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Download You Were Mine - Various - Oldies But Goodies Vol. 6 (8-Track Cartridge)

Label: Original Sound - OSR-8T-8856 • Series: Oldies But Goodies - Vol. 6 • Format: 8-Track Cartridge Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Rock & Roll, Doo Wop

Love to you and yours. Bobby I feel it is my responsibility to tell you this story. He started eating about 4 tablespoons a day and has cut it to 2 a day since he is in control now. I pray you will try it so you will be able to take care of that beautiful wife for a while longer. Love and prayers to you and yours. Dear Bobby, You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers. I have many memories of your music while growing up in the sixties. Bless you. Sincerely, Tony.

Gary reports that he treated her with something called Ozone therapy, and she Maureen speaks of her dramatic recovery. I sincerely hope that you will check this out — you have everything to gain and nothing to loose. All the best…. Hi Bobby and Family! You, Jeff and the rest of the guys could not have been nicer.

The first time I met you, in MA you said I had a nice aura around me and that was such an honor to hear from you, a voice I had loved all my life. I just loved the beautiful Christmas video card your family did. I am praying for Karen and for you too, I know things are going to go OK, you Vellines are blessed and surrounded by love.

We will be keeping you in our prayers. Love, Linda. Hi, Bobby. One winter evening after you and your brother performed at the Grand Forks Skating Rink and after you stowed away the band equipment, my friend, Nancy, and I had a snowball fight with the two of you. In fact, she told me recently she has a picture of us playing in the snow. Whenever I hear one of your songs on the radio, it takes me back to that evening. I wish you and your family the best.

I agree with your friend that getting older is not for the weak-hearted. Good luck. Sue Roberts. Be fulfilled with the knowledge that you are so deservedly loved and respected. Bobby, your story is so inspiring, not just for the memories you have given us in your music over the years, but also for your positive and hopeful outlook on life and what it has in store for each of us.

You have had such an impact on my life regarding my music and playing the guitar. Fabian said it well about getting old and I can understand now that I am 65 and retired. Live long and live happy and that goes for your entire family!

Use two words to describe Bob: dignity and integrity. When I think of your family I have fond memories. Bob and I having a cup of coffee during our annual block party while the boys were performing out in front of the bank. Saying hello in Branson a few years back made it feel like we were home somehow. The christmas CD we were involved in. The wonderful recognition at the Paramount gala…one of the greatest honors of my life was being asked to say a few words. God bless you and Karen, there are so many souls who wish you well and we look forward to hearing from you for a long time.

Hello Bobby, Happy belated birthday. My wife and I saw you at The Surf Ballroom in and You were very gracious to us and that was appreciated! I also appreciate your music. May God bless you during these trying times. God bless, Bill Stork. I have been a fan since and still have a bunch of your vinyl LPs and 45s still play them too! I always admired the way you handled yourself throughout your career.

Unlike so many other rockers you always seemed to do it right. Sounds as if you still are! God Bless! You were always so nice to the fans, a real gentleman. I will pray for you and your family and always cherish the memories of the wonderful songs.

Looking forward to your new release too. Sending you a big hug. I was disappointed when I found out you were no longer touring, but now I understand and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your lovely wife and family. You know that you have the support and love of all your fans for all the wonderful memories you have given us through the years. In my message, I identified myself as the teacher turned looking back radio DJ from Collingwood Ontario to whom you very graciously granted an interview in your hotel room at Casino Rama, Orillia, early spring Alas, after 6 years, the Diner closed.

However, I continue to do fundraiser looking back dances in our area—-and I always make sure that Bobby Vee is on the playlist! My wife Cathy and I wish you and Karen all the best. Your letter to all of your friends and fans is beautifully written and most appreciated. Your courage and faith come through loud and clear. The Adobe Session songs that you have shared are terrific. God Bless, Dave and Cathy Knox.

Bobby: I saw you at the Moorhead Armory that fateful February night, and have enjoyed your music ever since. My best wishes to you and your family.

The courage and grace with which you are facing this next gig are encouraging to all of us. God bless you. Skip from Moorhead. As you can imagine it has been quite a week for me.

