startled Fluttershy hits the doll with a "Whack-A-Mole! Pinkie Pie later makes a balloon likeness of Discord for the Friendship Festival. He also makes an appearance in the end credits. In the episode, he refuses to join Fluttershy and her friends' hike up Mt. Volcanope, but he eventually teleports to its peak to save the Mane Six from a volcanic eruption.

He is also mentioned by Rainbow Dash in Campfire Stories. A map of the region that the main characters are traveling in is included with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue 2 , which includes a desert-like area with odd chaotic structures to the west of the Forest of Leota, marked the "Sight[ sic ] of the Battle of Discord Quarantined ".

Underneath the statue is an inscription that reads "Our Hero". He turns Fluttershy's tiny animals gigantic. Under the principle of uniting Equestria in harmony, Accord hypnotizes thousands of ponies into being his followers, but his goals are eventually halted by Starlight Glimmer. In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue 57 , Discord leaves a portal to his dimension open after helping Fluttershy return home from his tea party.

Pinkie Pie travels through the portal and is affected by the dimension, eventually taking control of it. This causes Discord to lose his powers, so, with the help of Twilight and the others, he returns to his dimension and challenges the chaotic Pinkie to a contest of creativity. Discord eventually wins, regaining control over his realm. Discord eventually defeats Cosmos with the help of his friends and banishes her to the moon.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue 89 , Discord is one of several creatures summoned by Twilight to aid in spreading friendship to the lands beyond Equestria. Fluttershy and Pinkie select him, Capper and Trixie to join them on their mission to Abyssinia.

He initially complains about how being "good" means he can't use his powers to create things for the festival, but Fluttershy teaches him how to make decorations without magic. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders thank Discord for helping them and make him an honorary member, he appears touched and starts crying.

At the end of Friends Forever Issue 5 , Discord is revealed to be the one responsible for the animals' sudden ability to talk, meant as a gift for Fluttershy. In Friends Forever Issues 14 , 16 , 18 , and 28 , Discord is mentioned.

In Friends Forever Issue 20 , "Discord has been having trouble sleeping" and "Princess Luna delves into Discord's chaotic slumber to try and identify the source of the problem.

On page 6 of the story The Fall of Sunset Shimmer , a book titled Creation of Discord is visible on a shelf in a dark magic library in Canterlot Castle. This issue also introduces Princess Eris, a female draconequus stated to be Discord's cousin and counterpart in an alternate universe.

In the backup story of My Little Pony Holiday Special , Discord poses as a fictional creature called "Krumple Horn" as part of the Mane Six's plan to get the Young Six to be on their best behavior during the holidays.

When the Decepticon Soundwave crash-lands outside Fluttershy's cottage, interrupting his and Fluttershy's tea party, Discord's chaotic nature overwhelms Soundwave's logical computer brain.

In Issue 4 , Discord summons the entire Apple family to help Applejack drive the Insecticons out of Sweet Apple Acres, and he takes part in the final battle against the Decepticons. In Issue 96 Discord, having promised Fluttershy not to use magic while visiting Abyssinia, travels to Panthera.

At The Hub's website's "Naughty or Nice? Commercials for the contest initially included a fan-made picture of him, [20] which was used again in two Hub promotional images, one for the "Naughty or Nice Awards" contest [21] and one on the channel's Facebook and Twitter pages, [22] [23] [24] [25] as the channel's YouTube account background, [26] and on the channel's website.

Discord also appeared in the commercial for a Naughty or Nice Awards contest, saying "I wasn't nominated?


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  7. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by the English rock band the xptweaker.neted on 26 May , it spent 27 weeks at number one on the Record Retailer chart in the United Kingdom and 15 weeks at number one on the Billboard Top LPs chart in the United States. It was lauded by critics for its innovations in songwriting, production and graphic .

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