I just want to thank you for the outpouring of support and the touching stories. I do not take this for granted. The variety of individuals, from all points on the globe, all bearing the same admiration and high esteem—can only reflect the fact of your widespread popularity,the uniqueness of your talents, and your heartfelt connection with your fans.

I can think of no one in your business to even approach the benchmark that you have set. Rock On! My first memories of life include your beautiful voice music hearing it , I think I new every lyric by the time was 3 maybe 4 yrs old to each of your songs , they have given me so much joy over the years. Sadly unlike most that have posted here I,ve never seen you perform , I don,t know why maybe timing life my hubby soldier died leaving me with 3 children to care and provide for..

I,m glad to say we made it through all , I just wished to convey my affection and admiration for you , oh my you were so handsome adorable I think I know I had a huge crush on you guess i still do. I was a caregiver for my father for many years he too suffered from Alzheimers but I want you to know that my father was able to communicate walk do many of his own ADL skills oh sometimes he needed a verbal prompt or a helping hand but overall he was as independent on many things.

I wanted you to know that. When we first found about him he was heartbroken still from losing my Mom married 65 yrs We found a routine that worked for my father and daily we went and continued on each day he had activities walks together weekly visits to see his old friends relatives even everyday stuff grocery shopping etc , I think by keeping him busy napped in afternoons active and the new meds they have to slow the progression well gave him quality of life and helped to maintain his independence.

I,ve seen this happn to others as well worked in nursing , I just wanted to share this with you! The very first time my Dad excepted the fact that he indeed did have it we had a long heart to heart and I promised him that if and when the time came when he could no longer process or decide or even do something that I would be right there by his side and pick up where he left off , I promised him i would stay by his side we would get through it together.

I know he was scared tho he never said so he didn,t have too. Thank you so very much Bobby Vee ,, When hearing your songs I still see that handsome young man I have had a crush on for 50 yrs , I will keep Karen and you the whole family in my prayers each day , you will always be in my heart.

Hope you are all feeling better now that Karen is home! We…myself and mum Cynthia ,miss you loads over here in the UK and would love to have seen you all again…oh well!!! A aah we saw you in Branson ,Mo. Bobby Vee…. My prayers are with you. After all these years, I still enjoy your songs so much. I will be sure to remember you in my prayers.

Bobby; Fabulous music from you all those years ago. Thoughts and prayers to you and the family with best wishes for the coming years! As a former DJ, I played many of your great songs! Dear Bobby, Thank you for all the wonderful memories I have whenever I listen to your songs. They transport me to some of the best times of my life. You truly have given such a gift to me and so many others.

If love has the power to heal, know that you are surrounded, by so much from all your fans. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Best of luck, Bobby. You have given so many people loads of pleasure. Dear Bobby and family what a devastating illness you have to face and the suffering of your dear wife as well.

You have an army of fans in England who still love and play your music my favourite Run to Him I thank you for all the pleasure you brought to my youth and after all these years still do. Hope is what we have for you both, the hope that a living God will hear our prayers all our love, roger and the army. The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.

You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah Out of all the thousands of Rock stars that worked for our company since that first concert in Bobby Vee was always my favorite to work with.

My heart is with you. Dear Bobby, Bill, and I have had a richer life from knowing you, Karen, and the family. You and Karen have helped make special memories for us. What a great time with you, Chris Montez and Johnny! Our little Kathleen just turned 23 and is stationed overseas with the Air Force and I know you are as proud of her as we are. She is especially fond of you guys. You are a great entertainer and a gentleman. Many thanks to your family for sharing you with all of us all these years.

You, Karen and all your family will be in our prayers. Much love, Lee Withers — Houston, Texas. I know that God will watch over you and take good care of you both. You have the love and support of a loving family and all of us fans including me. I have been a fan since I was ten and I am now I will never forget the time we met at the N. State fair in Syracuse, N. I also want to thank you and your sons again for the personalized autograph pictures you sent me for my 59th.

I will treasure them always. Good Luck and God Bless!!! I only missed one appearance of yours over the years at the De Mont. I would like to thank you for the wonderful music and happiness you have given to many during this time. I hope that you and Karen win your battles,so you can both enjoy a long and happy retirement with you delightful family!

God bless. From Sue Hirons and family xxx. Dianne and I pray for both of you each night. I will miss seeing you tomorrow night, and Matt will probably get mobed. You have given us some great memories, and I will always cherish you as a friend.

Hope to see you in the near future. Love you, friend. I have had the pleasure of seeing you at the Surf Ballroom numerous times in recent decades and to have a word with you at a lot of these occasions.

Why am I not surprised? One cannot help but feel upbeat thinking about your shows and enjoying the music you have blessed us with over the years. Below is something I felt compelled to share with you. Not just from me but from all whom love you! I am the gentle, loving whisper heard, whispering words and sounds of comfort to you when you believe the harshness, pain and darkness defines who you are, and you wrap yourself in a blanket of pain. I am the light which flickers, dances and moves around you, drawing your focus away from the darkness, away from the web of illusion you caught yourself in…finding yourself now laughing with joy as you watch the dance of light and I remind you who you are.

When tears fill your eyes, I am the comforter who embraces you and gently fills you with my warmth. When you doubt, worry or fear and your steps are shaky, unsure of where to step next, I am the voice that guides you placing one foot in front of the other. I am the trust who moves you through doubt.

I am found in your laughter. I am the well of compassion which overflows and spreads throughout your world as you reach out from your heart to the life of another… the illusion of judgment gently put aside… and it is my breath which gently blows away the clouds of mist which before obscured, here in the heart, in the life of another… are you found.

I am the wonder and awe you feel as you watch the beauty of nature unfold, ever changing… Just as you are ever changing. I am found in your trust, in your faith, in your kindness, gentleness and passion. When you embrace yourself and others… I am there When you see through a fear which has bound you in chains forever… there I am. When you are afraid, but still reach out for clarity and truth…I am the one holding you and whispering words of encouragement.

When you hear the wind, you hear me speak to you. When you hear the birds, you hear the song I sing to you. When you are frightened and wonder how can you heal the wounds of many, and yourself… I am the lantern which shows you the way.

Sit in a room, so dark… Light a candle, made small by the vastness of the darkness…or so it seems. Watch how the light of one small candle dispels the darkness and allows what has been hidden by the cloak of darkness to now be seen. Magnify that light a million times, then again, and yet again… until you magnify it seven times. There in the brightness of that radiance of all there is… I am.

I am your Soul of love and light. When you embrace yourself and others… I am there When you see through a fear which has bound you in chains forever…there I am. Bobby we are praying for you and Karens distress. When I heard about your problems my memories when your music was played on the radio and how much pleasure it gave all of us here in Virginia. Bobby hang in there and have faith in the Lord.

Remember buddy we love all of you. Hey Bobby…. We all wish you well and love your music! All our best to you…. Joni…Jane…on and on…love and care to you and Karen and your family. My husband and I attended the Nelson Twins concert in Springfield, MO, a couple of weeks ago and, when the band came on, I told my husband, who is blind, that the bass player had a bass instrument like Tommy Vee and he was playing it crazily like Tommy did!

We were so pleased when your sons were introduced and watching Tommy again made the evening so much more special. Our prayers for you and your wife and your family—and we will sign any petition for you to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as you should already be the Comets just were inducted last month—another one of our favorite groups here in Branson.

I do know things got a lot better for you as time rolled on. Cloud as well as at the Minnesota State Fair. Thanks for your music, the many dances I enjoyed as well as the great memories! Hello Bobby and family. Thinking about you all the time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you from Madison Wis. I love the new recording.

Take care. Bobby, I was just 1 year old when Run To Him was a smash. I fell for that song in the mid-eighties when I heard it on an oldies station in Little Rock. Your entire body of work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talent. I want to wish you and your family the best!

You have a lot of fans praying for you. Dear Bobby, From the moment I heard your first song, I was a devoted fan. I bought every record I could find and I knew all the words by heart. Your songs touched my young heart. God bless you and your family. My prayers and thoughts are for you. I must say it was a chock. Why I remember You? You and your wife are in my thoughts and your songs lives forever as long there are young love Sincerely Jimmy Schultz, M.

Ringsted Denmark, Europe. From — One of your many English fans. Then just after your daughter got married you told us that you sang Take Good Care of my Baby at her wedding , I went to see your show at the Lees Cliff Hall in Folkestone, Kent, this time accompanied by my 6ft 3 husband and two young male colleagues from work who were inquisitive about why I praised your shows so much they came out loving the live band and your show too.

Love and kisses and the very best of wishes possible to you and Karen and all your family x x x x. Hi Bobby Been a fan for many a year alll ways caught your tour dates when you came to Nottingham England with your sons in the band.

Keep on rocking. Hi Bobby,. You were my favorite teen idol. I loved your music like so many kids and knew all the words. IIn when I was 13, I wrote u a letter all the way from Vancouver Canada and I was so excited when I got back a postcard with your pi cture on front and an autograph.. I still have it. I was listening to the red robinson radio show and he featured u and I enjoyed the great story of your life and expo 86 interveiw here. Your songs will play on forever. Take good care of my baby.

Bob, We really missed you Friday night. Hope you and Karen are doing well and you will be home soon. Matt did a great job accepting your induction, and thrilled to see Bill inducted, also.. With God in our hearts, we pray for you and Karen daily. Thanks so for sharing your life with us, with ME. Who knew a tragic accident would help launch your career. I have always known you are a wonderful man, that was affirmed on a cruise on the Norway.

You are such a gentleman and devoted family man…. You and your lovely wife are in my prayers. You made my life so special with your incredibly appropriate music. My only regret is that we never saw you in the USA. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Karen thank you for sharing your husband with his many fans. Sharing You is my favourite all time song and the words can be interpreted in a couple of ways.

You always shared. I hope the transplant happens soon and I wish for some bright scientist to come up with a cure for Alzheimers.

Bobby, I would not know where to begin to share the memories I have of you and the many concerts we have attended over the years. During all that time, you remained my number 1 singer. It goes back to helping Clela with the many fan letters you received to the time you returned my scrapbooks to me in St.

Your family has impressed us so much over the years, how great they all are. Your invitation and personal tour to us at Rockhouse? We were honored to be able to attend the induction on Friday night in Fargo. Matt was so sincere in his appreciation in accepting your award. And, for him to accept for Bill as well?

I know he struggled and was so touched by the recognition. We plan to see Robby on Friday night. He carries on the tradition of the music your family has created. We have enjoyed them each and every time we have seen them perform. They share their children and their musical talents as well. You and Karen have done a beautiful job raising your children.

As much as we miss you, I am so grateful you are taking the moments for yourself to spend time with your family. Memories they will cherish forever. My best to you and Karen, you are both in my thoughts daily, God Bless You —never forget the impact you have had on all your fans.

We love you and wish you and your family only the best. It is so gratifying to me that someone I had a mad romantic crush on as a teenager, is now someone I truly admire as an adult. I have had the pleasure of attending several of your shows over the years, and still enjoy your music as much as I did almost 50 years ago. May you and your family continue to be blessed with all the love and joy you so richly deserve. I will always hold you in my heart and my prayers.

Bobby, it was Christmas Eve and I was atop a gun bunker. I think of you and that song every year. I wish alot more Chrismases. The later Bren featured a distinctive top-mounted curved box magazine, conical flash hider, and quick change barrel.

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Post a comment. In , the Hungarian government purchased large quantities of CVs. In , as the US troop build-up in the south was under way, the NVA consisted of almost , personnel. The love and care that we have build for each other lead us to create a greater bond , and most of all a trust that would last forever. Photos and records show that every soldier was issued a rifle, likely a Gewehr 88 or Gewehr 98, rounds of 8 mm Mauser, two crates of grenades, a German-made M helmet, a gas mask, and food pouch.

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  3. Oldies But Goodies, Vol. 6 collects 14 memorable pop and rock hits of the late '50s and early '60s including Dion & the Belmonts' "A Teenager in Love," Gene Chandler's "Duke of Earl," the Skyliners' "This I Swear," and Little Caesar & the Romans' "Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me of You)." Equally strong chart-toppers by Dee Clark, Bill Doggett, Dee Dee Sharp, the Shangri-Las, the Isley 6/
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